HandBrake for Windows is widely used in video transcoding since HandBrake is a free and open transcoder for digital video formats to extract a DVD to a storage media device simpler. It's a free and accessible video transcoder, but sometimes, it freezes on Windows 10. So, what is the best HandBrake Windows alternative? The best alternative is DVDFab DVD Ripper that comes with countless features and is compatible with many portable and mobile devices. Read on for optimal solutions for how to use HandBrake Windows 10.

1. HandBrake for Windows: What to Know Before Use?

HandBrake is a software application for post-production. Its main goal is to transmit video streams from recognized base sources to MP4 or MKV. If you want to alter anything about your video sequence, you'll need to use specialized video editing software like Video Editor.

HandBrake Windows converts existing movies to fresh stuff that you can play on your smartphone, tablets, television video player, game console, PC, internet browser, and pretty much anything that accepts contemporary video formats.

Is HandBrake Available for Windows?

HandBrake Windows 10 supports a wide range of video formats and codecs, such as those produced by consumers and specialized recording devices, like tablets and phones, gameplay and computer monitor records, DVDs, and Blu-ray CDs. Besides, HandBrake presets for DVD gives its full play to digitalize disc files for free.

Handbrake for windows to digitalize DVDs

Additionally, it uses tools like "Libav, x264, and x265" to convert various files into innovative MP4 or MKV streaming video. For instance, HandBrake rip DVD to MKV or MP4. In this case, you need to ensure the best HandBrake settings for DVDs, because HandBrake DVD ripping settings will decide the final ripped video quality.

How Do I Download HandBrake for Windows?

HandBrake Windows download is a piece of cake. To download HandBrake to your computer, go to the HandBrake website's Home page and click the download button. From the Download page, you can also select a version for a certain operating system. For checking checksums on Windows, Microsoft provides the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier command-line application.

Simply double-click the HandBrake installer after it has been downloaded. If you already have HandBrake installed on your computer, the installer will ask you to uninstall it before installing the new version. To continue, choose OK and read the licensing conditions for HandBrake Windows download.

The installer will next ask you where you want the HandBrake Windows to download to be installed. Select Install to proceed unless you have a compelling cause to modify it. When the installation is finished, click Finish to leave the installer.

Handbrake Windows download

You’ll find shortcuts to open HandBrake Windows download on both the Windows Desktop and the Start Menu.

Does HandBrake Support Windows 10?

HandBrake Windows is indeed a multiplatform and free software movie transcoder that is super affordable and accessible for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. HandBrake DVD Ripper Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista are all compatible. You can also download Microsoft if you want to.

Is HandBrake Legal? Is HandBrake Malware?

Although HandBrake for Windows is a virus-free tool, the legalities of using HandBrake for Windows to extract copy-protected DVDs are being debated. The ethical question is dependent on how you can use the DVD you extracted using HandBrake Windows 10 and whether or not the DVD is your own. Hence, HandBrake's best settings for DVDs are of great importance.

If you simply rip DVDs for private usage, things will be fine. HandBrake Windows 10, on the other end, is risky to be used for business reasons, specifically if the DVD you're ripping is copyright protected.

Can HandBrake for Windows 10 Rip Copy-protected Videos?

No, it doesn’t. So the question arises: Why would so many people use DVD HandBrake for Windows 10 to rip DVDs? Is it because of HandBrake DVD settings?

Handbrake for Windows 10

HandBrake was once a freeware DVD copyright prevention remover tool. However, it does not anymore remove copy-restricted DVDs, according to one of the claims. HandBrake for Windows 10, on the other hand, can still extract a DVD without protection when used as a DVD extractor. Thus, if you want to remove DVD copy protection, you need to ask a professional tool for help. Typical of this is DVDFab Passkey for DVD.

2. How do I Use HandBrake Windows 10?

Below is a how-to guide to use HandBrake on Windows 10

  • Simply go to the Source > Choose the file you want to work with > Setup the exporting formats > Check the main title > Pick a save folder and a name for the external file by clicking Browse > Press the Start button.
  • You can then find the output files using the specified destination.
  • However, many individuals have encountered the problem in HandBrake for Windows 10, in which it extracts DVD encryption bugs throughout the extracting procedure. Everything goes smoothly when you use HandBrake for Windows 10 to rip cottage DVDs.
  • When transferring copy-protected DVDs, this always fails. According to the notice, your file may be copy locked, improperly processed, or in a version that HandBrake for Windows 10 may not accept.

