The Best Video to GIF Converter Offline

When given the choice between converting video to GIF online or converting video to GIF offline, choose the latter. Using the best video to GIF converter offline, you can make a video to GIF fast no matter how big it is. Toolkit Video to GIF Converter is the best tool you are seeking. Lightning speed together with zero quality loss distinguishes itself from its competitors. As an open-source, it supports videos in a wide range of formats, including but not limited to FLV, MKV and WEBM. Choosing this program to create a GIF, you are able to adjust the size of your file at will, making it tailored for your screen as much as possible. Also, you can turn videos to GIFs in batches. Effortless and quick, you will keep your GIF looping at the speed you like with the help of this video to GIF converter.

  • Variety of Source Videos

    Support source videos in multiple formats, such as MP4, 3GP, 3G2, AVI, DIVX, FLV, F4V, M2TS, MTS, MOV, M4V, MPEG, MPG, DAT, MKV, OGM, RMVB, RM, TS, TP, VOB, WMV, WTV, ASF, DVR-MS, WEBM.

  • Video to GIF in Batches

    Able to convert videos to GIFs in batches instead of turning a video to GIF one by one, saving GIF makers from waiting for their files for a long time.

  • Flexible GIF Looping/Speed/Size

    Users retain absolute control of how many times a GIF will repeat, how fast it will play, and how much it will occupy.

  • Fast Conversion Speed

    Convert video to GIF in just seconds, output a file in the blink of an eye, 10 times faster than the normal speed.

  • High-Resolution Output without Watermark

    Convert video to GIF in high definition without watermark, keeping the output file as clear as the source video without losing any quality.

  • Ease of Use

    Suitable for both video to GIF beginner and video to GIF expert, enable users to turn a video to GIF with several clicks on Windows.

How to Convert Videos to GIF

3 simple steps to convert video to GIF

  • Step 1: Load a Video

    Click the button of “Video to GIF” under the option of “Image Tools”. Then you will be navigated to load your source video. There is no limit to the number of videos you want to import.

  • Step 2: Edit Your Video

    Decide which part of your video to be converted using the options of “Start Time” and “End Time”. Set the value of “Looping”, “Speed” and “Size” based on your needs.

  • Step 3: Set The Output Destination

    Set the output destination for your GIF at the bottom, and click the button of “Start” in the lower-right corner. When your file is output, Toolkit will remind you where to find it.

Cases for Video to GIF

Convert video to GIF for fun

  • How do I convert part of a video to GIF?

    It is easy to convert part of a video to GIF, as long as you have a good video to GIF converter. If you haven’t found such a free tool, Toolkit Video to GIF Converter is highly recommended. This software enables you to convert any video snippet to a GIF. So just download and install it on your Windows. Click “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools”, load your file and set the “Start Time” and “End Time”. Alternatively, you can move the slider under the video to decide the video duration. After that, set the options of “Looping” and “Speed” based on your preference. Decide where to save your GIF and click the button of “Start”.

  • How do you convert a video file to GIF without making the file size huge?

    Toolkit Video to GIF Converter is the best solution to how to make a GIF with an adjustable size. Get it launched in your machine, and click the option of “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools”. Then you will be reminded to import your video, and the option of “Size” on a new interface will come to your notice. There are ten choices for you, including “320x240”, “400x240”, “480x320”, “480x272”, “480x360”, “720x480”, “720x576”, “800x480”, “1280x720”, “1920x1080”. Select a proper size for your GIF.

  • How to convert MP4 to GIF?

    If you want to convert MP4 to GIF, your video to GIF maker must support the source video in the format of MP4. Software fit for this standard can be found everywhere such as Toolkit Video to GIF Converter. It not just accepts MP4 videos as the source but absorbs videos of any other formats like WEBM. In addition, you can convert YouTube to GIF with this video to GIF maker. After coming to the main interface of Toolkit Video to GIF converter, click the option of “Video to GIF” under “Image Tools”. Then following the specific instructions on the screen, your MP4 video will be converted to GIF very quickly.

Toolkit Video to GIF Converter

Convert extensive formats of video to GIF at top speed

More than a Video to GIF Converter

Besides acting as a video to GIF converter, Toolkit is also equipped with other functions. For instance, you can use it to convert a video or audio, making it playable on your portable device. You can trim a video/audio based on your needs, change a video speed, or adjust the video volume. For a especially GoPro video, Toolkit is also skillful at stabilizing it and removing its noise. Each time you want to add an external subtitle or extract a subtitle from a movie, ask this software for help as well. As a versatile video editor, it also enables you to add Text, Time and Image to your video. All in all, Toolkit will always be upgraded to meet your increased demands.