It would be best if you had a good DVD collection at your place, but what if you cannot play them on all your devices comfortably? In such a case you will need to save DVD to computer for versatile use. Ripping a DVD in digital format allows you to play your content and edit them as per your preferences. So, let us know how to digitize DVDs to computer with the top 3 ways.

save dvd to computer:

But, first, let us know why we need to save the DVD to the computer?

  • Wear and tear of DVDs occur over time.
  • No support for DVDs on some PCs.
  • Conversion is necessary for running on multiple devices.
  • Improving the quality of data.
  • Using the data in a video project.

save dvd to computer:

How to Save a DVD on your computer- 3 ways

There are a plethora of ways for saving a DVD on your PC, but we are suggesting the best ones for your reference here. Check them out and thank us later.

How to save a DVD to the computer through DVDFab ripper software?

DVDFab DVD Ripper not only saves a DVD to your PC but also assists in removing any protection for turning it into a digital format. It also lets the user experience a lossless audio and video quality by ripping DVDs for home theater. You can also convert any video to enjoy it on your mobile device.


  • It helps in easily converting a DVD into various digital formats that include MKV, WMV, Mobil, ProRes, etc.
  • It seamlessly and easily replaces any audio from your desirable DVD to various formats, including AAC, AIFF, EACS, etc.
  • It has the facility of offering any DVD to a fabulous 247 preset that includes BlackBerry, Amazon, Google, HTC, Motorola, Sony, and many other devices, including 3D devices.
  • It supports two audio outputs of HiFi quality that support multi-channel, stereo for FLAC, and multi-channel and stereo for WAV format.
  • It allows the users to repair or get rid of subtitles from a DVD or change them to SRT format.

Let us see the steps for saving a DVD by using DVDFab DVD Ripper:

Step 1: Downloading and installation of the software:

This amazing program is very easy and safe to use on Windows and Apple devices, so you can easily download it for both versions. As soon as you complete its download head towards step 2.

save dvd to computer:How to save a DVD to the computer through DVDFab ripper software?

Step 2: Selection of ripper module along with loading of the source DVD:

The software boasts many modules for the user that can be used to edit a DVD, UHD, Blu Ray, and mainstream videos. There is a module given at the top for first-time users to start the ripping process. The users need to add it to an optical drive; this DVD Ripper software will automatically start reading it. There is a '+' icon given in the center of this software where the user can load its DVD folder or ISO file.

Step 3: Choosing the audio, movie title, along with subtitles for ripping the source DVD to the computer

As soon as the user reaches the main interface of this useful software, they will be able to see a few options from where they can choose preferred DVD subtitles and the audio to rip their content. If the user does not want to have a subtitle for the DVD, they can select None for the same. Moreover, the users can choose to add an external Subtitle for adding any subtitles to a video.

save dvd to computer:How to save a DVD to the computer through DVDFab ripper software?

Step 4: Setting the format for the Output Video:

In this step, the user needs to proceed with clicking on the option of Choose Other Profile. Then they have to select the format along with the video. As soon as it is done, the user can choose to convert their DVD to MP4, MKV, MPEG 4, VI, FLV, MP4, WebM, TS, WMV, M2TS and other video formats. You can use these video formats to rip any DVD of your choice perfectly, whether for Mobile, Apple ProRes, or Theater.

Pro Tip: For uploading content on the YouTube platform or uploading through mobile devices, users generally prefer MP4 format.

Step 5: Selection of additional parameters:

The users can also select other parameters like Audio, Enlarger AI, or Subtitles from the same panel as they used to select the video. In this way, they will be able to rip the audio and subtitle of the DVD to SRT format. It will enhance the video and upscale it to 300% or 1080p or 4K. You can rip the DVD in as many ways as you want.

Step 6: Customisation of the output video of the DVD:

The users can personalize their output video or improve its quality in two ways with DVDFab DVD Ripper. These are Video edits and Advanced settings.

As soon as the user clicks on the Video edit option, they will be able to add images, text, along with subtitles to their DVD. Along with this, they will be able to perform functions like cropping, trimming, speeding up and down, zooming in or out, and setting the video properties of their respective file while performing repairing functions of DVD to computer.

In the Advanced settings, they will be able to see a few parameters that they can set for adjustment of audio, video, and subtitles.

save dvd to computer:How to save a DVD to the computer through DVDFab ripper software?

Step 7: Finally, set the destination for the output file:

As soon as the user reaches the bottom of DVDFab DVD Ripper, they will be able to see three output directories for video. These directories include folder, mobile device, and YouTube. The user can choose any one of them depending on their needs and set the destination for their file for saving the output video. Alternatively, the users can save the resulting file on their computer's HDD or transfer the final file on their mobile if they wish to play it offline.

