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Best Audio Extractor Ever

Many times while watching a video or movie, we fell in love with its beautiful music running in the background and wanted to insert it into another program. Then a question naturally arises that is how to extract audio from a video? In this case, exploring a good way to extract audio from video is particularly needed. It’s now our audio extractor kicks the door. This audio extractor is a universal audio extractor and converter, designed for both the beginners and the experts. It has simplified all the process to make sure that everybody is able to extract audio from video without effort. Furthermore, this program helps you extract and convert audio from video files to AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, and MP3 formats.

  • Support Multiple Languages

    Being widely used, this audio extractor supports dozens of languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Therefore, there is no need to worry about you don’t know how to operate it by following its language.

  • Quite Easy-to-Use

    We have mentioned that this audio extractor is designed for both beginners and experts, especially the beginners. Therefore, whoever you are, you can extract audio from MP4 videos with only a few clicks.

  • Extract Multiple Audios Simultaneously

    This audio extractor software allows you to extract multiple audios at the same time in accordance with your needs of shorting the audio extracting time as much as possible because no one likes to spend a lot of time on it.

  • Highly Customizable

    To fit all your requirements, this audio extractor gives you full control when it comes to extracting audio from video. For example, you are allowed to select an audio codec, bit rate, or an audio channel, and more.

  • Fast Extracting Speed

    The speed is a factor that most people concern. To save your time, this audio extractor is developed with a fast audio extracting speed. No need to spend a long time in audio extracting anymore.

  • Provide a Guarantee Service

    A 14-Day money-back guarantee service is offered to assure your rights considering that many of you may hold a question that whether this tool is safe or not.

How to Extract Audio from a Video

3 simple steps to extract audio

  • Step 1: Get the software and upload your video source

    Firstly, please download and install it on your computer. Double-click to initiate this extractor and then find and click the “Extract Audio” tab belonging to the “Audio” section. Then, press that plus button to upload your video in order to extract its audio.

  • Step 2: Edit your audio

    Here is the crucial step to extract audio from a video. As we have said before, this audio extractor is highly customizable, so you can select an output format, change the audio bit rate, and even choose an output location through a folder on the bottom.

  • Step 3: Output your extracted audio

    When everything is ready, it is time to hit that “Start” button to extract the audio. And the whole extracting process shall be finished in a short time. Up to now, all the steps of how to extract audio from a video are explained.

Use cases for audio extracting

Extract audio fast and easy

  • Extract audio from YouTube video

    The method of extracting audio from downloaded YouTube videos has been frequently asked by people. YouTube has been a great place to enjoy videos for entertainment. Naturally, it is very likely for us to have a fondness of a piece of music and wish to purely appreciate it. Let’s assume that you are watching a movie and somehow you find its background music is perfect to be a ringtone. But it is never possible to set all the movie as a ringtone. So how to do that? Well, that’s when this audio extractor should be used and extract audios from it.

  • Extract audio for iPods

    Have been working in front of your computer for a long time, you must eager to rest your eyes and enjoy the world through your ears on your way home. Or you are used to listening to your favorite music while running or jogging to build your body. Under these situations, it is necessary save all your favorite music or audios on your iPods to enjoy. Given that some of your favorite ones are from movies or videos, you are definitely going to need an audio extractor to extract audios from MP4s. And this one will help you do this stuff without effort.

  • Extract audio to add a new one

    Mistakes are often made when you accidentally inserted a wrong audio into a video. If you are a movie or a video maker you will get what I am saying now. All your time is wasted if you abandon the whole video or movie, not to mention how much efforts, including money, have been put into it. Hence, the best way to correct this kind of mistake is to extract the audio from the video in order to add the right one. Or you are preparing a vlog to post it on your channel, you can not find a perfect audio file until you watched a video. In this case, you also need an audio extractor to help you extract audios from the video.

Toolkit Audio Extractor

Extract audio from video

More Than An Audio Extractor

Toolkit is not merely an audio extractor helping you deal with problems like how to extract audio from video. Because aside from audio extracting, it offers other many functions more than what you have thought. To give you an example, it can help you crop videos to get the clip you desire without much difficulty. It can give you a favor if you need to convert pictures to videos in order to save sweet photos better by making a memorial home video. All in all, no matter how you need to deal with your audio, video, image or picture, etc, you can always get what you need here. And the best part of the Toolkit is that you pay once but you get more than one tool to help you.