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The Best Video Merger Ever

Editing videos can be surprisingly complex given that there are dozens of edition methods existing, such as trimming, cropping, rotating, etc. And merging videos is one of them. Video merging means to join multiple video clips into a big one. We need to join several video clips together when we have cut some unwanted segments in our video, or when we have recorded short video clips and want to combine them as a whole video. No matter what, a video merger is a must to join video parts together. This video merger of Toolkit is one of the best video joiners in the current market. It allows you to merge several video clips to form a new one without any quality loss. If you are searching for a tool to help you combine video clips, even in different formats, this video merger is something you shall not miss out.

  • Easy Video Merging

    This is an easy-to-use tool for both beginners and experts. No professional knowledge but only a few finger moving is needed to use this video joiner. Instantly add any number of video files and combine them with one click.

  • Combine Videos in Various Formats

    This is a powerful video combiner. Aiming to meet all your needs, this video merger allows combining video clips in different formats, including MP4, AVI, and more. And the output format is the most popular format MP4 and MKV.

  • Friendly User Interface

    Designed as a customer-oriented tool, this tool is quite easy to understand with a clean and Navigational interface in which you can find what you need without effort. No difficulty will be encountered even if for the new users.

  • Totally Safe and Clean

    This video merger tool is completely safe and clean. You are guaranteed no insert-ads, no extra software downloading, or no private information leaking.

  • Offer a Money-back Service

    A 30-day money-back guarantee service is offered to secure the operating environment and also to assure you that it is totally worthy to buy it.

  • Highly Customizable

    To make sure that you always get what you want, this video merger is highly customizable by offering you many options, such as rename the video file or select video resolution.

How to Merge Video Files

3 simple steps to merge videos

  • Step 1: Start the video merger and add your video files

    Double-click the desktop icon of the video merger after a successful installation. Then find the “Merge” tab and click to enter it. Next, it is time to add the video files you want to merge through that plus button. To add one more file, please go for the “Add from Local” button.

  • Step 2: Edit your video files

    You are allowed to do a lot of settings before exporting your merged video. Here are some examples. You can name your video file, select an output format, choose the video resolution as well as the frame rate. Do whatever you need.

  • Step 3: Output your merged video

    Another thing you need to do is heading to the bottom of the interface and tap on the folder icon to select an output location for your merged video. After this, you are free to hit that start button.

Use cases for merging videos

Merge video files easily

  • Merge videos to make a memorial one

    If you are a mother or father, I bet you must have saved a lot of video files on your computer recording your children’s growing up moments to recall them whenever you want. But do you find it annoying to stop and click another video file to watch? If you do, have you ever considered it a good idea to combine all these video files together to make a memorial video, even make a DVD so that you can enjoy all of them without intervals or any pauses? I believe this is the time when you need to use a video merger tool to combine them together, most importantly, without losing any quality of the original ones.

  • Merge videos when you cut some segments

    One of the most common task for video-makers to perform is taking all the footage from their cameras and combining all of them into a single one. It must happen a lot when some unwanted segments are found in the video. What will you do when this thing happens? No doubt that the best way is to cut these unsatisfied parts and then combine the left video clips as a new one instead of giving up the whole video and producing a completely new. Therefore, merging video is needed as it can avoid wasting a bunch of time to produce a new one. And to join video clips in an easy way, looking for a qualified video merger tool is required. Our video merger software is second-to-none in the market that you can rely on. Besides, you can upscale video to higher resolution with Enlarger AI.

Toolkit Video Merger

Combine multiple videos together

More Than A Video Merger

As you might have already awarded that a video merger is not enough to deal with all your editing needs in your daily life. Fortunately, what the Toolkit offers to you is more than joining videos together. The Toolkit is developed with dozens of small tools, covering video, audio, image, and even subtitles. That's is to say no matter what an editing tool is needed, you can always find it on this all-in-one toolbox. To give you an example, Toolkit can be used to remove audio from a video by offering you a video extractor tool.