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Merge MP3 Files Into One

An audio merger can combine multiple audio files into one. In addition, some audio mergers can even allow you to order these files. An audio merger is frequently needed in life when we need to join more than one audio or audio clips into one audio file. For example, if you have recorded voice memos, yet there are lots of unnecessary sounds in it, such as umm. Under this situation, you can delete the unnecessary parts and then merge those audio clips into one constantly audio file so that you can appreciate your audio better, and even make a DVD to store the edited audio files. This audio merger is user-oriented which means everybody can handle it, no matter professionals or nonprofessionals. And it makes it possible for you to do the merging thing with a few clicks.

  • Fast Audio Merger

    Applied with advanced techs, this MP3 merger gives you a possibility to combine audio files fast and easily. No need to wait for a long time to edit your music with this MP3 joiner.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface

    No difficulty will be encountered when you merge MP3 files together even if you have never done it before. That’s because this audio merger is quite navigational and easy-to-use for everyone.

  • Works with Any Format

    This MP3 merger is compatible with all the popular audio formats, such as WMA. Moreover, you can choose a format from multiple ones as your merged audio file format.

  • Give You Full Control

    Another remarkable feature of this MP3 merger is it gives users full control while using. With this audio merger, you can rename your merged file, choose the output format, or select a bit rate, etc.

  • Safe to Use

    You must concern whether it is safe or not to download and use it. No worry. This audio merger is completely safe and clean. No risk is to be taken to use it.

  • Support Multiple Languages

    For your better understanding, multiple languages are created, such as French, Spanish, etc., so that you can pick up a language you know well.

How to Merge Audios

3 simple steps to combine audio files

  • Step 1: Locate the “Merge” tool and add your audio files

    After downloading and installing this MP3 merger, please head to the “Merge” tab to click it for one time. Then, a new interface switched in where you can see a plus button which is used to add your audio files.

  • Step 2: Edit your audio files

    To add another audio file, you might need to hit the “Add from Local” button on the left upside corner. After that, you can select an output audio format or rename the file, etc. You can even order your to-be-merged audio files. To put it simply, all things are under your control.

  • Step 3: Choose a location and output

    Let’s continue. Now, you can move your cursor down to the bottom of the interface and click the folder icon to choose a location for your merger MP3 file. And last, hit that “Start” button.

Use cases for combining MP3 files

When this MP3 merger is needed

  • Merge MP3 files to enjoy your songs constantly

    Are you a music lover? Do you have lots of separate music files saved on your computer? If so, you must have found it annoying to stop and switch to another liked song by yourself. Indeed, these pauses shall easily destroy your mood. To deal with this issue, you’d better consider combining all your separate music files as one so that you can play your favorite songs one after the other without any pauses and intervals. Hence, use this MP3 combiner to merge and create a playlist. This is one of the important reasons to design this MP3 joiner.

  • Merge audios to fit your needs

    No other options are better than merging files to create a sound file to fit your needs. If you are a music lover, you like to record all the sound you heard with a recorder or keep your inspirations with it. Most of the time they are short pieces. So it is a good choice to merge these audio pieces together if you want to recall them without any pauses. Or, for video makers, you might need to adopt different sounds in a same scene. This is also when you need to combine all your sound clips as one.

  • Merge audios when deleting unwanted parts

    Combing MP3 is frequently needed for movie or video makers. Let’s assume you have recorded voice memos or a voice-over, then you find some unnecessary parts in it. It will be a pity to give up all the voice memos or the voice-over and also it will waste a great time to make a new one. Then how to deal with it? The best method is to remove the unnecessary parts and then rejoin the other clips together to make a perfect file. So an MP3 merger is a must in this situation.

Toolkit Audio Merger

Use this audio joiner to edit your music free

More Than A MP3 Merger

This MP3 merger tool is only a small part of the Toolkit. Created as a customer-oriented toolbox, Toolkit aims to offers an all-in-one solution for users by providing almost all the small tools you might need when it comes to editing, such as video, audio, image or subtitles. And all these small tools are categorized into five sections: Video Tools, Audio Tools, Image Tools, Watermark Tools, and Subtitles. To give you an example, you can convert audio format using the “Converter” tool of the Audio Tools section. Or, you can make a video to GIFs by the “Video to GIF” tool belonging to the “Image Tools” section so that you can share it with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to explore the other tools included in the Toolkit.