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Convert Pic to Video Easily

The easiest tool to convert pic to a video and deliver good stability and quick speed. As a toolbox composed of all kinds of image, video and audio tools, there is a tool called Pic to Video, which can easily convert images to video for you to make an image slide show. Besides, this image to video converter can edit video settings like background audio, resolution, and output format as you like. Most importantly, it would convert the images to video just in 3 clicks! Isn’t that a fantastic tool to have?

  • Easy Image to Video Conversion

    This is an easy-to-use and professional image to video converter software that could convert your images of all formats into videos in just 3 clicks, isn’t that fantastic?

  • Multiple Image Formats Covered

    This image to video converter supports multiple image formats and has a wide coverage of the mainstream image formats like JPG, PNG and more, so you don’t have to worry about the format issue with this tool.

  • Support MP4 or MKV as Output Video Format

    MP4 or MKV are the most selected video formats when we produce a video, as these two video formats are virtually compatible with all kinds of devices and platforms.

  • Customize the Video Settings as You Want

    With this image to video converter, you could customize video settings as you want, like the video bitrate, resolution, background music, size, etc. Thus, it’s not just a pic to video converter.

  • Created With a Drag and Drop Interface

    This image to video converter is created with a drag-and-drop interface which means you can directly drag an image and drop onto the interface. It is more convenient and easy.

  • Manage the Order of Images

    You are supported to manage the order of images you want to convert by dragging an image forward and backward until you have made sure that an image has been put in the right place.

How to Convert Images to a Video

3 simple steps to convert image to video

  • Step 1: Start the Best Image to Video Maker

    Then launch this best image to video maker, you would see a toolkit comprised of audio, video as well as image tools. As for converting image to video, here we would go with Image Tools > PIC to Video as the target tool.

  • Step 2: Import Images into this Image to Video Maker

    Then use the Add button to import images into this program, you could upload as many pictures as you want, or you could simply drag images and drop them into this image to video maker software.

  • Step 3: Customize the Settings of Output and Start Conversion

    Lastly, customize the settings of the output video made of images to convert it from JPG to mp4, including its title, output format, resolution, scaling options as well as delay or audio settings. Then, just click Start to kick off the conversion from image to video.

Use case for converting images to a video

Convert image to video for special purposes

  • Make an image slide to keep good memory

    If you got a lot of images taken during a wonderful journey or a family celebration, you can totally make an image slide to keep the good memory. Besides, video could tell a good story, save photos storage and keep memories as video is more vivid than a static image. Having such ideas now to make a video? Why not just give this image to video maker a shot to convert your best pics to video! Besides, you could add a lot of settings to the video to make an exquisitely customized video.

  • Make a good video for work presentation

    If you need to make work presentations frequently, video must be one of the materials you add in this presentation. Besides, adding videos into your presentation could definitely make the presentation more enthralling and charming. One of the best tools to make a video out or images quickly is through this image to video converter. Only 3 steps would get you a well-organized and designed video, come and give it a shot to impress your colleagues with the new presentation enhancing tool.

Toolkit Pic to Video Converter

Convert Pic to video in just few clicks

More Than Pic to Video Converter

Here is good news for you, this Pic to video converter isn’t just have one feature, it can also be a good audio trimmer, video editor, video converter, video stabilization you name it. Toolkit can achieve a whole range of other features like converting video between different formats, edit and customize video, trim or convert audio files or add image watermarks easily. It is a complete media management software covering all kinds of tools ranging from video, audio to image ones. If you have other needs to convert a video format or trim an audio file, you might find that can be easily done with this software. You don’t need to resort to other software with complex parameter settings, this toolkit is the simplest to use, most intuitive and user-friendly software even for non-professionals. By the way, you can upscale video quality to gain better view.