What is an OGG File?

An OGG file is an audio file, the same as an MP3 file. This file normally encodes music and saves audio data in the OGG container format that is compressed with the unpatented and free Vorbis audio compression. It might also comprise song metadata, such as track data and artist information.

The OGG container is a multimedia format that shows support for different streams of audio, video, metadata, and text. The separate streams might be compressed with various compression techniques, such as Vorbis (audio), Theora (video), FLAC (audio), Opus (audio), and OggPCM (audio).

Prior to 2007, OGG files were utilized to save different kinds of media. But, since then, the Xiph.Org Foundation suggests that OGG files only save audio data and hence people used to burn OGM to DVD. Now, people will most likely only see OGG files that save audio information compressed using the Vorbis compression.

On the other hand, OGG files might also comprise other kinds of audio compressions, such as Speex and FLAC. These files cannot be referred to as "Vorbis" files officially, since they utilize a separate compression scheme. In addition to this, they are usually saved as .OGA files.

What Filename Extensions Do OGG Files Use?

Since there are a number of extensions that OGG files use, people always get confused as to which and how many extensions OGG file supports. Well, OGG format supports the typical .OGG extension. In addition to this, the format also supports extensions such as .OGV and .OGA. Furthermore, OGG format also shows support for the .OGX and .OGM format. Additionally, .SPX and .OPUS are also some of the extensions supported by this format.

Additional Information about OGG Extention

OGG Vorbis also acts as a container format meant to substitute the OGG format. It can store streams of video, audio, subtitles, or other text. These kinds of multiplexed media files utilize the OGX file extension. OGG Vorbis Multiplexed Media files can be opened using Windows Media Player, VLC, and QuickTime.

The OGG Media file format that utilizes the .OGM file extension is a little different from the other supported formats. While it, too, can be used with VLC and older variants of Windows Media Player, Xiph.org does not support the format since it does not fall within the limitations of the OGG specification. The MOGG file extension is utilized in some video games when different OGG files are saved in the same file.

Bonus: How to Copy OGM Files to DVD with Ease

Even though OGM files can be used with VLC and older variants of Windows Media Player, Xiph.org does not support the format since it does not fall within the limitations of the OGG specification. Hence, to overcome this limitation, the best way is to copy or burn OGM to DVD.

This can be done easily with the help of DVDFab DVD Copy. The tool can be used to copy DVDs to different operating systems. It can be used for lossless backup and to compress any DVD. Also, the tool can also be used to export files to blank discs directly or save DVDs as ISO/Folder on HDD. Below are some features of this tool:

  • The tool can help you get rid of any DVD copy protection for easy backup
  • The tool can backup DVDs easily for a great experience
  • The tool can copy DVDs easily with different modes
  • The tool can easily get access to the latest encrypted discs
  • The tool can compress any DVD to DVD-5 and DVD-9
  • The tool can copy DVD as ISO/folder or to blank disc
  • The tool supports batch copying with quick speed

Comparison of Free & Paid Version

Free Version Paid Version
 i  Free Download      Buy Now  
Support Full Disc copy mode Support Full Disc copy mode
Support Main Movie copy mode Support Main Movie copy mode
3rd Party Burning Engine 3rd Party Burning Engine
Lossless backup to DVD9 Lossless backup to DVD9
  Compress any DVD to DVD5
  Support Adult DVDs Copy,  Latest Protection, DADC Protection
  Support more copy modes: Customize, Clone/Burn, Split, Merge

How to Copy a DVD Using DVDFab DVD Copy

Below are the steps that you need to follow to use this tool.

  1. Download and install the tool on your PC. Select the Copy option on the main UI.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

2. Add the OGG files you wish to copy to the DVD. You can also copy DVD to USB via Copy mode.

dvd to ogm

3. Go to the left pane and tap the Copy mode as required. Select the output DVD size.

burn ogm to dvd

4. Click the Start option to copy DVD as needed. The tool will finish the DVD copy process with top quality and quick speed.

dvd to ogm


Is OGG better than MP3?

OGG Vorbis comes with enhanced sound quality as compared to MP3. The compressed file in OGG Vorbis format is smaller as compared to the compressed file of the MP3 format. The compression bit rate in OGG format differs as per the requirement of the file while the compression bit rate is constant in MP3 format.

Is OGG better than M4A?

M4A tends to have considerably enhanced quality as compared to MP3 and OGG. An M4A file generated with the lossless ALAC codec has a quality similar to an original lossless studio recording. Hence, M4A stands out when it comes to audio quality.

Are OGG files free to use?

Yes. Unlike MP3, OGG Vorbis is not limited by patents. Microsoft had to shell out $1.5 billion after being penalized for utilizing MP3 without a license. With OGG Vorbis, they would have been secured!


Having said that, we just had a look that converting DVD to OGM is not a good idea due to the limitations that OGM has. Instead, you can always burn OGM to DVD easily with the help of DVDFab DVD Copy software. The tool can be used to copy DVD to different operating systems.