DVD is an optical disc with a high storage data capacity that can store our data in the form of videos, pictures, reels and be played via any media player or PC. DVDs are old-school. They bring back lots of memories because they were the only source of entertainment for us in the old times. However, keeping them secure is a hectic task. They are sensitive and tend to damage if exposed to any potential threat. Once they are broken or lost, the memories or your important data can be lost too.

Therefore, it is wise to copy dvds to hardrive and secure them longer. Also, once you copy dvds to external hardrive, you can access them on any device effortlessly and play whenever you want. You no longer need to keep your physical media; secure them for no reason. In addition, the conversion process is seamless and won’t consume much time but converting DVD to hard drive is worth it.

copy dvds to hardrive:Introduction

Also, after seeing the benefits of storing data on an external hard drive, many games and movie lovers were asking questions like; how to copy DVDs to my computer with a dvd hardrive? So, they can safely put their games, movies, videos, and other content on their PCs. However, there are some restrictions on copying commercial DVDs for backup because they come with protection that cannot be easily removed.

So, let’s learn how to copy DVDs to hardrive and get into the process of copying or conversion without further ado.

Can I Copy DVDs Normally?

Yes, you can easily copy homemade DVDs to your external hard drive and play them on any famous media player like VLC. You can copy audio and video data without any hassle because they won’t have any copy protection.

However, when you try to copy any commercial DVDs like movies, gaming, and similar categories, it will give you an error of copy protection. It makes sense because the built-in content can be used for illegal purposes.

Yet, the professionals and tech-savvy enthusiasts can copy dvds to external hardrive by ripping the DVD, removing the copy protection, and then saving to the final destination. How about a platform that can perform these tasks without ruining the data quality and consuming your valuable time?

Yes, DVDFab is the famous and trustworthy platform that can rip the DVDs for you, remove the copy protection, and help you merge or copy DVDs to hardrive effortlessly.

copy dvds to hardrive:Can I Copy DVDs Normally?

Why are we using the Rip DVD word instead of copy? Because you can copy your personal DVDs, but with commercial ones, you have first to rip them and then copy them to any folder or hardrive you want. So, let’s learn how to Rip DVDs first for all the commercial physical media lying around.

RIP DVDs with DVDFab

copy dvds to hardrive:RIP DVDs with DVDFab

DVDFab DVD Ripper is the safe and feature-rich platform that can rip your physical media, develop its digital form, change the format, and prepare it to copy on any hardrive. The software is user-friendly for beginners and heaven for professionals because it offers tools beyond your imagination. Luckily, DVDFab is free to download on Mac and Windows devices, and the premium version is not expensive for its built-in impressive qualities. So, whether you have a Windows or Mac device, you can effortlessly convert all your physical media to the digital form using DVDFab. It would help you copy dvds to external hardrive macos with the same process as Windows.

DVDFab will rip and compress or change the format of your files. It can remove the typical DVD protections, so you can safely access them on any digital device. The protections, including APS, CSS, RC, and Sony DADC, will be a huge turn-off for playing commercial DVDs.

copy dvds to hardrive:RIP DVDs with DVDFab

Besides, you can play with your digital content with the advanced settings.

copy dvds to hardrive:RIP DVDs with DVDFab

You only have to insert your optical disc into the DVD drive, run the DVDFab, and start ripping. It is as simple as it sounds.


  • Compress video size without ruining the quality
  • Rip DVD to MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV and other popular video formats
  • Rip DVD to MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC and other popular audio formats
  • Advanced settings, including frame rate, resolution, subtitles, etc.


  • Fast DVD ripping with GPU acceleration
  • Multitasking mode
  • Built-in video editor
  • Crop or trim videos for desired aspect ratio


copy dvds to hardrive:DVDFab DVD Copy

DVDFab DVD Copy is another product of famous DVDFab software that lets you copy your DVDs without losing the quality. Whenever you want to copy your homemade DVDs or want a backup of your important media, you can turn to DVDFab because it will get the job done with a fast-processing speed.

Since we have discussed the commercial DVD ripping and copying concerns, this is the easy way to copy your homemade or personal DVDs, including your photos, videos, etc. All your personal DVDs do not have any protection limitations, so you can easily convert, compress, rip, and play them on any device. However, it also makes the final DVD output region-free and makes some basic adjustments to make them attractive and accessible on different devices. DVDFab supports hundreds of file formats readable by external hard drives, so you won’t find trouble playing content from the hard drive on different media players/devices, etc. Furthermore, the compatibility of using DVDFab is not limited with any device, you can use it on Windows as well as Mac devices. Yes, you can copy dvds to external hardrive macos without any hassle.

Also, you don’t need to install any new or updated version; you can open the newly released DVDs within the platform and play with them without encountering any inconvenience.

The process to copy dvds to hardrive is seamless with DVDFab. Let’s see how you can copy dvds to external hardrive via this software.

Step 1. download and launch DVDFab to your system. It’s free to download on compatible devices.

Step 2. go to the copy module.

Step 3. choose the copy mode, and you will see six different modes. Choose one according to your requirements.

copy dvds to hardrive:DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 4. Now insert the DVD you want to copy into the DVD drive. DVDFab will load and decode it automatically.

Step 5. You can also manually load the source by tapping on the “Add” button.

Step 6. Once your DVD is loaded, you can make advanced settings before copying. The interface is easy enough to walk you through the main settings and adjustments.

Step 7. You can also decide the output size within the advanced settings.

Step 8. Now, select the source when you want to save your output DVD.

Step 9. To save the DVD in the folder, select the “Folder” icon. If you also want to create ISO from DVD, select the "ISO" icon.

Step 10. Once you select the destination according to your requirements, hit the “start” button. It will start to copy DVD instantly.

Step 11. Wait for at least five minutes and check the destination folder. A copy of your DVD will await there.


  • Multipurpose tool to burn, rip, and copy DVDs
  • No threat of losing the quality while copying
  • It can remove DVD copy protection
  • Supports newly encrypted discs
  • It allows merging multiple DVDs in a single file


  • Fast processing time
  • Intuitive interface
  • Lossless DVD backup on different destinations
  • Compress DVDs without quality loss
  • Free trial


  • All the features are not unlocked in the free version


Saving your physical media like CDs or DVDs to a hard drive can offer many benefits. First, they will stay secure for a longer period and won’t consume much space in your room. Second, you can access them without going through the hassle of connecting a DVD player to your TV and watching them.

Once you copy dvds to external hardrive, there is no going back due to the quick access and safe storage. I hope this article resolves all your concerns about how to copy dvds to hardrive effortlessly and how to copy dvds to external hardrive macos, if you are an Apple user.


How to copy DVDs to harddrive in a few quick steps?

  • Insert your DVD into your computer DVD tray.
  • Download and launch the software that helps you rip or copy the DVD.
  • Scan the DVD and choose the content you want to copy.
  • Select your final destination.
  • Make advanced settings like resolution, crop, trim, enlargement, and subtitles.
  • Rip the DVD.
  • Copy to hardrive.

Can I Copy Commercial DVDs normally?

Unfortunately, commercial DVDs come with protections that restrict them to copy for backup, play in certain regions, etc. Therefore, you first have to remove those protections, rip the DVD, and copy the content to hardrive. DVDFab will take care of the entire process and get the job done in a few minutes.

What is the best and most reliable tool to Rip and Copy the DVD to hardrive?

DVDFab is one of the best software available to date that has a smart interface and advanced technology support. It can help with protection removal, Rip, Copy, video editing, and more to enhance the digital media.