4K UHD Blu-ray discs can still get damaged or degrade over time, just like any other type of disc. Sooner or later, you’ll probably lose some of your discs due to wear and tear, so it’s a good idea to make backup copies before that happens.

Well, in order to copy your UHD Blu-rays to ISO files, discs, or folders, you’re going to need a special type of software: DVDFab UHD Copy, which can copy any protected UHD Blu-ray to a lossless disc or ISO file with high quality at a fast speed. Now let’s see the detailed copy steps.

Step 1: Launch DVDFab UHD Copy and Select a Copy Mode

UHD Copy is part of DVDFab 12 so you’ll first need to download and install the software suite. Once the software has been installed, open it and select the "Copy" module from the upper menu. Then click the "Copy Mode" and choose one from three different modes: Full disc, Main movie, and Clone/Burn. 

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

Here is a brief description of each UHD copy mode for your reference:

Full Disc

The Full Disc mode allows you to copy UHD Blu-rays in their entirety. With this mode you can copy not just the movie itself but also any other content the disc may contain.

Main Movie

If you’re not interested in copying all those extras mentioned earlier, you can use this mode to skip them and just copy the main movie instead, which will also cause the copying process to run faster as a result. 


The Clone/Burn mode creates faithful 1:1 copies of the original source with no quality loss. One thing that’s important to note is that this mode can only copy UHD Blu-rays to discs, as opposed to the previously two modes which can also output movie ISO files and folders.

Warm Tips: there might be times when you find the existing firmware inside your 4K UHD drive is unfriendly, thus preventing your backup software reading and copying UHD content. On this occassion, it's imperative to resort to UHD Drive Tool to downgrade unfriendly firmware to UHD friendly drive version for smooth backup process.

Step 2: Load Your Source UHD Disc

Then load the movie you wish to copy or burn. If you’re working with a physical disc, simply insert the disc into your optical drive and DVDFab will automatically load it up. You can also load ISO files or folders by click the "Add" button or dragging and dropping them anywhere inside the main UI.

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

Step 3: Customize the Output Video

Before you go ahead you may want to customize the output video. You can start by clicking the "Advanced Settings". The options you see there will vary depending on which copy modes you are using.

In Full Disc mode, you can click the space next to ‘Volume Label’ to change the name of the output or use the dropdown menu found just beneath to select its size. For example, you may see options that say BD25 2160p, BD50 2160p or BD100 2160. 

Aside from that, the Advanced Settings menu also contains options that allow you to remove the HD audio, create miniso image files that can be mounted with DVDFab Virtual Drive, and choose between the various audio tracks you may want to copy or leave out.

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

In the Main Movie mode, the Advanced Settings menu will feature very similar options to the ones described above. However, there are a few additional options. Go back to the main UI and you can choose the chapters you want to copy along with the audio tracks and subtitles. You can also add external subtitles.

There’s also a button labeled ‘Choose Other Titles’ for you copy a different title than the main movie. There’s a little preview button next to each title that can help you out.

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

Finally, if you’re using the Clone/Burn mode, you’ll notice there aren’t a whole lot of options to play around with. In the Advanced Settings menu you can only change the name of the output or tick the box that lets you create miniso image files. There aren’t any new options back at the main user interface either because this mode is used to create 1:1 copies of the original source.

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

Step 4: Select Output Directory and Start to Copy UHD Blu-rays

You can select where you want to store your backup copies. If your desired location is not already on the list, you can use the little icons found next to the menu to add it manually. When using the Main Movie or Full Disc modes, you can save the output as either an ISO file or movie folder. But with the Clone/Burn mode, you can only save as ISO files.

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

Once everything done, click the "Start" button to to begin the copy process immediately or the little arrow next to it if you want to schedule it for a later time. Once the process is ongoing, you can pause, cancel or postpone the task for later. If you look to the lower left, you’ll also see a dropdown menu that lets you tell DVDFab 12 to hibernate/shut down your computer or simply exit the program once the task is complete.

Copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO File with DVDFab UHD Copy

And there you have it. After reading this guide you should have a very good idea of how to copy UHD Blu-rays to ISO files or folders and burn the resulting output onto a new disc if you wish. Doing so, your movie collection is certain to remain in pristine quality for a very long time. It’s worth noting that this process can be quite resource intensive so you may want to check out the system requirements on the website of DVDFab UHD Copy to see if your computer can handle it.

By the way, if you aim to copy UHDs to hard drive for storage or onto computer for later playback with software player, then DVDFab Media Player will be your top priority, since it is able to play all DVDs, Blu-rays, 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, TV shows and videos of all kinds of formats.