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Convert video to JPG fast

A video to image converter is widely used in our daily life. For example, before the release of movie, an image is often extracted from a video to make a poster. And everyone has an idol in their hearts. For most teenagers, they are accustomed to saving an image from a video related to their favorite star as wallpaper on iPhone or computer. What is your purpose when using a video to image converter? No matter you plan to convert video to JPG or convert video to PNG, Toolkit Video to Image Converter is always your first choice. As a free program, it can take a snapshot of every part of the video based on seconds or frames, and output images far clearer and preciser than screenshot on a cellphone. Why not try this video to image converter?

  • Multiple Source Video Formats

    Support an extensive range of source videos in the format of 3gp, 3g2, avi, divx, flv, f4v, m2ts, mts, mov, mp4, m4v, mpeg, and many other formats.

  • Take a Snapshot Every Second(s)/Frame(s)

    Two ways are available to take a snapshot of your video, making it easy to get your favorite images at second(s) or frame(s) intervals.

  • Convert Video to PNG/JPG in Batches

    Output images in the format of PNG or JPG based on your preference and convert video to an image in batches at Turbo-Speed.

  • User-friendly Interface

    Help you convert video to PNG or convert video to JPG with clear and considerate instructions, making you fully understand how to take a picture from a video on the computer.

  • Easy to Use for Everyone

    No professional skills are involved in order to use this video to image converter. This converter is easy to grasp for the experts and the beginners.

  • Safe and Clean

    No virus, no plug-ins, and no ads will come along with this video to image converter during the process of downloading and installing. This tool is completely safe and clean.

How to Convert Videos to JPG

3 simple steps to convert video to JPG

  • Step 1: Add Your Video from Local

    After launching this video to JPG converter, click the option of “Video to PIC” under “Image Tools”. And click on + button to load a file or drag/drop files to this software.

  • Step 2: Customize The Video

    When your video is playing in this video image capturer, set the “Start Time” and “End Time”, and choose to take a snapshot every second(s) or every frame(s). Then decide the output image format as PNG or JPG.

  • Step 3: Set an Output Directory

    At the bottom of this video to Image Converter, you are enabled to set an output directory for your file. After clicking the button of “Start”, you will be reminded where to find the picture.

Use cases for converting videos to images

Convert video to images easily

  • How to convert video to image sequence?

    As a fan, when you see a terrific video stared by your favorite actor, probably you extremely desire to watch every details of the video pictures carefully. Then how to convert video to image sequence to satisfy your curiosity? Ask Toolkit Video to Image Converter for help. It navigates you to convert any video to image sequence easily and fast. You can convert your video to PNG or JPG based on your needs. Also, you can convert one video to image sequence or deal with several videos to images at a time. This free software is very easy to use and work fast to finish your task.

  • How to convert video to image frame by frame?

    For a special need, someone wants to convert video to image frame by frame instead of second by second. Is there a video image capturer qualified to do that? Yes. Toolkit Video to Image Converter is such a good choice for you to convert video to image frame by frame. After getting this software launched in your Windows, click “Video to PIC” under “Image Tools” and load your file. Then you will see the option of “Take a snapshot every frame(s)”. Just tick off the box of this option and begin your journey to convert video to image frame by frame.

  • How to convert video to images online?

    For most people who ask this question, I guess they lack an access to downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc, so they have to convert video to images online? Why not use StreamFab Video Downloader to download your favorite first, and then import it to Toolkit Video to PNG converter. The latter free software supports a lot of video formats like MP4, MOV, and others. You can convert any video to PNG or JPG according to your needs. With the help of this video image capturer, you will find a video to image conversion easy and fun. Most importantly, you get a way to convert video to images offline.

Toolkit Video to Image Converter

Convert video to JPG and PNG easily

More than a Video to Image Converter

Besides “convert video to image”, Toolkit is also widely used to convert video to GIF, and convert picture or GIF to a video. As a versatile program to deal with videos, audios, and images, this free software is equipped with considerable functions. For instance, there is a video editor, enabling you to convert videos from one format to another. There is a video trimmer, helping you to trim your any video easily. When your GoPro videos are full of noise and unstable, you can also click the options of “Denoise (GoPro)” and “Deshake (GoPro)” to eliminate the noise and keep the video stable. In order to make your video more colorful and special, Toolkit gives you opportunities to add Text, Time, and Image to your file. For more information about this free software, download it, and explore how powerful it is.