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Adjust Volume As You Want

No doubt that you have already noticed that many laptop keyboards today include volume controls and a mute button, not to mentioned that the volume adjuster designed in the computer itself, making sure that you have the volume in your control. However, all these controls, no matter pumping up the volume or lower the volume down, do not modify the audio itself. We all have encountered some situations in which all those control buttons failed to work when we have tried all these control buttons to turn up the volume. Why does this thing happen? That’s because the audio or video itself is recorded in a low volume. No matter how hard you try, you can still barely hear. But don’t worry. This volume adjuster of Toolkit is here to deal with these situations including downloading MP3 from YouTube with low volume.

  • Pump the Volume Up to 5 Times

    If you find an original volume is too low to be heard, you can increase the volume up to 5 times (up to 500%) by sliding that adjusting bar to the most right. Apart from this, you can mute the volume by sliding to the most left side.

  • Quite Simple to Follow

    Only a few clicks are needed to adjust volume, whether turning the volume up or down. You can adjust that volume changing bar back and forth until you have found the most perfect one. No expert knowledge is needed to do that.

  • Adjust the Volume of Audio and Video Files

    Different from other tools, this volume adjuster allows users to upload both video and audio files to adjust volumes, whether to pump volume up or low it down.

  • Safe to Use

    This audio controller assures you that there is no virus, no plug-ins, and no ads will come along with it while it is downloaded on your computer. So it is 100% clean and safe. Even better, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee service.

  • Adjust Volume Files in Batches

    Got more than one volume file to be adjusted? Not a problem! Because this volume adjuster allows you to adjust the volume in batches which is super convenient.

  • Fast Adjusting Speed

    This audio controller offers a fast adjusting speed which also matters a lot. And only a few seconds are needed to finish the process.

How to Adjust the Volume

3 simple steps to control the volume

  • Step 1: Import your audio or video file to this audio controller

    If you have downloaded the Toolkit on your win-running computer, please double-click to run it. Then slide down to find and click the “Adjust Volume” tab to enter it. Next, import your audio or video file by hitting that “+” button.

  • Step 2: Adjust the volume

    This is a crucial step to control your volume. However, nothing should be worried, because it is easy to be done. If you want to lower MP3 volume, slide the adjusting bar toward left. If you want to up the volume, then slide toward the right side.

  • Step 3: Export the file

    Move your mouse cursor to the bottom of the interface to select a location for your output file. Then, you can click that green “Start” button whenever you are ready. A short time later, your volume can be successfully adjusted.

Use cases for adjusting volume

Adjusting the volume per your liking

  • Pump up the volume soundtrack when you think it is too low

    Chances are that some mistakes happen when you record a video. To give you an example, you might have record your video soundtrack in a very low voice, making it very difficult to tell what is playing out, not even to mention to appreciate the video. Unfortunately, this issue can not be fixed by simply adjusting the sound controls of your computer. At this time, you’d better turn up the volume soundtrack to make sure that everyone can hear it clearly. The problem is that many tools offer difficult and complex steps to turn up the volume, but not this volume adjuster. To increase soundtrack voice you just need to adjust a slider.

  • Lower the volume when you think it is too high

    It happens frequently that we tend to listen to music or watch videos with our headphone or on our computer when we are surrounded by strangers or in a new environment. But if a video or music soundtrack is too loud, its voice may leak out and affect other people. And That’s not what we want. But the biggest problem is that you can’t deal with this issue by turning down the volume on your headphone or computer. Therefore, to avoid embarrassment in these situations, you are advised to adjust your volume to a perfect level so that you can entertain yourself better without interrupting others at the same time.

Toolkit Adjust Volume Tool

Turn your volume up or down

More Than Adjusting Volume

Toolkit is more than adjusting volume. It is created as a toolbox that includes dozens of small tools to let you achieve various editions. If you need to convert video to GIFs sharing on your social website to attract more people’s attention, then you can use the “Video to GIF” tool belonging to the “Image Tools”. If you want to add time sign on your video, then the “Time” tool of “Watermark Tools” will be a great choice. In a nutshell, whatever you want to do about editing, you can always get what you want in the Toolkit.