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Convert GIFs to Videos in Batch Easily

Have you discovered that Instagram doesn’t currently support posting animated GIF, thus if you want to share an interesting GIF on Instagram, you have to convert GIF to video and then upload it. You might have resorted to online GIF to video converter, but have you found out that online video converters don’t offer much stable experience and quick speed? That’s why you should try this GIF to video conversion software.

  • Easy GIF to Video Conversion

    This is an easy-to-use and professional GIF to video converter software that could convert a GIF into a video in just 3 clicks, isn’t that fantastic?

  • Output Video in MP4 or MKV Formats

    MP4 and MKV are the most used video formats when people produce a video, as these two video formats offer almost best compatibility with all kinds of devices and video players.

  • Customize the Video Settings as You Like

    With this GIF to video converter, you can customize the video settings including the video resolution, size, output format, audio, codec, etc. Thus, you can make the video the way you want it to be, a cool feature to have!

  • Batch Conversion to Save Much Time

    Converting GIF to video one by one? No! This GIF to video converter could help you to batch convert GIFs into videos, and save you much time!

  • Insert Audio to Your Video

    Do you want to add a piece of music to add more color to your videos? Easy! This GIF to video converter allows you to insert audio to your video so that your video will be more attractive.

  • Find a Place to Save

    Finding the right place to save your videos is the last important thing to do. With this GIF to video converter, you can pick up a perfect location where you can find it conveniently.

How to Convert GIF to Video

3 simple steps to convert GIF to video

  • Step 1: Start the Best GIF to Video Converter Software

    Then launch this best GIF to video converter software, you would see a toolkit comprised of audio, video as well as image tools. As for converting GIF to video, here we would go with Image Tools > GIF to Video as the designated tool.

  • Step 2: Import One GIF or Multiple GIFs

    Then use the Add button to import GIFs into this program, you could upload as many GIFs as you want, or you could simply drag the GIF files and drop them into this GIF to video converter software. If you import multiple GIF files, you could batch convert them all together.

  • Step 3: Customize the Settings of Output Video and Start Conversion

    Now, you can customize the settings of the output video to be converted from GIFs. That includes the settings regarding output format, resolution, frame rate as well as audio of the video. Then, if you like, you can add background music with the feature of insert audio. After all settings done, click Start to kick off the conversion from GIF to video.

Use case for converting GIF to a video

Convert GIF to video for special use

  • Convert GIF to Video for Posting on Instagram

    GIF is better for expressing one’s thoughts and emotion that a static image, as are videos. If you have an interesting GIF to share on Instagram, how could you make it? As you might discover, some social media sites like Instagram don’t support posting GIFs directly, that’s why you need to convert GIF to video to share on it. But don’t worry, this should only take you 3 steps and it’s easy to operate this tool. This GIF to video converter could deliver better stability and performance compared with the online GIF to video conversion websites, besides, it can process large files without limitation, most amazing, you can even decide the reclusion and add background music to your new converted video, isn’t that cool?

  • Convert GIF to Make a Memorial Video

    As iPhone has released a new feature to shot Live photos, that’s a good way to turn static image into something that can tell a story. As you know, Live photos are GIFs in itself, so if you are fond of making GIFs to keep the best moment in life, you can convert these GIF live photos into videos, then merge these videos into one composed of all the best moments and memories. That would be fantastic to turn a series of Live Photos into a video, something must have for an enthusiast for recording life.

Toolkit GIF to Video Converter

Easily Convert GIFs to Videos in Batch

More Than GIF to Video Converter

This software is more than a GIF to video converter, it also has many other features integrating a whole range of video, audio as well as image tools. You may use it to edit video, audio or your image easily with its comprehensive features. With this toolkit, you don’t need to search for another video editor, audio trimmer or image processing software as all you need is within this wonderful toolbox. Easy-to-operate, professional, and intuitive, Toolkit would be your best choice for all kinds of video, audio as well as image files.