Having old DVDs around that is of not much use is not uncommon in most households and offices. So if you have been wondering who buys used DVDs near me, there are several places you can look at. 

Nowadays, with the advent of streaming services, many of you might have little use left for your used DVDs. As time progresses, these DVDs will only tend to get more redundant and all they will do is occupy precious shelf space and collect dust. There are a number of methods you can adopt when you are out looking for ways to take care of used DVDs near me. You can also digitize your entire DVD collection before disposing of them by using rippers like the DVDFab DVD Ripper. This way you also get to save your precious content while clearing storage space. Read on to learn more about the best ways to dispose of old DVDs and whether you can turn them into a profitable venture for you.

Who Buys Used DVDs Near Me?

Whether you are struggling to find space to stash your DVDs collection or looking at bolstering your account balance, you can adopt a number of means to sell old DVDs for cash. Besides, this way you are not only going to earn some extra cash but also help keep DVDs out of the landfill, saving the planet. 

There are several methods and several places whereby you can get rid of your DVDs for cash if you are thinking about who will buy used DVDs near me. Whether it is a local place or whether you decide to do it online, there are many places that can help you with your quest of disposing of your huge DVD collection.

What Are the Best Places That Buy Used DVDs Near Me?

Before you embark on your journey to sell your old DVDs and make some extra cash, do some research to find out if your stash includes many rare and collectible items that can fetch you a significant amount of cash. Get an estimate of your collection before you are out to sell them. There are several places where you can sell old and used DVDs online as well as a number of local places near you that can buy your collection for a good price.

Some places that buy used DVDs near me online:

Declutter: A popular choice to sell DVDs for the higher prices that they offer than most other resale sites. Payments here are fast, convenient, and easy.

Selldvds online.com: This site buys back DVDs, CDs, and game consoles online, processes your payments within 3 days after receiving the order, and also covers shipping costs.

Ebay: This is a good site if you own valuable DVDs as buyers can compete for them here. This is a well-known site for collectors where you can spark a bidding war and glean the maximum amount as a result

Craigslist: You can list your DVDs on this site especially if you want to sell them in bulk. Moreover, as there is no fee list, you can keep everything you earn

Eaglesaver: EagleSaver lets you sell multiple copies of the same item on their site. They have an instant checkout process where you get an instant bulk offer once you update the quantity for the title you wish to let go

Bonavendi: This is a price comparison app that works more like a search engine. Find the best price from more than 20 vendors who are interested in buying your titles and choose the one that suits you best

Amazon: if you are worried about the poor condition of your DVDs, this is a good place to try. You can try a trade-in or third-party listing here

Places that buy used DVDs near me

  • You can organize a yard sale
  • Try a pawnshop
  • Use the Facebook Marketplace
  • Visit your local bookstore
  • Use Craigslist

How Can I Sell the Used DVDs Near Me Online?

It is an easy process if you are wondering how to sell used DVDs near me online. Just follow a few simple steps:

  • Get an estimated price for your collection by entering the barcode behind each DVD case and using an online barcode scanner
  • Pack your collection of DVDs and parcel them to the online portal
  • Most online portals make your payment once they receive the parcel and make a cursory evaluation

What should I do before discarding my used DVDs near me? 

Before you set out to physically dispose of your collection of DVDs, stop a moment to take stock of what you have collected over the years. Although the DVDs are turning out to become more redundant with every passing day occupying huge storage space, they certainly hold warm memories, which you certainly hold on to. 

So before you actually dispose of them, you can make an effort to keep digital copies of your precious collection, thus freeing up shelf space while not completely letting go of your used DVDs.

With the help of the DVDFab DVD Ripper, you can easily convert any DVD to a video and audio format of your choice in no time. 

Use DVDFab DVD Ripper to Enjoy Video with Ease

DVDFab DVD ripper helps you in the process of conversion of all your DVDs into any format. You can then enjoy a seamless playback on any device of your choice, on a media player, or even on your home theatre system. It is a very handy ripper that can also remove protection from new and encrypted DVDs in the cloud server, quickly and timely. SO you can now open discs in next to no time without having to await the latest package release. The DVD ripper has several other key features and a number of advantages.

