This year is the year you must try to get all of your stuff in and out of your hard disc converted into a usable amount of digital files and get your system backups and collect all the data in other places into organized DVD packs. The DVDs are a great option for either making backups or distributing them such that they work offline at many places at ease even without a proper internet connection. It can also be used to create backups of data on older cassettes and tapes. It supports file formats like MP4 or MPEG4 for video and MP3 for audio, among many other file formats. Actually, you can store practically anything on a DVD by burning it with a proper burner. It is also sometimes used to burn ISO images on them to increase the storage capacity. In order to do so, you need a laptop/computer with DVD player, a DVD burner for Windows 10 like DVDFab or WinxDVD Burner or something and pack of DVDs, of course.

DVDFab DVD Creator

These are two different software programs that can be purchased as bundle from their official website. The software is upgraded to the latest chips from Intel with Intel Quick Sync and GPUs from NVIDIA with CUDA installed support for running graphics processing on the GPU of a computer. It also enables parallel processing using multi-core CPUs from AMD and Intel.

how to make dvds on windows 10

The steps to convert any file to DVD are same as above. Here too you get a UI that allows you to actually preview the video file in real-time when making edits like adding menu, chapters, templates, arranging the playback order, subtitles, audio tracks among many other kinds of stuff like clipping and or cropping. It also allows you to choose between numerous file formats supported and used in the industry. The software is also capable of burning the files into ISO format and even Blu-rays using their special DVDFab Blu-ray Creator. The main reason being different categories is that both these disc types are different in size and format requirements like resolution and quality of content and so on. The processing time is also different for both of them.

The UI of the DVD maker software is simple. It first asks you to load the file that needs to be converted. It also features a drag and drop feature. It also features the ability to queue up your tasks. There is a download button to download online videos directly and start converting them to DVDs. The next thing is the Edit menu. After specifying a storage output path, it starts the burning process. The output storage path should be the DVD drive of your computer with a DVD inside it. It will also prompt you to insert a DVD disc if found none. It is one of the best DVD burning software for Windows 10.

Windows DVD Maker

It is just like the Windows Movie Maker but a DVD burning software for Windows 10. It is simple and easy to accomplish the afore mentioned tasks using this piece of software. However, since in 2017, Microsoft has been pushing systems to upgrade to Windows 10, here are some things that are noteworthy. The OS has built-in 64-bit support for 64-bit CPU architecture. This also means that it can process more information and speed up the burning process on a new CPU from Intel.

how to make dvds on windows 10

Windows DVD Maker supports up to 60 different file formats. The UI is simplistic and intuitive. There is a basic editor to create DVDs with menus, subtitles, and so on. There are options to choose between audio tracks too. It is compatible with file formats that can be played using any DVD player easily and smoothly. The software requirements are also quite low being an old piece of software, but at one point of time was the most widely used. It requires at least 256 MB of RAM and 5 GB of hard disc and runs on any processor in the past 5 years. The output DVD types include DVD 5, 9 Mini DVD too. It also supports recorder and drives with CD-R, DVD-R up to Blu-ray disc players too without any discomfort. It can also burn DVDs in HD and Blu-ray quality. It is a free DVD burner for Windows 10.

However, this does not support latest technologies like hardware acceleration that helps improve the speed manifold times using the CPU and GPU of a laptop, similar to playing games. These features are supported by the nest DVD burner in the list called DVDFab DVD Creator and DVDFab Ripper.


Wondershare DVD Maker

This is featured software for Windows 10 among many websites. It also supports latest technologies, but not as much as DVDFab. The software is also good to do all kinds of burning tasks easily. It also allows you to make slideshows from files and videos using your own editing style and options. The UI is also very user-friendly and simple to follow. The icons are modern and editing videos are the optional stuff inbuilt into it, just like the others but with more functionalities. There are good effects and templates that make your video file or slideshows worth watching. It also allows you to preview your stuff before finally burning it to the DVD. It is a free DVD burner for Windows 10.

how to make dvds on windows 10

This article shows you how to make DVDs on Windows but if you also want to create Blu-rays please check these Blu-ray authoring software.