Why burn MKV to Blu-ray?

Burning MKV to Blu-ray discs is a great way to store high-quality video content. Blu-ray discs have a higher storage capacity than DVDs, which means that they can hold more data and provide better video quality. Additionally, Blu-ray discs are more durable than DVDs, which makes them a better choice for long-term storage.

Pros of burning MKV to Blu-ray
  • • Blu-ray discs are designed specifically for high-definition playback, ensuring optimal video and audio quality.
  • • Blu-ray discs offer a larger storage capacity compared to DVDs or other traditional media formats.
  • • Blu-ray discs support high-definition video formats, and the advanced audio codecs supported by Blu-ray ensure that the sound quality matches the visual brilliance.
Cons of burning MKV to Blu-ray
  • • Burning MKV to 3D Blu-ray format requires specialized software and can be time-consuming.
  • • Certain devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or older DVD players, may not support Blu-ray playback.

5 Best MKV to Blu-ray Burner and Converter

When it comes to converting and burning MKV to DVD or Blu-ray, it’s crucial to have the right software that not only meets your needs but also delivers outstanding results. Next, we will dive into the top MKV to Blu-ray burners available for both Mac and Windows, allowing you to make an informed decision.

1. DVDFab Blu-ray Creator (Mac & Windows)

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator

Known for its powerful features, DVDFab Blu-ray Creator tops the list. Almost all common video formats, including MKV, can be easily burned to Blu-ray discs or folders using DVDFab, along with personalized menu templates.
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Key Features of DVDFab MKV to Bluray burner
  • Save video as ISO/Folder or burn to 3D blu-ray blank disc
  • Generate Blu-ray encompassing a wide range of videos in popular formats
  • Utilize pre-designed templates to fashion distinct Blu-ray discs
  • Customize and include audio tracks and subtitles to suit your preferences
  • Achieve a 20x acceleration in conversion speed with GPU Acceleration

Step by Step Guide on How to Burn MKV to Blu-ray

Step 1: Download and launch DVDFab DVD Creator by visiting official website on your PC. Navigate to Blu-ray Creator by clicking the creator mode. The original video(s) can be dropped or "+Added" onto the main user interface.

DVDFab mkv to blu ray burner software

Step 2: Personalize your Blu-ray by utilizing the included templates. Simply click on the “Advanced Settings” option to select the desired output size and quality. In addition, you can customize the Blu-ray menu by accessing the “Menu Setting” feature.

How to burn mkv to blu ray with DVDFab DVD Creator

Step 3: Once you have chosen the destination folder for your saved files, proceed by clicking on the Start button to initiate the creation of a Blu-ray disc from MKV file.

How to burn mkv to blu ray with DVDFab DVD Creator

2. BurnAware (Windows)

mkv to blu ray burner on mac and windows

BurnAware is a versatile and straightforward software program that allows users to easily burn blu ray disc, including Blu-ray discs. BurnAware not only supports MKV to Blu-ray conversion but also provides a wide range of features such as disc copying, disc erasing, data backup, creation of audio CDs, and more. Its versatility make it an ideal choice for those seeking a convenient MKV to Blu Ray burning solution.

Key Features of BurnAware
  • Create audio CDs, video DVDs, Blu-ray Video discs, and MP3 discs
  • Extract files and folders from ISO images and burn them onto discs
  • Seamlessly burn files and folders across multiple discs using disc spanning
  • Retrieve data from damaged and unreadable discs and capture audio tracks
  • Built-in video converter specifically designed for DVD-Video content
❌Cons of BurnAware
  • Only work with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11 operating systems
  • Limited advanced features compared to other burners

3. Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator (Windows)

mkv to blu ray burner software

Xilisoft Blu-ray Creator is a powerful software that allows you to convert and burn MKV files into high-quality Blu-ray discs. It supports a wide range of video codecs and formats, ensuring compatibility with various MKV files. Also, this creator can burn videos that you've taken with HD camcorders or DVs onto Blu-ray discs.

Key Features of Xilisoft
  • Offers a range of stylish and professionally-designed menu templates
  • The built-in media player allows you to preview your videos before burning
  • Convert MOV videos captured on an iPhone into Home DVD movies
  • Provides basic video editing tools, allowing you to trim, crop, and merge
❌Cons of Xilisoft
  • User interface can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Some users experienced a lack of updates and limited customer support

4. ImgBurn (Windows)

How to burn mkv to blu ray using imgburn

ImgBurn is a remarkable open-source Blu-ray burning software. Not only does it offer a plethora of features, but it also serves as one of the finest free Blu-ray creation tools, allowing you to effortlessly convert and burn MKV files onto Blu-ray discs. Boasting a timeless user interface and intuitive burning options, the process of transforming your MKV files into Blu-ray format becomes a breeze with just a few simple clicks.

Key Features of ImgBurn
  • ImgBurn supports a wide range of image file formats, including BIN, CUE, DI, DVD, GI.
  • Create, burn, and verify disc images, as well as build DVD video discs, audio CDs, and more.
  • ImgBurn is a free and lightweight application that doesn’t require substantial system resources
❌Cons of ImgBurn
  • ImgBurn’s development has been discontinued, with the latest official release occurring in 2013.
  • The installer may include optional adware or additional software.
  • It lacks any built-in video editing functionalities.

5. Leawo Blu-ray Creator (Mac & Windows)

Leawo mkv to blu ray burner software

Offering a wide range of features, Leawo Blu-ray Creator is another excellent option. It allows users to create high-quality Blu-ray discs from MKV videos, providing a seamless viewing experience on Blu-ray players. This software not only supports MKV to Blu-ray conversion but also provides additional editing tools.

Key Features of Leawo Blu-ray Creator
  • Users can easily add watermarks, crop videos, and apply special effects
  • Leawo offers customizable menu templates, allowing you to create personalized Blu-ray discs.
  • This burner supports creating 3D Blu-ray discs from 2D MKV videos
  • It includes a real-time preview feature that allows you to check the changes
Cons of Leawo Blu-ray Creator
  • No menu customization in free trial version 
  • It lacks advanced editing options
  • Some users have reported occasional performance issues


Can I burn MKV files directly onto a Blu-ray disc?

No, you cannot burn MKV files directly onto a Blu-ray disc. Blu-ray discs require a specific format called BDMV, which is not compatible with MKV. However, you can easily convert your MKV files to blu-ray format using blu ray creator.

Can I play the burned Blu-ray disc on any Blu-ray player?

Yes, the burned Blu-ray disc should be compatible with most Blu-ray players. However, it is recommended to check the specifications of your Blu-ray player to ensure it supports the BDMV format. Additionally, some older Blu-ray players may have limited compatibility, so it’s always a good idea to double-check before playing the disc.

The Bottom Line 

It is crucial to choose a reliable MKV to Blu-ray burner software that can provide both a seamless user experience and high-quality output. Based on our analysis, the top 5 best Blu ray burning software in the market offer a range of features including customization options, fast burning speed, and easy-to-use interfaces.