That we can convert video to short animation GIFs is already a known fact. If you still hold confusion about this, you can click here to read the article named how to convert YouTube video to GIF to find out the method. But what if you want to save GIFs as a video? Have you ever think about how to save a GIF as a video on a computer? Today we want to help you step further and find out how to save a GIF as a video. Then you may wonder “why I want this” No hurry. We will analyze it piece by piece.

Part 1: GIF vs. Video

Before exploring why and how to save GIFs as video, we would like to start with some basic knowledge: the differences between GIF and video.

About GIF

GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. It is an image file format that was developed by CompuServe in 1987. It is divided into static GIF and animated GIF. Animated GIF is popular and easy to create by using many GIF animation programs. The biggest shortcoming of GIF is it only supports 256-color palettes.

About Video

video is made from a series of still images. When these images move exceeds 24 frames per second, the human eyes fail to distinguish a single static picture. Different from GIF, a video has many formats, such as MPEG, MP4, MKV, etc.

Part 2: Why convert or save GIFs as a video?

GIFs are fun and short bursts of visual content. That’s why they are becoming more and more popular. But why we need to convert or save GIFs as a video? One of the main and probably the most crucial reasons is that GIF is an image format, lots of video players, apps, and many social sharing websites are not available when it comes to uploading animated GIFs, not to mention editing and resizing these images. And many social websites only support users to upload certain file size or have restrictions on GIFs. Tumblr, for example, doesn’t support files over 1MB or larger than height or width of 500px. Therefore, in order to still be able to share your favorite animated GIF, you can easily convert it to video as video clips are supported by most social sites.

Part 3: How to save a GIF as a video?

Whether you need a GIF converter for the reasons mentioned above or for your own personal needs, let's have a look at how to save a GIF as a video. There are a number of ways for you to convert GIFs to video. However, not all of these methods or software are qualified or work well. Here, we humbly recommend DVDFab Toolkit - a super easy and professional software.

Software to save GIF as a video

As a toolbox, DVDFab Toolkit designed with dozens of tools offers the most comprehensive services. Almost every tool related to video, audio, or image can be found at DVDFab Toolkit. And the biggest advantage of it is no related experience is required. Therefore, you have no need to worry that you don’t know how to operate it. Then, “how do I save a GIF as an MP4 on earth?” you may ask. Don’t worry. We will show you the method step by step.

Step 1: Click the below button to install DVDFab Toolkit on your device

For your notice, DVDFab Toolkit is only available on the Windows system.

 i  Free Download   

Step 2: Choose the “GIF to video” module

When you run this program after installation you will notice that there are four tool categories: Video Tool, Audio Tool, Image Tool, and Watermark Tool. To find out how to save GIF as a video, you may need to slide down to the Image Tool section and choose the “GIF to video” module.

How to save a gif as a video

Step 3: Upload your GIF

One-click of the “GIF to video” icon, you will switch into a new interface where you can upload your GIF by dragging and dropping it to the center of the interface.

Method to save gif as a video

Step 4: Customize your video

Another new interface presents when your GIF is uploaded. You are allowed to customize your video. Here are some functions you should know.

A tutorial to show you how to save a gif as a video

First, you can decide the output format, MKV or MP4, or you can select a video resolution. The best thing is you can get the same resolution of the resource video. As for the “Codec” and the “Frame Rate” options, you can select what you preferred, of course. But if you are a beginner, you just leave them as default.

Second, we know that GIFs are moving pictures that look like videos, yet they have no sounds. With DVDFab Toolkit, you can insert audio to your GIF video by clicking that three dots under the “Insert Audio” option to make it more vivid and attractive.

Third, please move your eyesight to the left-top corner and find the “Add from Local” tab. This tab allows you to add another GIF from the local.

Step 5: Export your video

The last step is to export your video. Remember to click that folder icon to select an output location for your video. Once this is done, you are free to click that green “Start” button.


Up to now, the whole process of saving GIFs as a video is finished. Since you have your GIF-turned video on your computer and you can share it with any social sites you like. As we have mentioned earlier, DVDFab Toolkit provides so many functions including but not limited to convert GIF to video. Download and explore more about this software.