How to use Handbrake Windows 10

How to Remove HandBrake Copy Protection?

  • Get DVD Copy Protection Elimination Software from the internet.

You can go to its online webpage to get a free download link to the proper edition of the DVD copy protection remover program for your computer. HandBrake libdvdcss comes in handy at this moment.

  • Install libdvdcss for Windows 10.

How to install libdvdcss Windows? As previously stated, HandBrake Windows 10 requires the use of libdvdcss, a third-party application, to eliminate copy protection on DVDs. You can simply download libdvdcss and install libdvdcss by browsing for “libdvdcss” on Google and following the instructions. Therefore, libdvdcss Windows download is not that hard to get.

Remove copy protection on Handbrake Windows 10

  • Launch the DVD Player

After inserting the DVD disc into your system, run HandBrake Windows 10 on your PC and choose the “Source” option in the upper left corner to download the source. libdvdcss HandBrake will instantly recognize and delete copyright protection from DVDs. But remember you have got libdvdcsss download Windows at first.

Handbrake crashes Windows 10

  • Configure the Source and Destination

Eliminate the hardware encryption from a DVD and extract a section or the entire disc. Choose the item you want to extract from the drop-down list, then click the "Add to Queue" option to introduce it to your shredding list. Start adding files one by one to the list, and don't neglect to specify a target location.

  • Decide on an output folder.

Select a movie destination folder from the drop-down menu.

  • Begin ripping a copy-protected DVD.

To eliminate copy protection from a DVD on your pc, select the "Start" option. The usual DVD copy protection must be evaded and deactivated throughout the extracting procedure. In contrast with DVDFab DVD Copy or DVD Ripper, HandBrake Windows fades next largely due to its restrictions of removing the copy protection

3. Best HandBrake Windows Alternative: DVDFab DVD Ripper

If HandBrake crashes Windows 10, and you're not compatible with it, you can surely use an alternative. Although HandBrake crashes Windows 10 are rare, a better choice is always a good idea. DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best free DVD ripper for converting DVDs to digital files including MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP3, etc.

Best Handbrake Windows alternative: DVDFab DVD Ripper

This free DVD extractor program allows users to view DVD video files on almost any smartphone and gaming system. In addition, you can tailor the resulting material using DVDFab DVD Ripper in any manner you want.

You have complete power over the beginning and end sections, audio tracks, translations, and all video and audio settings to provide the finest possible outcome.

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Key Features of HandBrake Windows Alternative

  • With the assistance of DVDFab Enlarger AI, the globe’s top-powered movie upscaler, you can go from 480p to genuine 1080p video quality in no time.
  • Now, you don’t have to extract DVDs one after the other. DVDFab DVD Ripper supports batch conversions and is compatible with the latest multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA, and Intel Quick Sync. This results in incredibly rapid converting capabilities that are up to 50 times quicker than typical applications.
  • DVDFab DVD Ripper is a feature-rich DVD extracting tool that can accept all types of DVDs, ISOs, and files and transform them to more than 600 popular video and audio formats for viewing on smartphones or straight uploading on YouTube.

How to use Handbrake Windows alternative

How to Use DVDFab DVD Ripper Free & Easily

  1. Free download DVDFab DVD Ripper for Windows or Mac and launch it.
  2. Insert your DVD into the program, both DVD disc or ISO file, folder.
  3. Go to the main menu, click the 'Ripper' option to choose output profile via Format or Device.
  4. Customize output video via Advanced Settings and Video edit. Then start ripping DVDs.


HandBrake for Windows is an excellent tool that helps convert DVD to digital files, but sometimes, you might meet HandBrake crashes Windows 10. So having a better alternative that works well on multiple devices is essential. DVDFab DVD Ripper – an excellent alternative to HandBrake Windows 10 with multiple features and works well with Windows 10 and Mac, so wait no more and install it now!