Amongst various reasons to remove copy protection from DVD, there is a huge range of software that claims to do so. However, not every software works great, speaking of advanced level encryption. The majority of commercial DVDs are encrypted in some manner. These encryption techniques are intended to deter piracy, but they also prohibit moviegoers from making backup copies of copy-protected DVDs for their personal use. Whether you want to add movies to your collection or rip them into different formats for playback on other devices, you need an all-in-one, efficient DVD ripping tool.

What is DVD Protection?

Amongst a wide range of options to encrypt DVDs, copy protection is one of the most effective ways to DVD lock. Most of the DVDs purchased from flea markets, DVD stores, or online are either DRM-encrypted or region code-locked. It prohibits you to play them on your system or DVD player.

There are several different types of DVD copy protections available today that prevent users from duplicating a DVD for distribution or commercial purposes. Some copy protections are basic while others are more complicated. In this section, we have created a comprehensive list of DVD copying protection for your convenience to know better how to remove DVD protection.

The region code protection is the most common, however, there are various other copy protections that can cause playback issues, including;

1. Region Code

2. Region Code Enhanced (RCE)

3. Content Scramble System (CSS)

4. User Operation Prohibition (UOP)

5. Sony ARccOS Protection

6. Analog Protection System (APS)

7. FairPlay


9. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP, DVI, and HDMI)

1. Region Code

A region code indicates that a DVD disc is only accessible in certain places that are governed by a code. It helps in controlling the DVD distribution and pricing. In order to get around this restriction, you must first remove the copyright protection from the DVD. This is referred to as the DVD copyright removal method.

On the other hand, all-region or region 0 discs are discs that have no region coding. These DVDs are not subject to any restrictions when it comes to playback. Let’s have a look at different region codes and how they work.

Remove copy protection from DVD:1. Region Code

2. Region Code Enhanced (RCE)

Region Code Enhanced (RCE) is a retroactive system to restrict playing DVDs from one area to another region. DVDFab DVD Ripper is the finest free alternative to rip your protected DVDs. You can use this programme to remove copy protection from DVD mac ISO to MP4 for free.

3. Content Scramble System (CSS)

CSS is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technique that is used on practically all commercially issued DVDs. Its purpose is to prevent unauthorized DVD copying, distribution, and viewing. Hence, if you wish to copy a DVD, you must first remove CSS protection. Passkey for DVD is a DVDFab module that assists you in eliminating live DVD CSS protection. Therefore, you can conveniently transfer copy-protected DVDs to Mac or Windows. Moreover, CSS protection removal is quick and easy if you use Passkey or HD decrypter from DVDFab.

4. User Operation Prohibition (UOP)

User Operation Prohibition (UOP) is a digital rights management technique used on DVD video discs that prevent users from doing most tasks. Moreover, if you tweak such DVDs, it gives you copyright messages similar to FBI warnings. Therefore, it is better to remove UOP protection for personal use before making any changes, copying content to other devices, or digitalizing the DVD.

5. Sony ARccOS

This extra layer of protection is created by Sony to work with CSS. It intentionally corrupts DVD sections when you try to copy them.

6. Analog Protection System (APS)

Analog Protection System automatically corrupts the DVDs if users try to copy them. You can effectively remove DVD copy protection from DVDs if you wish to copy them or change them to different formats.

7. FairPlay

Apple created FairPlay, a digital rights management (DRM) system incorporated into MP4 files as an encrypted AAC audio layer to prevent copying. If you are an ios user, sometimes you may need an iTunes DRM removal tool.


Being common copy protection, CPRM/CPPM stands for Content Protection for Recordable or Pre-Recorded Media. It prevents the copying, modification, deletion, or editing of the recorded media. You can remove copy protection DVD with effective copy protection removing tool.

9. High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP, DVI, and HDMI)

HDCP, High-bandwidth Digital Material Protection is created by Intel Corporation to prevent any kind of modification to digital audio and video files. You can use a DVD DRM removal tool to remove this kind of copy protection.

How To Remove Copy Protection From DVD

To remove copy protection from DVD encryptions, you will find a lot of free DVD rippers in the market, such as Handbrake, DVD Decrypter, FFmpeg, and MakeMKV. However not all software to remove DVD protection is very effective in decrypting DVDs.

1. DVDFab DVD Copy/DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper is an all-in-one DVD encryption remover that offers nifty features to meet your DVD copying and editing needs. If you wish to convert your DVDs to digital format, DVDFab DVD Ripper allows quick conversion. The most common DVD protection used is CSS (Content Scramble System), APS (Analog Protection System), and RC (Region Code). To make any kind of modification to your old DVDs, copying them or converting them into other formats, you must first remove write protection from DVD.

Step 1: Download and Install DVDFab DVD Ripper

You can conveniently download DVDFab DVD Ripper in your system and click on the “Start DVDFab Ripper” or click on the desktop icon to launch the program.

Step 2: Choose Ripper Module

On the main screen at the top, there are different modules to work with. Choose the “Ripper” module that allows you to rip DVDs without encryption.

