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Remove Sound from Video Without Difficultly

Assuming that you found some unexpected noise contained on a downloaded video from YouTube, how do you deal with it? Chances are that you want to remove audio from the video and get only the video stream as an output. This situation is not rare in our daily life. So the question is how to remove audio from videos? A video extractor, of course, is what you need. Even though there are so many audio removers out there in the market, we still want to recommend our audio remover of Toolkit. With this ingenious tool, you can remove audio from video in a much easier way than you thought. And you are able to remove sound from video while still keeping the original video quality, even get higher of it if you like. In addition, more than one output formats are supported by this tool, such as MP4, MKV.

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface

    It is straightforward and minimal learning is involved to get familiar with it, even though you are a beginner. And it has simplified the audio extracting process which can be achieved by only a few clicks of a mouse.

  • Fast Audio Removing Speed

    Thanks to the ever-developing technological advancement, this audio remover makes it possible to avoid wasting a lot of time on the audio extracting process. This is also a reason why this video extractor surpasses the other ones.

  • Put Full Control on Your Hand

    You are assured to do many things per your need via many options. For example, you are allowed to adjust the video resolution and select an output format, or even video codec and frame rate.

  • Completely Safe and Clean

    This program respects users' privacy by providing a safe operating environment. And it should be noted that no extra installation package comes along with this audio remover while you are downloading and installing it.

  • Offer the Best Service

    Another amazing feature of this tool is that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee service. Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about if you want to buy it.

  • Constantly Updated

    To catch up with your needs, this video extractor always keeps updating to improve its abilities and also to give you the best service that no other tools are able to give.

How to Extract the Audio

3 simple steps to extract audio

  • Step 1: Launch the audio remover and add your video file

    After you have downloaded and installed this audio remover on your Windows-running software, then find the “Extract Videos” tool and click it to enter its interface where you can see a plus button for adding your video file. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop the file to its interface.

  • Step 2: Adjust the video

    Once this video file is added, there are some things you can do in accordance with your preference. For instance, you can select an output format for your video. Moreover, the video codec, frame rate as well as the resolution. All these things are under your control. Set them per your need.

  • Step 3: Output the sound-removed video

    Don’t forget to move down to click that folder icon on the bottom of the interface to select an output location so that you can find your no-sound video easily. After this, you can feel free to tap on that “Start” button to save the video which has been extracted audio on your computer.

Use cases for removing audio from videos

See why we need to remove audio from videos

  • Extract the audio in poor quality

    A good video can express people's emotion better. And its audio quality can decide whether this video is good or not, in some extend. It happens very often when you, if working as a video maker, have recorded or shoot a video you are going to post and share. Unfortunately, it turns out that the recorded audio has almost no sound or it is in poor quality which can completely spoil the whole video. And if you want to re-record or re-shoot it, you will need to pay more efforts. So under these circumstances, the best choice is to remove the sound from the video and then perhaps insert a new one to it.

  • Remove the original audio to add a new one

    In this video streaming age, watching or posting videos on the Internet has been an essential part of our life. Numerous people on the Internet are making livings by producing spoof videos which have been a popular thing on social websites. The basic thing to create spoof videos is to remove the original one and then record and add their own ones. And it is not always successfully finished after a first try. Chances are that they found this sound version isn’t a perfect match for this video. If this situation happens, they need to remove the sound again and then record another one.

Toolkit Video Extractor

Remove audio from video fast and easy

More than a video extractor

Now, you already knew how to remove audio from video with this video extractor, but what if you want to do other edition, like merger two video clips together to make a new one. Are you going to spend a lot of time finding a video merger tool? This will be so bothering. But good news to you. Toolkit not only just offers this video merger tool but also other dozens of small tools in order to offer you an all-in-one software to completely meet your needs of editing. For example, you can use the "Video to GIF" tool to convert a video to GIFs to share your most interesting part with your friends. Or, you can change your audio format with the audio converter tool if needed. In a word, you pay once but you get dozens of tools to use. Isn't it wonderful? Come and explore other tools!