What is the best DVD converter to convert DVD to MP4? How do I convert DVD to MP4 for free? What is the best way to convert DVD to MP4 to watch on iPad? What is the fastest way to convert DVD to MP4 for free? ……

Want to convert DVD to MP4 for free play on multiple devices whenever possible? You might have encountered the above-listed questions on Quora or Reddit. Compared to having a massive collection of your loved DVD movie discs buried in the dust, it will be more advisable to rip DVD to MP4 for better playback on your computers, smartphones, or tablets whenever you like. How to convert DVD to MP4 fast and well? This post shows you 6 best DVDs to MP4 converters for your option.

1. Why Do You Need to Convert DVD to MP4?

It is an indisputable fact that DVD physical discs have entered the end, replaced by Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, or streaming media. Moreover, nowadays lots of laptops get rid of the built-in DVD drive in order to save space for other use. Considering this, converting DVD to MP4 is inevitable so that your collected movies or videos can be played on portable devices instead of watching them on a home DVD player. Besides, the below comparison will be more convincing when it comes to DVD to MP4 conversion.




Storage Capacity

DVD-5: 4.7G

DVD-9: 8.5G

store smaller file size but balanced output quality

Stored Video Format


720px480p for NTSC

720px576p for PAL

digital multimedia container format used to store video, audio, and data like subtitles and images; compatible with compression schemes such as H.264, HEVC, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, AAC, MP3

Storage Disadvantage

so easy to warp, break and scratch that sectors become unreadable; cumbersome and take much space

easier to store and manage: save on HDD, USB, flash drive, smartphone; difficult to be damaged; likely to be restored when corrupted

Region Code/Copyright Protection

restrictions to free DVD play because of RC (0-9), RCE, APS, UOPs, ARccOS, RipGuard


Playback Compatibility or Acceptability

available on the home DVD player, computer DVD drive, software DVD player, or MPEG-2 decoder

strongly compatible with all devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, HD/4K TVs, game consoles from Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Google; easily accepted by programs like iTunes, iDVD, iMovie, and social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo

Seen from above, it is desirable that you should convert DVD to MP4 with professional DVD to MP4 converters so that your digitalized video files can be compatible with numerous media players and mobile devices. Meanwhile, DVD to MP4 conversion prevents physical disc damage.

2. Best AI-powered DVD to MP4 Converter

After figuring out the advantages of ripping DVD to MP4, it’s high time that you mastered how to convert DVD to MP4 easily and quickly. To achieve your goal, let’s get a quick glance over the best DVD to MP4 converter that works with an AI video upscaling solution. Sound magical?

2.1 DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper, the best yet most powerful DVD to MP4 converter, stands out above the rest since it has a unique master card to radically enhance video quality. Look at the below features.

  • Available on: Win & Mac
  • Price: $54.9; bundle plan; 30-day full trial


  • Convert DVD to MP4 and other mainstream videos/audio formats
  • Personalize output video files via advanced settings/video edit/customized options
  • Lightning-fast DVD to MP4 conversion by GPU hardware acceleration
  • Work seamlessly with AI-driven video enhancer to upscale 480p to 1080p
  • Convert DVD (disc/ISO/folder) to MP4 files shared on YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo

With this DVD to MP4 converter, you can convert DVD to MP4 with high speed and optimal quality via upscaling video from 480p to 1080p with DVDFab Enlarger AI, the world’s first complete AI video upscaling solution. Also, Advanced Settings enables you to set parameters for output video, audio, and subtitles, and the built-in Video Editor allows for trimming, cropping, adding watermarks, and adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation, so as to improve video quality from all aspects. Aside from ripping DVD to MP4 saved on computer HDD, you can rip DVD to MP4 saved directly in preset mobile devices for better playback, even share on your social media account.

Above all, DVDFab DVD Ripper acts as a DVD to MP4 converter free within 30 days before your final subscription. As to how to convert DVD to MP4 with this free DVD to MP4 converter, please move to the third part to get your desired information.

2.2. How to Convert DVD to MP4 with DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter

The synergistic reaction between DVDFab DVD to MP4 converter and Enlarger AI (sold separately or bundled with Ripper) makes it possible to rip DVD to MP4 while upscaling video resolution and quality. Below steps are on how to convert DVD to MP4 when working with an AI-powered video enhancer.

