What is a DVD Copy?

It's simple to destroy or lose your DVD while using it, and you'll be disappointed if you can't recover your priceless memories. Although a DVD will not be harmed merely by watching it, dust and minor scratches can be picked up when you move it in and out of the casing. They may eventually fail as a result of this. As a result, it is critical to make backup copies of your DVD.

Other factors come into play while copying a commercial DVD. Most commercial DVDs have copy protection and integrated encryption to prevent DVD to DVD copying. DRM (digital rights management) must crack to transfer DVD to DVD, violating Title 1 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act . Copying a handmade DVD to another DVD is legal. You're unlikely to get duplicating DVDs for your collection.

If you own hard copy DVDs, you like their visual content. In terms of sound and visual quality, nothing beats a high-end DVD or Blu-ray creation. You may be asking how to copy a DVD with copy protection to another DVD or save it to a DVD Folder/ISO file as a backup? A DVD copy tool can answer this question.  

Here are some of the finest DVD copy tools for Windows and Mac that can copy a DVD (even copy-protected DVDs) to another DVD and produce digital copies of DVDs. Let's go through them to copy the DVD to the hard drive;

How to Copy a DVD to Another DVD? Best DVD Burning Software

1. DVDFab DVD Copy

how to copy a dvd:1. DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab has 15 years of free DVD cloner and burner experience. It is one of the greatest DVD copy applications. Easy to read and burn any ISO file/folder to any blank CD. Although the flash processing speeds, this utility can generate an excellent DVD with minimal quality loss. The clone mode would produce a lossless DVD. Its user interface, copy speed, and performance are superb.

It includes six copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, and Split. With only one click, you may burn the entire DVD. The user interface is both user-friendly and appealing. The backdrop may be customized and works with various operating systems, including Windows and Mac. A wrench icon helps you customize your DVD files. Here is how do you copy on a computer using this program.

How to copy a video using DVDFab DVD Copy?

Load the DVD source into DVDFab DVD Copy

When DVDFab 12 starts, pick Copy from the menu. If the source is an ISO or folder, drag it into the main page. Insert the DVD you want to back up into the optical drive or use the main page's Add button.

how to copy a dvd:1. DVDFab DVD Copy

Choose a copy mode and personalize the DVD output

Go to the left pane and select Copy mode. Then select the DVD size (DVD-9 or DVD-5). If you choose a loss copy method, you can clone or burn the DVD. Change the volume label and other copy choices. A blank disc, an ISO file, or a folder is selected at the bottom of the window.

how to copy a dvd:1. DVDFab DVD Copy

Begin copying DVDs for free and quickly.

Press the Start button to copy the DVD. DVDFab will copy DVDs quickly and accurately. You can stop the procedure, set your PC to hibernate, leaving the software, or do nothing.

how to copy a dvd:1. DVDFab DVD Copy

2. AVS Free Disc Creator

how to copy a dvd:2. AVS Free Disc Creator

This free DVD copy software has many useful functions. It can make straight copies, save as ISO, and even burn discs afterward. It also has several tools for editing and customizing the Copy. The tool can also make a DVD cover. Except for iOS, it runs on all major operating systems.


  • It features a simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • It supports several languages.
  • The software supports major media formats.


  • There isn't a version that works with iOS devices.
  • To download, you need an email address.

3. HandBrake

how to copy a dvd:3. HandBrake

If you are wandering to learn about "how to copy a video in simple steps," here is the solution. HandBrake is a converter that can convert DVDs to MP4, MKV, and WebM formats. However, it is free and open source. It works well to copy encrypted DVDs. Handbrake cannot extract music videos or movies from store-bought DVDs. You may also download a libdvdcss package from VideoLan. For Windows, transfer the.dll file into the Handbrake installation folder, whereas for Macs running Yosemite or later, utilize command tools.

This best copy DVD on Mac program can copy one title at a time. The HandBrake must be manually configured to copy and queue each title to rip them sequentially. If the DVD has 57 titles, you'll need to set up and queue each one 57 times before you can transfer it to the computer.


  • For occasional users, there's free and open-source software.
  • Convert DVDs to MP4, WebM, and MKV for storage on a hard disc.


  • No ISO image or VIDEO TS folder can be created.
  • There are unexpected issues, such as audio missing or ripped content that is fuzzy and pixelated.

4. Movavi Video Suite

how to copy a dvd:4. Movavi Video Suite

This effective program will help you burn videos, audio, pictures, or anything else to DVD. The users can easily transfer their files to clones at a fast speed. Moreover, it will let you edit your files before cloning. It means that you can easily remove advertisements or add the name of the video. 

You can use this program on all windows and mac versions. It will also work on mobile devices. It is the best choice to work with CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. There is a built-in media player to play the videos and check. 


  • The software has numerous amazing features. 
  • It is fast and simple to understand and use. 


  • You can just access its trial version for free. 

5. BurnAware Free

how to copy a dvd:5. BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free is one of the finest free DVD copy software since it has many functions to assist you copy DVDs. This free DVD copy program only runs on Windows and has a few other capabilities than copying discs. This program also includes Avast Antivirus, an excellent boost to your PC's protection.


  • A clean and simple design with no unnecessary extras. 
  • Ease of copying DVDs.


  • Advise the consumer to install Antivirus software. 
  • There is currently no version for iOS devices.

6. WinX DVD Copy Pro

how to copy a dvd:6. WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro is a free DVD copy program that can aid you with region unlocking. It can copy files, but not disc-to-disc. The trial version of this DVD copy software for Windows only has restricted functionality and will expire after 30 days.


  • Has always been capable of removing even region-locking.


  • Constant upgrades to the premium version are available.
  • This program does not support disc-to-disc copying.
  • The free version of the app has limited capabilities.

7. IQmango DVD Ripper

how to copy a dvd:7. IQmango DVD Ripper

It is also one of the best free DVD copy tools to help you burn DVDs and produce copies. You may also create ISO files from a DVD's content and later burn them on a disc. It is one of the finest on the list because of the software's clear and crisp design and its rapid and simple-to-comprehend procedure. Only Windows-based devices are supported. It can only play video DVDs, though. For data content, you'd need a separate tool.


  • Easy-to-use interface with a clean and sharp look.
  • Allows the user to copy disc-to-disc as well.


  • Only works with video DVDs; data material is not supported. 
  • Only works with Windows-based devices.

8. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

how to copy a dvd:8. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

This is one of the most popular free DVD copying applications on the market due to the variety of well-designed additional features that enhance the user's experience. This innovative DVD copy program, which works solely with Windows, gives you the ability to do much more than making copies of your DVDs and their contents.


  • A user-friendly interface for both beginners and experts alike.
  • Well-thought-out additions to make life easier.
  • Improves the disc-burning experience by stimulating the process.


  • To download the program, an email account is required.
  • At this time, only Windows-based computers may use the software.

9. WonderFox Free DVD Ripper Speedy

how to copy a dvd:9. WonderFox Free DVD Ripper Speedy

You may use this free DVD copy software to make copies of your DVDs and customize the content of your copies. Various features like a movie preview make it a good choice for free DVD copy software download for Windows-only devices.


  • Creating DVD copies is as simple as following a three-step method.
  • Several features let the user edit and customize the Copy.


  • Windows-based devices are the only ones that support it.


Hopefully, you have deeply learned about "how to make a copy of a DVD"? The eight products on this list all do an excellent job duplicating DVDs. But our pick for the finest Copy software is DVDFab. It's a better alternative because it offers more features and a user-friendly interface. Besides this, it is compatible with both mac and windows devices. So, download  DVD Copy  from the official website and enjoy its uses for free. You won't be disappointed.