best horror movies on hulu:

Horror movies are a great way of passing the night while trying hard not to wet your pants. We quickly get scared; however, we still like to thrill and be afraid. All the time, horror has been considered the most corporative practical category. That's the reason not a month goes by without a horror release. 

Do you think that all of them are good? Not at all. That is the essential purpose of this article. It will help you select the top ones out of hundreds of others available. With the advent of digital streaming services, today, people like to watch movies while sitting in their homes. Netflix, no doubt, is at the top, but Hulu is also not lagging. 

Hulu, a US video streaming stage, provides thousands of movies and TV shows from numerous platforms, including NBC, CBS, and ABC, along with the real content developed by Hulu. The owner Walt Disney launched it in 2007 with the partnership of numerous other companies on a share basis. Presently, Hulu is just accessible from Japan and the United States.

Our list of top 8 best horror movies on Hulu included all types of thrills to make your night full of fear;

8 Best Horror Movies on Hulu 2022

1. The Others 

Release Date: 2001

best horror movies on hulu:1. The Others 

This will surprise Nicole Kidman starrer horror storytelling style. The movie was set in the '40s and was released in 2001. Here Nicole Kidman is performing as a widow known as "Grace," who lives with her two children who are photophobic. This kept the curtains down, and she decided to get some help around the house.

So, three people, a Gardner, a maid, and a housekeeper, were hired. Then, she sees strange events in the house and thinks that some intruders have entered the house. She decides to know the truth but exposes something far cooler.

2. American Psycho 

Release Date: 2000

best horror movies on hulu:2. American Psycho 

This of the best horror movies on Hulu right now, directed by Mary Harron, was released in the USA. If you are a fan of Christan bale, you will know how remarkable an actor he is. The theme of "American Psycho" is about the life of Patrick Bateman, who is an investment banking administrator.

Patrick Bateman is wealthy as he was born in a high-class family. However, he's also worked to make a fortune on Wall Street. Physically, he looks beautiful, hardworking, and brilliant. But many people are unaware of the sad feelings that go unnoticed at night. Follow this psycho maniac as he tries to satisfy his violent emotions and get ready for the most ambiguous end you have ever watched.

3. The Amityville Horror

Release Date: 2005

best horror movies on hulu:3. The Amityville Horror

Did you stream this film as a haunted house horror movie? If so, you probably won't find it too frightening. And if you add up the backstory of it and feel that these things exist, you get actual horror. The plot shows George and Kathy Litz moving into a new home with their kids.

The house has a horrible history, as it was the place of a massacre a year ago. At first, the family ignores it but soon realizes that it is almost terrible to do so. They encounter demonic existence and strange sights. The story is delivered in a realistic style, adding to the horror experience.

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Release Date: 1986

best horror movies on hulu:4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Most people are not very attracted to horror. They prefer themes and characters. Watching the first part, 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 'of this film, it would not be true to mention it as a sequel. It does not follow the continuity of the plot. The writer merely forwards the Leatherface and lots of blood in this part.

The plot is as simple as it gets for movies that rely heavily on bloody material. Regarding the story, an RJ is compering an appealing night. She is angry with the two jokers who keep calling and harassing her. But soon, they were killed by chainsaw-wielding flesh-eaters. RJ decided to get the help of a Texas marshal. He was later exposed to have a personal complaint against the flesh-eaters.

5. 28 Weeks Later

Release Date: 2007

best horror movies on hulu:5. 28 Weeks Later

If you like Zombie Flex, this movie is just for you. It consists of a similar story as other movies like, 'Zombies are coming, run !!!!'. The plot is not so big or complex. But the performance of Robert Carlyle is great.

This of the best horror movies to watch on Hulu revolves around a virus called "Rage Virus," which diseased the city of London and changed its people into zombies. But it was the US military who quarantined the city and sent them back into the city. Fine, it wouldn't be interesting if everything went according to plan. It turns out that someone has entered the city with a virus and started having bad dreams again.

6. Jacob's Ladder

Release Date: 1990

best horror movies on hulu:6. Jacob's Ladder

This is from the best horror movies on Hulu and Netflix. It has an exciting plot and the best performances by Tim Robbins. Since it is a group of coddlers, we are sure you are aware of the end somewhere. But even that shouldn't dishearten you from enjoying the movie. Tim Robbins performs as Jacob Singer, a New York postal employee.

He is continuously facing painful and strange events in his life. He has memories from the time he was in Vietnam. Besides this, he also constantly remembers his first marriage and dead son. Although his wife tries to make him feel good, he thinks he is losing his mind as the line between illusion and reality is going towards fuzziness.

7. The House of The Devil

Release Date: 2009

best horror movies on hulu:7. The House of The Devil

It would have been a top hit if this movie had been released in the 80s. The devil's theme, the spiritual fear, and the horrible house symbolized that time. But you will enjoy watching this movie, at least it's the initial part. It has a simple plot which is about the life of Samantha. She is a college student who greatly needs some monetary support.

Her roommate didn't like to live with her and suggested she move into another apartment. Luckily, she got one but wanted money to pay the rent. Samantha saw a childcare advertisement in her college and responded to it. During a lunar occultation, she meets Mr. and Mrs. Alman at their apartment. But this place is a secret of a dark and terrible mystery. One, it could very well be life-threatening. It is from the best rated horror movies on Hulu.

8. Saw

Release Date: 2004

best horror movies on hulu:8. Saw

One of the most popular and the best horror movies on Hulu of the next 21st century is 'Saw.' The viewers find it challenging not to look away from the screen even once watching it. You may have to close your eyes at least 10-15 times throughout the film. And if you are watching it alone, you may have to skip its numerous scenes. 

If you like horrible content and haven't seen this film yet, you have not enjoyed it in the thrilling genre. We will enjoy watching it tonight! This one of the best new horror movies on Hulu is about a serial killer known as Jigsaw who caught two men and left traces for them in an attempt to escape their suffering. Men soon understand that they are in a lethal play and will need to get away from this situation. But will they elude death?

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