After Slysoft been shut down, many Slysoft loyal customers fail into the dilemma that whether they should go on buying legitimate DVD/Blu-ray discs without measures to protect their investments from being damaged or wasted as the main purposes for the purchase are to enjoy the content anytime they want in addition to collect discs which may be value-added in the feature. Of source, no! You can control your investment and you have the right to access the content you purchase and protect them legally.

Slysoft's ceasing is a pity in this market as it provides users the excellent service for years. However, even though it's gone, DVDFab Passkey for DVD and Blu-ray are still here waiting for you. It has gone through the same disaster, and it survived, and has gained a vast range of favor worldwide for its vanguard role and high efficiency in removing the protections embedded in all kinds of DVD/Blu-ray.

It never in the past, will not in the future let you down. And it is not only the best alternative of AnyDVD, but will be the must-have in your life. Next, let's see how DVDFab Passkey for DVD/Blu-ray helps you remove protections simply and efficiently.


Step 1: Install DVDFab Passkey for DVD/Blu-ray

Download DVD Paskey for DVD/Blu-ray, and then install it following the wizard.

Step 2: Run DVDFab Passkey for DVD/Blu-ray

After the success of installation, get it run. Select the specific Passkey product you need, and then click the Start DVDFab Passkey button located at the bottom right corner of the interface to launch it. Once you click it, DVDFab Passkey automatically minimizes itself into the system tray, and detects whether there is a media in your drive.

Insert the source DVD/Blu-ray into the drive, and if there has been one in it, DVDFab Passkey will immediately begin the removal task. Only few seconds, all the protections and region code restriction will be removed successfully. And you can get the detailed info regarding the source disc and status from the interface when you open it, including the info for drive, what kind of protections are embedded in and removed from the source, etc.

Step 3: Succeeding operation

After the protections and region code restriction are removed from the source, you can play it with any player like PowerDVD, VLC Media Player, DVDFab Media Player, etc. And you can also rip it to your hard disc. To get it down, please just move to the system tray and right click on the icon of DVDFab Passkey, meanwhile there will be options including "Rip to Hard Disk". Click it, then choose the output target in the following pop-up window, DVDFab will immediately begin ripping the disc to hard disk.

Besides, you can also rip the source to Image which could also be started by the same manner: right click the icon of DVDFab Passkey, and click "Rip to Image". Notice that, if you tick the checkbox of Keep Protection, you will get a copy-protected ISO image file finally.

DVDFab Passkey for DVD/Blu-ray is a flexible and versatile decrypter, please pay more attention to the settings on the interface to get a better decryption.

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