Step 8: Starting the Ripping process:

Now you have to click on the start button and follow all the navigation steps for ripping your DVD. This software runs at lightning speed to rip your DVD at a 30 times faster speed than its counterparts. The user can anytime check the progress in real-time on a bar on the screen and opt for cancellation any time. Alternatively, they can set the PC to automatic shutdown, exit the program or opt for hibernation.

How to save a DVD to computer using a free software - VLC

save dvd to computer:How to save a DVD to computer using a free software - VLC

The VLC media player can be put to extensive uses, including its fabulous 360-degree video views and Chromecast support. It is a free player that is very versatile in handling any media file and works well with Windows and Mac devices.


  • It easily rips any DVD and saves it on Windows and Mac devices.
  • It provides for audio normalization to balance sound for your ears.
  • It allows for easy conversion of videos to any format.
  • It also acts as a downloader for videos from YouTube.

Steps to how to save DVD to computer VLC?

Following are the steps you need to follow to save DVD to computer through VLC:

Step 1: First, you need to open the VLC software. If you do not have it already, you can download it from the trusted source and complete its installation before starting the save a DVD process.

Step 2: Now, you will be able to see the convert or save option given under the media tab.

Step 3: Then find the Disc tab. Click on it.

Step 4: You will be able to find the DVD option. Click on it. If you find that many errors are occurring in this process, you can come back and proceed with the selection of the no disc menus option. However, this does not usually happen, but you should keep this in mind if you have a rough day.

Step 5: Now, you have to choose the location of the DVD Drive.

Step 6: You will see a convert/save option in the bottom section of the window.

Step 7: Here, you need to choose various particulars and Codec you wish to have for the ripping profile.

Step 8: Now, you have to proceed by clicking on the browse button and then go for a selection of file names and destinations for the file you have just finished. Then you have to press the save option.

Step 9: Start the process by tapping on the Start button. As soon as the process starts, you need to sit patiently or engage yourself in other work until it is completed.

How to save DVD on Computer through open-source Handbrake software?

save dvd to computer:How to save DVD on Computer through open-source Handbrake software?

Handbrake is a fabulous tool that is free and open-source for saving and converting any DVD to almost any format. It also lends its support to a variety of codecs. Handbrake also provides an intuitive and simple-to-use platform even for beginner users.


  • It is an open-source that works for Windows, MAC, and Linux devices for saving DVDs.
  • Easily removes combing artifacts that are caused by interlacing or telecine.
  • Helps in restoring low-quality and old videos.
  • Properly crops and resizes any video.

Follow the given steps to save a DVD to a computer:

Step 1: First, you have to open the handbrake application. If you don't have this open-source, just download it anytime for free.

save dvd to computer:How to save DVD on Computer through open-source Handbrake software?

Step 2: After this, you need to choose the file you wish to rip, and for this, you need to press the file icon. As soon as you start up the program, this file icon will appear on the left side of the screen; since your physical media is a DVD, you have to select the DVD drive along with its contents.

save dvd to computer:How to save DVD on Computer through open-source Handbrake software?

Step 3: Now, you have to proceed by pressing the browse button and then choose the file destination you wish to save your file. You can choose any destination, including an external drive, HDD or SSD, cloud, or even a thumb drive.

save dvd to computer:How to save DVD on Computer through open-source Handbrake software?

Step 4: As soon as you have decided on the destination and made your selection, you need to click on save.

Step 5: Now, you have to proceed with pressing the start to encode option, which is given at the top of the screen for starting the ripping process of the DVD.

Note: The Start encodes button is located beside the queue button.

save dvd to computer:How to save DVD on Computer through open-source Handbrake software?

Step 6: As soon as this process starts, you can sit back and relax and wait for the process to end.

Pro Tip: Handbrake has no such way to create copies of DVDs in lossless quality. However, it makes sure that transcoding the DVD and turning it into a digital file prevents any further loss of data.


How to save a DVD to my computer Windows 10?

You can use DVDFab DVD Ripper or VLC for this purpose with the steps mentioned above.

How do you save a DVD to your Mac computer?

For this, you can use Handbrake as an open-source or DVDFab DVD Ripper as a paid option.

How to save a DVD to a computer that is copy protected?

DVDFab DVD Ripper works well with copy-protected DVDs.


We have given you the top 3 ways to save DVD to a computer, and now it is up to you to choose any one or all of them as per your purpose. With the expertise of the paid software DVDFab DVD Ripper, we have also mentioned VLC as free and Handbrake as an open-source option as an answer for how to save a DVD to computer. This guide will allow you to save a DVD pretty easily.