What is an MTS/M2TS File?

MTS and M2TS files barely have differences. MTS file format is a file extension for videos shot by high definition digital video cameras. And if you export an MTS file from HD camcorder to windows/mac, then its file extension will be changed to the M2TS file. The MTS file format and M2TS file formats are popular due to its widespread usage in camcorders with a super high resolution such as 1080p and 720p. It was specifically for large screen viewing by transferring your video clips through direct streaming or through drives plugged into the monitor or TV.

Why Do We Need to Convert MTS/M2TS Files to DVD?

Though enjoying popularity, the MTS file and the M2TS file can only be supported by a few MTS players on the market. Another reason is that you can convert MTS/M2TS files to DVD to avoid the situation where these MTS/M2TS file videos will gradually slow down your computer. Furthermore, you can convert and burn MTS and M2TS files to DVD discs to enjoy watching videos on a large TV screen. 

As a result, MTS to DVD file conversion is required. This MTS is used by every major brand, starting with Sony, Panasonic, and Philips and ending with your local, non-branded device makers. This is so ubiquitous that an MTS to DVD converter is part of every video converter tool, whether online or offline. However, we will list here some decent tools from the perspective of ease of use, speed, and so on.

How to Choose a Converter to Burn MTS/M2TS File to DVD?

This is so ubiquitous that an MTS to DVD converter is part of every video converter tool whether online or offline. However, we will list here some decent tools from the perspective of ease of use, speed and so on. 

  • The process of conversion should be super easy, and a 3 step process to be exact.

First, you need to select the MTS files by either choosing something like Add or Drag & Drop feature varying from program to program. The Drag & Drop is sometimes much smoother and more convenient than browsing to the location. Second, is to do some editing or adding menu items as you might feel necessary. Third, is to start burning the DVD. This can also give some more options like burning files from MTS to DVD, or an ISO file, or a DVD media file depending on the program.

  • A program might also show you real-time feedback on how much of the DVD space is left, a preview of the files after the burning takes place. This can be useful in rearranging any order of playback, etc. before finally hitting the Burn or Create button.

There are many top options, like DVDFab DVD Creator, open-source DVD burners, online tools to burn MTS to DVD, and so on. Let's review them one by one.

Top Three Burners to Burn MTS/M2TS File to DVD

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator enables you to create a DVD disc, ISO image, or Folder from any video format, as well as make your own DVD menu using stylish templates and customizable options.
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DVDFab DVD Creator ships with all the above-mentioned features just slightly in a different way. The UI is more modern and clean and assistive. The icons are more legible and packed according to brand and presets. This DVD Creator is able to burn your MTS/M2TS video files into a blank disc or save them as ISO image file or foler on your PC's hard drive. The output DVD video with high quality will bring you an immersive watching experience.

Another distinct feature of this burner is that it offers a built-in menu library with templates on different subjects. You are also allowed to customize th elements and widgets inside the menu templates, such as background art, thumbnails, text settings, and playback buttons.

Its under-the-hood improvements include full support and compatibility with the most recent Intel Core processors via Intel Quick Sync, which uses its in-built GPU for video processing. It also supports NVIDIA cards and can use GPU acceleration to speed up processes if you have one. In essence, the DVD maker reduces the load on the CPU, speeds up the burning process by up to 30 times, and does all that without compromising the video and audio quality of the output.

And, furthermore, while you convert MTS to DVD, you can also watch movies on your laptop or browse the internet and so on without worrying about the freeze or hangs. Thus, it offers multitasking capabilities even while doing the heavy stuff.

Tutorial: How to burn MTS/M2TS file to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator? 

Step 1: Launch DVDFab Creator program and load the source MTS/M2TS videos

Step 1: launch DVDFab Creator program and load the source MTS/M2TS videos

Step 2: Customize your disc with built-in templates

You can make Advanced Settings, Menu Settings, and select audio tracks and subtitles from this menu. By selecting Advanced Settings, you can customize the volume label, output, and video quality. Menu Properties and Playback Mode are also options. 

Step 2: Customize your disc with built-in templates

Then, on the Menu Settings tab, customize the elements and widgets within the menu templates.

Step 2: Customize your disc with built-in templates

Step 3: Select a directory and start the burning process

Step 3: Select a directory and start the burning process

Wondershare DVD Creator

how to burn mts files to dvd

Wondershare DVD Creator is a software program that lists broadly all the steps described above in a neat and orderly fashion. It does not need to convert the file formats from MTS to DVD before burning those converted files to a DVD using a burner like Nero. You can directly add the MTS files and start burning. This is available for free on Windows and Mac.

It takes a while to burn an MTS file to DVD, and even more if the file is too large. Furthermore, the longer it takes to burn a file to a playable DVD, the larger the file size or the higher the quality of the file.There are also different formats for DVDs depending on the output media file type, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or Blu-ray H.264 encoded media files, and so on.

This DVD creator also allows you to do all the editing stuff and finally asks you to insert a single-layer 4.7 GB or double-layer 8.5 GB DVD to start the burning process. You cannot use Blu-ray discs for burning with this program, it seems. But, we have DVDFab Blu-ray Creator for that, along with many other goodies.

Finally, you choose the options for DVD Folder, DVD Disc, DVD media file, or ISO and hit the Burn button. There are things like the preview, editing like tripping, cropping, changing the quality of brightness, adding subtitles, watermarks, audio tracks and so on that need a lot of computing resources like memory RAM and CPU. 

Online Video Converter

how to burn mts files to dvd

If you wish to convert MTS files to DVD online, you have to either upload and download your files or add a URL of cloud storage for your file. This is an additional step, but it might be worth if you don't want to worry about installing anything onto your system. It is hassle-free that way. It's just that it is supposed to take more time. However, one has to trade something for another and therefore you can choose an alternative that suits you based on your needs.


Since you have learned so much about MTS and M2TS files and the tools to convert or burn them to DVD, you must have made up your mind which one to use. If you don’t, you can try DVDFab DVD Maker. Like we have explained in this post, this software does have a lot of features that help you burn MTS and M2TS videos to DVD discs, and you're probably hooked by them.