Vudu Disc to Digital

Part 1. What Is Vudu Disc to Digital?

Vudu is an American digital video store and streaming service platform owned by Walmart, which enables users to buy or rent all kinds of movies, or watch movies for free within a limited choice. What worth mentioning is that Vudu offers Vudu disc to digital service, which lets you convert your physical Disc into digital copies using Blu-ray or DVD Ripper for Mac & Windows.

Initially, this service was available on desktop through the Vudu To Go application. Later, it expanded the service to mobile devices with the introduction of Mobile-To-Disc (M2D). Usually, Vudu's Disc to Digital service offered different available options based on the quality of the digital copy:

  • DVD to SD (Standard Definition): $2 per conversion
  • DVD to HDX (High Definition): $5 per conversion
  • Blu-ray to HDX: $2 per conversion

Part 2. Is Vudu Disc to Digital Worth it?

While the Vudu disc-to-digital service may sound like an excellent way to digitize your movie collection, the question remains: "Is there a disc-to-digital restriction on Vudu?" "What is the annual limit for mobile D2D?" "Is it worth the price tag?". Before you open an account, you should read about the Vudu D2D limitations, drawbacks, and benefits in this Vudu disc to digital review, as well as the 2024 list of VUDU disc to digital list of compatible titles. 

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere convert the Vudu disc to digital format, allowing digital movies to be played solely on Vudu-supported devices (smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG; Roku, Apple TV, Chrome cast, and Shield TV; mobiles, and web). It makes digital movies that have been converted, purchased, or leased on Vudu available to other Movies Anywhere-connected video retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, and others.

However, there is a restriction on Vudu disc to digital movies that can be streamed via Movies Anywhere, specifically movies from Disney, Universal, Sony, Fox, and Warner Bros.

Benefits of Vudu Disc to Digital

Actually, Vudu is the only one of the major video vendors that provides a video conversion service that makes your movie content available through the cloud. 

Digital Conversion: Vudu's Disc to Digital allowed you to rip DVD and Blu-ray movie collections into digital copies. This meant that you could access your movies digitally and watch them on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.
Convenience: Converting physical discs to digital copies eliminated the need to carry around multiple DVDs or Blu-rays when traveling. You could access their movies anytime and anywhere with an internet connection, providing greater convenience and portability.

Best Vudu Disc to Digital App

Limits on Vudu Disc to Digital

Cost: You may find it annoying to pay again for movies you already own when converting DVDs or Blu-rays to digital copies through Vudu's Disc to Digital service.
Vudu D2D Mobile 100 Conversion Limit: Vudu's mobile app for Disc to Digital has a maximum limit of 100 DVD conversions per year. You must switch to the desktop app or wait for another year once you reach this limit.
Limited Availability: Vudu's Disc to Digital service is currently only available to users in the United States and Mexico, limiting access to users outside these regions.
Limited Movie Library: Not all DVDs are available for conversion on Vudu. Some movies may only be available for rental or purchase, and certain studios (like Disney) may not be supported. Homemade DVDs are also not compatible. For instance, in 2017, Vudu Mobile Disc-to-Digital was limited to approximately 8,000 movies from Paramount, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, and Warner Bros.
Location-Based Conversion: Vudu's Disc to Digital service requires converting DVDs at the same billing location, using GPS verification. However, there may be instances where GPS does not function properly.
Ownership and Dependence on Vudu: Converting DVDs through Vudu means purchasing a license to view the digital copy on their platform, making the ownership dependent on the longevity of the Vudu service.
UPC Code Requirement: Vudu's mobile app requires the UPC code or barcode on the DVD cover for conversion. Losing or damaging the cover can create inconvenience, but the desktop app can be used as an alternative.

In addition to the fundamental restrictions on Vudu's disc-to-digital service, there are some drawbacks to Vudu D2D. Only eight devices can be linked to your account to share digital movies. You can't choose the subtitles, audio tracks, or digital version. Anyway, now you have a good understanding of the Vudu D2D constraints.

Part 3. How Do I Use Vudu Disc to Digital?

Converting rented or purchased DVD or Blu-ray collections to digital formats is a stunning way to enjoy movies anyway, anytime. Once you purchase or rent disc movies from Vudu, you can convert them to digital with the disc to digital App. Here is a simple guideline as follows.

  • Download Vudu disc to digital App from Google Play Store or iOS App Store
  • Sign up or Sign in for free registration
  • Select Disc to Digital and authorize the app access
  • Scan UPC code, convert Vudu Disc to Digital, and watch converted videos at last

How to Convert Vudu Disc to Digital Videos

However, to convert Vudu disc to digital successfully, you need to enable location service for the disc to digital Vudu App, connect your Ultraviolet account, and enable your phone camera to scan the UPC barcode and receive valid payment information. You are suggested to use a PayPal account. By the way, you need to refer to Vudu disc to digital list with UPC code before gaining the final product in digital form. Specific information about that can be searched from Google for satisfactory results.

Part 4. Best Alternative to Vudu Disc to Digital with No Limits

Since the disc to digital Vudu service has some limitations, it is more cost-efficient to convert Vudu disc movies with a more professional DVD ripping software in the long term. Here is a superior alternative that can assist you in ripping Vudu DVD, Blu-ray or UHD disc movies to video formats that can be playable on multiple devices.

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVD Ripping Software

This powerful DVD Ripper can help you rip and convert any encrypted DVD / ISO file / Folder to any video & audio format playable on any mobile device, media player, or home theatre. So you can easily get rid of the Vudu regions limit, mobile 100 conversion limit, movie library limit, etc.
Win Download
100% safe&clean
Mac Download
100% safe&clean

Available: Win 11/10/8.1/8/7 & Mac 10.10-13

Main Functions: 

  • Support the latest-released protected Vudu DVDs with RC, RCE, UOPs, etc.
  • Rip Vudu DVD disc, ISO file or Folder to 1000+ popular video or audio formats
  • Customize output via Advanced Settings and built-in Video Editor
  • Super-fast batch DVD ripping supported by GPU-Hardware acceleration
  • Auto-synchronize all the metadata info of the original DVDs
  • Free experience of other DVDFab modules, such as Blu-ray Ripper

How to Use the Best Alternative to Vudu Disc to Digital?

Step 1: Launch DVDFab DVD Ripper for Windows or Mac. Select Ripper from the option bar and insert the DVD disc to be ripped, or click the large Add (+) button to navigate it (if it is already inserted). Alternatively, drag-drop the ISO file/folder into the main page.

How to Convert Vudu Disc to Digital with DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Step 2: After loading the source, click on the profile library and select the profile you need. You can choose to convert your DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, and so on. Then, select the audio tracks and subtitles you want to keep in the output video. You can also click the Advanced Settings option for further customization and edit the output video with its built-in editor. 

How to Convert Vudu Disc to Digital with DVDFab DVD Ripper?

Step 3: Select the output path and tap the Start button to automatically rip the loaded DVD disc with the selected target profile. It will show the detailed progress reports during the completion of the task. 

How to Convert Vudu Disc to Digital with DVDFab DVD Ripper?


In conclusion, while Vudu DVD to Digital presents an attractive option for converting physical media into digital format, it is not without its limitations. However, fear not as there are other alternative options such as DVDFab DVD Ripper in the market that can fulfill your DVD ripping and conversion requirements more efficiently. Simply select a service that aligns most closely with your needs!