                          i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 1: Launch DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter and choose output profile

After downloading and running the DVD to MP4 converter, choose MP4 from the right profile library. If you intend to upscale video from 480p to 1080p, then tab Enlarger AI from the left pane. There will pop up two profiles: MKV.AI and MP4.AI. Choose the later format. DVDFab DVD Ripper has another profile for countless preset devices, meaning all the listed brand devices are fully supported. Thus, you can rip DVD to iPhone and other devices directly.

Step 2: Load DVD source and customize output video

Insert DVD disc into the PC optical drive or external DVD drive. If the source is a DVD ISO file or folder, simply drag & drop it onto the main UI. Once loaded, you will see a dark-blue bar, beneath which are movie titles (the longest title chosen by default), title duration, chapters, subtitle languages, and icons respectively for Preview, Advanced Settings (Wrench icon), and Video Edit (Pen icon). You can choose your desired movie chapters and subtitle languages.

Go to Advanced Settings and set parameters for Video, Audio, and Subtitle. Note that if you choose MP4.AI as the output, you cannot change the video parameters since this AI-driven DVD to MP4 converter has set it automatically. Otherwise, you can feel free to set video codec, resolution, framerate, and quality as you like.

If you aim to improve video quality with simple editing features before DVD to MP4 conversion, resort to the built-in video editor. You can trim redundant clips, crop unwanted display area, merge several clips into a single one, add watermark to the video, and adjust its brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Step 3: Start to convert DVD to MP4

Set a file directory to save the final output. You can rip DVD to mobile or save it on computer HDD, even share it on social networks. Once done, hit the Start button to activate the process of ripping DVD to MP4. Supported by GPU Hardware acceleration technologies, DVD to MP4 conversion will be extremely fast as long as your computer system meets the basic requirement (higher configuration preferable to MP4.AI). Detailed ripping info will be shown in the progress bar. No need to keep your eye on the conversion interface since the program has considerate settings while performing DVD to MP4 conversion.

The above-steps are on how to convert DVD to MP4 without or with an AI-driven video upscaling program.

3. Convert DVD to MP4 with 5 Optional DVD to MP4 Converters

Aside from DVDFab DVD to MP4 Converter, you can follow your heart to seek other alternatives. Below are selected DVD to MP4 conversion programs based on a free trial and advanced features.

3.1 WinX DVD Ripper

  • Available on: Win & Mac
  • Price: $29.95; full-license plan; free trial


  • Convert DVD to MP4 (H.264/HEVC) with GPU acceleration
  • Copy DVD as ISO image and DVD folder for Main/Full title
  • Flexible settings like codec, resolution, frame rate, and simple editing

Same as DVDFab DVD Ripper, WinX DVD to MP4 converter enables you to rip DVD to MP4 and other formats widely acceptable by smartphones, TV, hard drive, cloud service, and streaming service platforms.


  • Cannot rip DVD to MP4 for rental DVDs or copy DVD for commercial use
  • Free trial available with limited features

How to Use this DVD to MP4 Converter Free

Step 1: Launch this DVD to MP4 converter and import DVD source (disc/folder)
Step 2: Convert DVD to MP4 with desired output file: format & device
Step 3: Set parameters for DVD to MP4 video file and do simple editing
Step 4: Start to rip DVD to MP4 and wait for the final product

3.2 AVC (AnyVideoConverter) DVD to MP4 Converter Pro

  • Available on: Win & Mac
  • Price: $39.95; bundled plan


  • Rip DVD to MP4 and other videos/audio formats
  • Edit video via trimming/cropping and effects before DVD to MP4 conversion
  • Burn video to blank DVD disc

Besides ripping DVD to MP4, AVC DVD to MP4 converter allows for downloading videos and music from YouTube and other 100+ sites. Meanwhile, you can extract audio from CD to MP3, AAC, and M4A. Unfortunately, the whole DVD to MP4 conversion can be merely accelerated by NVIDIA NVENC.


  • Convert DVD to MP4 with a limited conversion speed
  • Trimming/cropping/merging/effects/watermark available for Pro version

How to Rip DVD to MP4 with this AVC DVD to MP4 Converter

Step 1: Insert DVD disc into computer/external DVD drive and launch the DVD to Converter
Step 2: Customize output format: MP4 and supported device
Step 3: Start to convert DVD to MP4 by hitting ‘Convert Now’

3.3 Wondershare Uniconverter

  • Available on: Win & Mac
  • Price: $39.95; lifetime/business plan


  • Rip DVD to MP4 and other popular formats for easy playback
  • Edit and enhance video via trimming/cropping before DVD to MP4 conversion
  • Burn and customize DVD with menu templates

Wondershare DVD to MP4 Converter also works as a versatile video toolkit that enables video conversion, editing, recording, download, and DVD burning/authoring. If you want to enjoy its full features, you need to subscribe to its advanced version.


