Whether it be shows, recorded memories or your favorite music videos, sometimes you come across videos that you wish to keep with yourself forever. Merely saving them on your laptop or in a backup flash drive may not seem like a permanent move. You might want to go back to the good old days when people saved videos on CDs and DVDs. If you wish to do so, you will require a quality MP4 to DVD burner.

By burning videos to a DVD, you can also transform them into quality and well-edited movies. Regardless of why you wish to use an MP4 to DVD burner, the bottom line is that you need one.

Here are some of the best MP4 to DVD burners in the market. Decide which one best suits your need and use it to burn MP4 to DVD.

DVDFab DVD Creator

One of the many programs delivered by DVDFab includes DVDFab DVD Creator. In a cost-effective package, you are delivered with quite a lot of features. The value proposition of this DVD maker is that it can burn a wide variety of videos, including MP4. This includes those recorded on a camcorder as well. You can burn these videos onto DVD discs, DVD ISO or DVD folders.

This is the best MP4 to DVD converter software that stands out from other DVD burners due to its unique feature of allowing users to create their own DVD menu. You can customize how this menu looks like. To do so, you can make use of the many templates built into the software. Hence, the DVD you create will be unique and convenient to watch.

The software is compatible with various DVD formats as well. Some of the formats it supports include DVD-9, DVD+R, DVD-R, and DVD+R DL. Rather than waiting for each video to be processed so that you can burn the next one,  this best MP4 to DVD converter allows you to do it all at once. This is achieved by the fact that multiple videos can be processed in one go.

Also, you can later arrange what the playback order of the videos will be. As you are burning the videos, you can also watch them to see if they are the correct ones. The software is also marked by a fast conversion and burning speed that further adds to the convenience of using DVDFab DVD Creator.

To burn MP4 using this MP4 to DVD burner, make use of the following steps:

1.       Launch DVDFab and go to the Creator Module at the top of the interface. Select DVD Creator from it.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

2.       You can select any audio track you want for the video and add external subtitles to it. Also, you can customize the settings by clicking on the “Advanced Settings” option.

·         You can select the output size between DVD-9 and 5 via the output size section. Once you have selected the size, choose the output path to burn the video to a blank file, an ISO image or a folder. Click “Next” when done.

·         Create a menu from the available templates or select “No menu.” Click on Next to continue.

·         Name the file via the “Volume Label textbox” and select properties of the menu.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

3.       Select a directory. Different outputs can be attained depending on the directories chosen. Different directories can also be accessed in different ways. For instance, to choose the optical drive, click on the dropdown list box. This will allow you to burn the output to a blank file. To convert MP4 to a DVD folder, click on the folder icon. To convert it to a DVD ISO file, select the image icon.

:DVDFab DVD Creator

4.       Press start to begin the burning process.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best MP4 to DVD burners for free. The fact that you can download it for free has fared well with users. Not only can this MP4 to DVD converter be used to convert videos to DVD format, but the converter also has the ability to convert to over thousands of other formats. Some of the popular format it can transform MP4 to include AVI, MOV, and MKV.

Additionally, when it comes to burning videos on DVDs specifically, you are provided with the liberty to burn it on a DVD disk or ISO. The videos you burn can be customized according to your liking. The settings that are alterable include aspect ratio and quality of the video. The converter also delivers free DVD templates that allow you to customize the interface of the DVD in any way you want.

Another value-adding feature that the Wondershare Video Converter delivers is its ability to edit the videos you burn. There are various advanced video editing features included in the converter, ranging from adding subtitles to cropping the given input.

If you wish to transfer files that are present on your Android or Apple devices, this video converter allows you to do so directly. The operating systems it supports are quite a lot. Some examples are Windows NT4, Windows 10, and Mac OS.

:Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate


This MP4 DVD burner has been developed by Ellora Assets Corporation. The best thing about this MP4 to DVD converter is that it doesn’t leave its users high and dry; it offers all the help you would need. You will find various online videos on its platform that help understand the burning process. This aspect of customer service is highly lauded by beginners.

Rather than just burning videos that you have downloaded, this MP4 to DVD converter allows you to include videos from YouTube as well as Facebook. This feature is seldom achieved by DVD burner software free download. Also, you can burn slideshows on a DVD. The burning process itself is marked by ease. You can use the software to burn for 40 hours without it needing a break. That is enough to back up a lot of footage.

Furthermore, this kind of free blu-ray burning software is known to support over 250 formats. Even if you wish for the burned quality to be HD or 4K, this software manages to deliver it. The customizable options include adding subtitles and menu. Large files (as large as 1 GB) can be burned using the software.

While it may be one of the best free options out there, the free aspect does come at a cost. To make revenue, the business model of Freemake includes an ad-based service. Thus, if you are using this DVD burner, be prepared for popup ads every now and then.



Among the three MP4 to DVD converters discussed, the best one is DVDFab DVD Creator. This is because the speed of conversion along with the sheer number of formats it supports are unparalleled.

This doesn’t mean that the other two options are not worth considering. Your choice can be different from ours. Select whichever DVD burner you think is the best for you. Make the decision wisely and equip yourself with a quality MP4 to DVD burner. Use it to keep videos you love with you forever.