Main features

  • The DVD Ripper removes any DVD copy protection that can help make your DVDs digital. It can remove copy protections such as CSS, APS, RC, Sony DADC, and much more
  • DVDFab DVD Ripper can convert DVDs to video and audio for home theatre without loss of quality
  • It allows you to compress video size for all sorts of portable and mobile devices but at the same time preserves the quality
  • With DVDFab DVD Ripper you can rip any DVD to over a thousand video (including MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, M4V, TS, WebM, M2TS, 3GP, and much more) and audio (MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OGG, PCM, etc.) formats via customized settings
  • Enjoy DVD ripping at a lightning-fast speed which is 50X faster with GPU acceleration technologies like Multi-core CPU, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, IQS (Intel Quick Sync), Video ToolBox (macOS)
  • Features a multitasking mode to convert DVDs to digital files. You can use a Task Queue to add your DVDs which will save you a lot of time and enhance your user experience
  • Features an inbuilt video editor to make your videos exceptional, professional-looking, and personalized as you crop, trim, add watermarks and subtitles, merge video, and adjust brightness and video color according to your liking
  • Use OCR technology to convert DVD subtitles to SRT files and customize subtitles as you like. You can directly include subtitles with your video, remux them into the files, extract them to IDX/Subfile or to SRT file
  • Allows upscaling your video quality from 480p to 1080p with AI enhancement with Enlarger AI without losing image quality or detail
  • Has a Meta Info feature to automatically synchronize all meta information including movie title, cover, and cast into the movie title

How to rip DVDs using DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Step 1: Launch the DVDFab DVD Ripper software and load the source DVD

places that buy used DVDs near me:How to rip DVDs using DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Download the DVDFab DVD Ripper, insert the DVD that you want to be ripped into the optical drive or if it is already inserted, simply navigate to it with the help of the Add button. In case the source is an ISO file or a folder, you can just use the drag and drop option to move it onto the workplace

Step 2: Select any one profile and customize your output DVD video

places that buy used DVDs near me:How to rip DVDs using DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Tap on Choose Other Profile > Format > Video in order to convert DVD to MP4 or any other digital format. You also have the option to select audio tracks/language, extract subtitles from DVD to SRT format, or add external subtitles.

Next set video and audio parameters through Advanced Settings and Video Edit as per your needs.You can upscale the video and improve video quality automatically by selecting Enlarger AINow save your video on HDD, Mobile Device, and upload it onto YouTube using the Save To option

Step 3: Start ripping your DVDs

places that buy used DVDs near me:How to rip DVDs using DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Start ripping your DVDs by clicking the Start button. You can cancel the actual ripping process any time, or choose to exit the program, shut down your device, hibernate, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How much should I sell my used DVDs near me for?

Each DVD will vary in its valuation based on its title, popularity, release date, etc. Different online sites have their own method of evaluation. You can either enter the barcode that you will find at the back of your DVD case into the valuation engine on the website. Type in all the digits of the original barcode without dashes or spaces, as opposed to the stickered store barcode. You can then use the barcode scanner that is provided by the website.

  • Why should I sell used DVDs near me?

Whether it is to free up used storage space or enhance your account balance, there are various reasons for you to sell used DVDs. Just follow an easy process to get a valuation for your collection, put them in a box and ship them. This is a smart way to dispose of the DVDs without sending them off into landfills, thus saving the planet.

  • What is the process I need to follow when I find an online place dealing with used DVDs for sale near me?

First, get a price quote for your used DVDs by entering the barcode behind the DVD case and using a barcode scanner to scan it. This is available on most online sites dealing with used DVDs. Pack your items securely in a box and ship them. Your payment will be made upon receipt of the parcel by the portal. 

In Conclusion

All those old DVDs that you have been collecting all your life but are now simply lying around your house gathering dust, are worth a lot more than you realize. So if you are thinking about what to do with these used DVDs near me, now that Netflix and Hulu have taken over your time and space,  there’s an easy solution of not only getting rid of the enormous stash but also making good money out of it