  • Convert DVD to MP4 with 1/3 length on a trial version
  • Batch and GPU-accelerated conversion only available for the paid version

How to Convert DVD to MP4 with this DVD to MP4 Converter

Step 1: Run the DVD to MP4 Converter and load DVD files
Step 2: Personalize and edit the output video before DVD to MP4 conversion
Step 3: Choose MP4 format and desired quality
Step 4: Start to convert DVD to MP4

3.4 Handbrake DVD to MP4 Converter Free

  • Available on: Win, Mac, and Linux
  • Price: Freeware

Handbrake, as an open-source and free transcoding application, also works as a free DVD to MP4 converter to convert DVD to MP4 Mac and Windows. This DVD to MP4 Mac converter can rip DVD to MKV, AVI, and other limited formats.


  • Complex interface not suitable for novices
  • DVD to MP4 conversion does not work on protected and commercial DVDs
  • Limited output options and not compatible on all OS versions

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Mac with Handbrake

Step 1: Download and run Handbrake DVD to MP4 Converter
Step 2: Load DVD from Source>DVD Drive
Step 3: Choose Title/Angle/Chapter, and set the file destination from Browse
Step 4: Output settings: MP4 format, quality, bitrate, and audio tracks
Step 5: Start to convert DVD to MP4 via the Start button

Note: Handbrake DVD to MP4 converter free program selects the main movie by default.

3.5 Freemake DVD to MP4 Converter

  • Available on: Win10/8/7
  • Price: Freeware

This free DVD to MP4 converter enables you to rip DVD to MP4 for storage or playback on mobile, tablets, game consoles, upload to social media sites, convert DVD to AVI to play on TV or for edit, and convert DVD to MKV for backup on computer, in high quality free of charge. As a free DVD to MP4 converter, it allows you to embed free subtitles (SRT, ASS, and SSA formats) downloaded online into the movie before DVD to MP4 conversion.


  • Read EULA before installing this free DVD to MP4 converter
  • Download online free DVD to MP4 conversion by default

How to Use DVD to MP4 Converter Free

Step 1: Download and launch this free DVD to MP4 converter
Step 2: Import DVD disc and choose VOB files from Video_TS folder
Step 3: Set output parameters: MP4 and video codec, frame rate, bitrate, and audio
Step 4: Start to rip DVD to MP4

Note that Freemake DVD to MP4 converter free tool allows for choosing only one voice audio track and only one subtitle track before converting DVD to MP4, and the DVD to MP4 conversion depends on your PC performance.

4. FAQs on DVD to MP4 Conversion

  • Is Converting DVD to MP4 Legal?

Normally, any DVD backup is deemed illegal. Anyway, it’s hard to prevent disc lovers from ripping DVDs to MP4 and other formats for backup or free playback. Thus, as per relevant regulations, simple backup like DVD to MP4 conversion for home or personal use can be considered legal by default. However, ripping DVDs to MP4 for commercial purposes will be punished. Remember this iron law. Never convert DVD to MP4 for profit by a fluke, otherwise, your rest days will be spent in prison or with huge penalty.

  • How Long does it Take to Convert DVD to MP4?

In terms of DVD to MP4 conversion speed, it depends on software performance and computer capacity. For professional and best DVD to MP4 converters like DVDFab DVD Ripper, they usually adopt GPU hardware acceleration technologies (multi-core CPU, NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel Quick Sync) to achieve amazingly fast conversion speed. If your computer has been equipped with strong capacity and outstanding performance, the DVD to MP4 conversion process will be a breeze.

Conclusion and Best Pick

Now you have grasped how to convert DVD to MP4 with simple clicks with recommended DVD to MP4 converters. Whichever you choose, desirable DVD to MP4 conversion speed and advanced options such as output quality selections and video editing shall be given top priority. Also, it will be more fantastic to upscale video quality with substantial video enhancer when converting DVD to MP4. In this case, the final output MP4 can be played with Blu-ray (Full HD/1080p) standard, thus bringing a stunning viewing experience. To satisfy these needs, DVDFab DVD Ripper will be the only choice.

Once you intend to rip DVD to MP4 without advanced features, the last two free DVD to MP4 converters will be optional. For customized output options or video editing features, you can choose from the other DVD to MP4 Mac and Win converters.