If you have a DVD video player or a laptop with a DVD slot, you should be able to play them without difficulty. The majority of modern devices do not support DVDs. So, how do you watch DVD content on a tablet or smartphone?'

Look no further than the software we've reviewed here if you want to convert DVDs to MP4 files. After evaluating each tool's UI, ease of use, features, and cost, we compiled the following list.

Let's start by looking at the best DVD to MP4 converters on the market today.

Best DVD to MP4 Converters

DVDFab DVD Ripper

dvd to video

With over 100 presets, DVDFab DVD Ripper can help you figure out which file format will work best with your smartphone, tablet, media player, or other devices. In addition to iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Kindle Android tablets, Nexus, Surface, Xbox One, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, there are a variety of other devices available. As a result, you can simply choose the device on which you want to store and play DVD content, and DVDFab will convert the file video to DVD transfer service for you without requiring any prior knowledge of file formats. Finally, you have complete control over the conversion process with PlayFab DVD Ripper.


  • Conversion in a flash
  • Allowance for the most recent multi-core processors
  • An in-depth look at the conversion process


  • A wide range of file formats
  • Device profiles
  • A wealth of features
  • Ease of use


  • None really


dvd to video

UniConverter having DVD video logo is an amazing full-featured video converter that can extract or convert DVD content into various formats. Uniconverter has a user-friendly and simple interface that makes the conversion process straightforward and painless. It's great because it converts videos without losing quality.

Furthermore, the speed is incredible. The conversion process is much faster here than it is with other similar tools.

It's also simple to use UniConverter's batch conversion feature. Converting multiple videos simultaneously is possible. This software converter also comes with a built-in video editor. You have access to various video editing tools that allow you to customize your videos to your heart's content. UniConverter has a DVD burner, GIF-making tools, and screen-recording options in addition to video conversion.


  • Video conversion in batches.
  • Apart from MP4, it can convert to a variety of video formats.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Includes a built-in video editor.


  • Useful for downloading videos from a wide range of websites.
  • Video files in various formats can be converted to the ones we need.
  • Has the ability to change the video's frame rate, frame size


• None


dvd to video

The original quality is preserved when you convert DVDs to MP4 using Freemake, a free and open-source DVD to MP4 converter. The UI's eye-catching design is one of its best features. The UI allows for quick access to all of Freemake's available tools.

The conversion procedure itself is very simple. It is as easy as dragging and dropping a video file into a specific format and clicking the "convert" button to video to DVD transfer. The conversion is also extremely quick because of the hardware acceleration technology.

We appreciate that all formats to transfer video to DVD have ready-to-use presets, including MP4, AVI, and MKV.


  • Convert DVDs to MP4, MKV, and AVI formats.
  • Hardware acceleration for lightning-fast conversion.
  • Presets that are ready to use.
  • The batch video conversion is supported.


  • Accepts a variety of input formats.
  • Directly burns files to a disc.
  • Combines video files
  • Converts and downloads online videos.
  • Subtitles are imported.
  • Compatible with all current Windows versions.
  • It's already set up to work with a variety of mobile devices.


  • Conversion takes a long time.
  • It is infrequently updated.

WinX DVD Ripper

dvd to video

WinX DVD Ripper is extremely popular due to its ability to backup or rip DVDs with copyright-protecting encryptions. Using this software, DVDs can be converted to MP4, MPEG, H.264, and other formats. Use the free version or upgrade to the better full version, which is updated regularly to decrypt new DVD encryptions.

With the help of WinX DVD Ripper, you can bypass all known encryptions such as DRM, CSS, RCE, APS, and more. It employs proprietary level-3 hardware acceleration to achieve 300 frames per second conversion rates when working with discs.

There's also high-quality deinterlacing, HQ encoding, and the ability to adjust the encoded video's quality.


  • Hardware acceleration at Level 3.
  • HQ encoding and deinterlacing can be adjusted.
  • Decrypt copyright protection encryptions of all types.
  • Rip DVDs at 300 frames per second.
  • One-to-one quality ratio.


  • A plethora of output formats are available
  • DVDs with 99 titles are supported.
  • The video quality can be changed.
  • Editing tools and custom profiles


  • 2FA option is not available
  • Only backups of folders
  • There is no backup software for Linux.
  • On the internet, there is no automatic cancellation.


dvd to video

Aimersoft's DVD ripping/conversion software can rip and convert almost any DVD to any video format in seconds. It's also possible to convert DVDs with encryptions like CSS or other types of region codes. Aimersoft also can extract audio and background music from DVDs.

This program is constantly updated to handle new encryptions and DVD formats as they become available. When converting a DVD with Aimersoft, no quality is lost.

This tool converts high-quality videos six times faster than most other converting tools currently on the market. The tool also has a built-in video editor that allows you to trim, cut, and add effects to videos.


  • Up to 200 video formats can be converted.
  • One-to-one quality ratio.
  • Software updates are performed automatically and in a consistent manner.
  • Includes a built-in video editor.
  • Get around region-protection codes and other security measures.


  • You can easily burn music to CD using the software.
  • It has a simple and easy-to-understand user interface.
  • Because it supports a wide range of video formats, it can compress video files without sacrificing quality (converts massive files into lightweight media by compressing them).
  • With this video software, you can easily create GIF files and convert image files to various image formats.


  • It does not allow for direct video transfer to mobile phones.
  • Some users have complained that the technical support system is slow.


MP4 has come up as a popular video format that can be used on many devices and operating systems, while DVDs are on their way to extinction. To enjoy your DVDs on any mobile, tablet, or computer device, you need to convert them to the MP4 format.

You'll need a quality DVD converter to convert a DVD to MP4 without losing any of the video's original quality. When converting a DVD to MP4, you must use a high-quality DVD converter to ensure that no quality is lost. You can rest assured that all of the tools listed above will provide you with a quick and convenient DVD to MP4 conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to turn a DVD into an MP4 file?

Some users claim that converting DVDs to MP4s takes a long time, while others claim it takes very little time. The truth, on the other hand, is somewhere in the middle.

The DVD determines the speed with which you can convert a DVD to an MP4 to MP4 converter you use and the performance of your computer. With increasing computer processing speed, conversion times increase linearly. A fast computer and a good conversion tool should convert a DVD at a rate of 25fps in around 15 minutes on average.

Is it legal for me to back up my DVDs?

It is legal to copy or store a copy of your DVD's content for personal use. Making and distributing copies of DVDs containing copyrighted material, on the other hand, is illegal and considered piracy. It is also illegal to get around the DVD's DRM encryption.

What is the best program to convert MP4 to DVD?

Based on our research, we believe the following programs are the best for converting DVDs to MP4:

  • PlayerFab DVD Ripper
  • UniConverter
  • WinX DVD Ripper
  • Aimersoft DVD Ripper