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Image Watermark out of Expectation

Have you thought of adding an image to video to help design your video canvas? Besides, adding an image to video contributes to close association between your brand and target customers, or gives viewers a better way to visualize what you are talking about. So, why not have a try? Of course, you probably aim to add an image to video online sparing the trouble of installing software. Actually, lots of online apps contain pop-up ads and are confined to the internet connection. Considering this, here comes the best solution to help you out, with which you can add an image to video as you like within 3 simple clicks. Meanwhile, customized options can be applied to make the added image remarkable by means of adjusting image position and transparency to enrich video image and create beauty.

  • Add Image Watermark as You Like

    Add image to video from local HDD as per personal preference. Never worry about given image templates. It’s totally up to you as to what images to be added. Note that before adding image to video, make sure your image format shall be *.png, *.jpg, or *.jpeg.

  • Adjust Image Position to Make it Suitable

    To make added image in line with the aspect ratio, you can adjust image position by dragging the cursor box comprised of dotted line from top to bottom or left to right as you like, or simply change azimuth value in the corresponding direction.

  • Change Image Transparency to Make it Harmonious

    To make add image harmonious with video image, feel free to adjust image transparency by dragging the solid cursor from left to right, and vice versa. In this way, the definition of the added image will look just right.

  • Easy-to-use, Safe and Reliable

    With simple and intuitive interface, this image watermark tool has no learning curve for novices. Just follow window instructions to add image to video within three clicks. Besides, you can add image to video from your local library to avoid copyright infringement.

  • Tiny Module but Complete Function

    Small as it is, this image watermark tool has all the vital features to add image to video. You can add your desired images to the video, adjust image position and transparency to enrich the whole video image.

  • Constant Update to Improve User Experience

    This image watermark tool will be updated at regular intervals so as to enrich its features and thus create better user experience. So, feel free to give feedback via email. Problems regarding this tool can be submitted via open log or online help.

How to Add Image to Video

3 simple steps to add image to video, really a piece of cake!

  • Step 1: Choose ‘Image’ and load video source

    Download and install Toolkit, and opt for ‘Image’ from ‘Watermark Tools’ when it runs. Then tab ‘+’ to add video source or simply drag & drop the video onto the main interface.

  • Step 2: Customize image features

    Insert image from local computer or hard drive via ‘…’ icon. Then set image position and transparency to make it harmonious with the whole video image.

  • Step 3: Start to add image to video

    Tab ‘Start’ button to add image to video and wait for the output. You can cancel the task whenever you like. Once done, the edited video will be stored on local HDD of your computer.

Use Cases for Adding Image to Video

Add image to video for special purposes

  • Enhance Video Content

    When you are trying to interpret something with video content, a suitable image pertinent to the subject will enrich the video and make it better understood by audience. On such occasion, image speaks louder than verbal description. Therefore, adding image to video has been a common practice for video teaching and video conferencing with a view to visualizing what people are talking about.

  • Entertain Audience

    There might be occasions when you simply want to add image to video for the purpose of amusing the spectators, because a funny image can urge your audience to burst into laughter. For example, you are watching animated cartoon when suddenly an image pops up on the video. At that moment, you proceed to roar with laughter just because think it is amusing but not superfluous.

  • Create Brand Identity

    To attract customers and further boost sales, it’s imperative to increase your brand’s recall with distinctive logo image added to the video. This is a common practice since nowadays video marketing has been an integral part of marketing strategies and proved to be a boon for the promotion of brand image as well as sale volume.

Toolkit Image Watermark Tool

Best solution to add image to video perfectly via customized options

More Than Image Watermark Tool

Aside from image watermark, you can add text or time to video so as to make your video remarkable and affluent in content. What’s more, adding text to video at right time can lead to increase in viewers on your YouTube channel, and timestamping videos timely might remind you of old times, leaving them fresh in your memory. But at the macroscopic level, watermark tools are merely a tip of the iceberg, since Toolkit contains dozens of modules that can be widely used to address issues like converting video, audio, image and adding subtitles. In a nutshell, this full-featured and systematic toolkit is 100% worth your full trial, just like a first-aid kit to relieve your pain in sudden accident.