Step 3: Upload Files

Next, upload your files to the programme. There are two options to upload files; you can either “drag and drop” your ISO files or folders onto the main screen, or click the “Add” button on the left. Remove copy protection from DVD:Step 3: Upload Files

Step 4: Choose Profile

Once you upload the files, select one of the profiles in the “Choose other profile” tab to convert your DVDs or Blu-rays to digital, and then tweak the output video to your liking.

Remove copy protection from DVD:Step 4: Choose Profile

Here it gives you other options to customize your video output, including;

  • Select the titles
  • Choose audio tracks
  • Customize subtitles

Moreover, in the “Advanced Settings” option, you can personalize the output video quality, resolution, audio, and much more.

Step 5: Start Ripping

When you press the 'Start' button, the DVDFab DVD Ripper will immediately begin ripping your discs. You can see the progress on the main screen. The programme allows you to pause or end the task at any time.

DVDFab DVD Ripper is an all-in-one ripping tool that allows you to remove DVD copy protection in minimum time. Moreover, if you wish to rip or convert Blu-ray DVDs, DVDFab offers products like DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray ripper. They offer the same functionality with some additional features that allow you to digitalize Blu-ray DVDs into more than 1000+ formats.

DVDFab Copy/Ripper Additional Features

  • Rip DVD subtitles, add, remove, edit, or customize video subtitles.
  • Extract audio from a DVD in high-quality formats such as MP3, FLAC, and others.
  • Increasing the video resolution to 1080p or 4K is recommended.
  • Convert DVDs compatible to 247 different devices, including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android.
  • Customize your titles, audio tracks, and subtitles you want to rip.
  • The built-in video editor allows trimming, cropping, brightening, flipping, and rotating.
  • Decrypt several copies of a copy-protected DVD at the same time.
  • The DVDFab's Cloud Decryption Service rapidly and efficiently removes the protection from your recently acquired encrypted DVDs stored on a cloud server. Hence, you can access your final files in less than 5 minutes.

Remove Copy Protection From DVD Handbrake

If you are looking for “Remove Copy Protection From DVD Handbrake”, then, you must know that Handbrake was formerly used to remove copy protection. However, it no longer rips copy protected DVDs. On the other hand, you can rip DVDs that are not copy protected with ease. In addition, using a third-party decrypter, known as libdvdcss, you can rip or decrypt copy protected DVDs with Handbrake. Or, you can also some other best free DVD decrypter tools.

Let’s have a look at how to remove copy protection from DVD using libdvdcss with handbrake.

1. Download and install Handbrake; Visit their website for the download link and consider checking an appropriate version of DVD Copy/Ripper protection removal software that is compatible with your system.

2. Download Libdvdcss; To remove the copy protection DVD with Handbrake, download a third-party software livdvdcss from their website.

3. Launch Handbrake; open the programme and then click on the "Source" button in the upper left corner to load the source file. Once you have inserted the DVD disc into your DVD player, libdvdcss will automatically read and remove copy protection from a DVD.

Remove copy protection from DVD:Remove Copy Protection From DVD Handbrake

4. Click Start; With libdvdcss you can remove the copy protection from a DVD and rip a segment or full DVD as per your requirement. Select the title you'd want to rip from the drop-down menu, and then click on the "Add to Queue" button to add the title you've chosen to your ripping list of titles.

5. Select a video output format from the drop-down menu.

Remove copy protection from DVD:Remove Copy Protection From DVD Handbrake

6. Once you click start, Handbrake will proceed to remove DVD protection on your computer.

Amongst various software and online tools to remove copy protection from DVDs, going for a simpler and more comprehensive tool can save you time and effort. Moreover, most tools fail to maintain the quality and do not offer custom advanced settings. For instance, DVDFab allows users to adjust resolution, bit rate, channels, subtitles, and much more. Furthermore, making high-end yet affordable video and audio editing, ripping, and copy protection removal easy for consumers, DVDFab offer DVDFab Blu Ray Ripper to remove copy protection blu ray DVD without compromising the quality and compatibility.


Speaking of “how to remove DVD copy protection”, convenience, functionality, and efficiency make it to the top. DVDFab DVD ripping software or DVD Copy are efficient tools to remove copy protection from DVD. From the ease of use to a straightforward and dedicated interface, the flexibility of use, customizable settings, formats, and much more, DVDFab Ripper is your all-in-one ripping and copy protection removing tool.


1. Is DVD ripping illegal?

In the US, it is still considered illegal to rip copyrighted DVDs even for personal use. However, in most regions, if you are not making commercial changes, decrypting copy protection DVDs or ripping DVDs is safe.

2. How can I tell if the DVD is copy protected?

You will find DRM (Digital Rights Management) copy protection on all the store-bought DVDs. however, it is not mentioned on the DVDs if they are copy protected or not. To know better, you can use a copy protection removal or ripping tool if your DVD is encrypted or not.

3. Which DVD copy protection removal programme is the most effective?

There a various software to remove copy protection from DVDs, though not all work great. DVDFab Ripper/Copy is a comprehensive and dedicated platform to remove copy protection from DVD Mac and Windows operating systems. Moreover, Handbrake and VLC depend on a third-party application like libdvdcss.