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Remux Audio With Fun

Music is a powerful thing that can make us feel happy, sad, relax, you name it. And they can also have a dramatic effect on our perception of a video. So when we put music over video, the magic happens. A cool video with melodious music can greatly draw people’s attention. On the contrary, a video with improper music may cause uncomfortable for the audience. Hence, if you have a background sound you feel not good enough and want to remove it to add a new one, then this is the time for you to try our Remux Audio tool and make your video shine. Remux Audio tool is designed especially for the newbies who need to replace the original audio track. Under the help of it, people can combine the new audio with the video with only a couple of minutes.

  • Customer-oriented Interface

    Aiming to offer the best service for users, the Remux Audio tool is designed with a very clean and navigational interface so that you can navigate to any function you need without a question.

  • 100% Safe and Clean

    Chances are that you hold some puzzlement that if this tool is safe or not given that the virus is hidden behind the software to attack the computer. To assure you, it offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

  • Replace Audio Track in Batches

    It is easy to replace one audio track of a video. But what if you have multiple videos that need to be dealt with? Easy. With this remux audio tool, you can achieve audio replacement in batch.

  • Edit and Enhance Video Easily

    Remux audio tool makes it possible to edit your video in many aspects rather than just allowing audio track replacement, such as delay the audio, select output format, opt for a video resolution, etc.

  • A Drag-and-Drop Function

    To let you upload your video more conveniently, this remux audio tool is created with a function of letting you directly drag and drop your video files to its interface.

  • Offer Multiple Languages

    To assure you can understand this remux audio tool, more than one language is offered here. So pick up one language in accordance with your need.

How to Replace an Original Audio Track

3 simple steps to remux audio

  • Step 1: Add your video file

    Remux audio is one of the tools of Toolkit. Slide down to opt for this tool after a successful installation. Click its icon to enter it and then add your video file through the plus button. The other direct way is to drag and drop your file to the interface.

  • Step 2: Replace the audio track of a video

    To insert a new audio track, please click on that three dots button. Apart from this, many other customization settings are reachable, such as changing your video quality and resolution without trouble, adjusting video pixel, or decide the video output format.

  • Step 3: Export video with the new audio track

    Move your mouse cursor toward the bottom of the interface where you can find a folder to set up a location for your new video file before initiating the process. Then, a short moment later, the process will be finished.

Use cases for adding a new audio track

When we need to remux audio

  • Add new audio track to make your video more attractive

    By now you have known that video is an important way to communicate with your audience, friends, and even ourselves. Home-made videos, to give you an example, can keep our sweet family memories forever. But the thing is humans are hardwired to process visual content, but adding great visuals to a video is just half the battle. And a truly engaging video often includes background music, as well. However, it is not always easy to make sure that the background music is cool and what you desire in the first place. Mistakes like adding crackled or distorted audio files happen very often. When these situations are encountered, add a new audio track to replace the original is what you can do.

  • Add a new audio track when the original video is clipped

    We are at a point where we show many interests in watching, saving, and sharing preferred movies on the social platform. Have you ever experienced this: you have made a bunch of video clips of a whole complete movie. And many parts of the original movie are in various places on the timeline, and then they are trimmed or edited. When you are preparing to share them on the line, it turns out that the original audio contained in the original movie is incorrect and improper. So you have to replace it with a new audio file. This is the time the remux audio tool should play its role.

Toolkit Remux Audio

Replace original audio track with a new one

More Than A Program of Audio Remuxing

As a user-oriented program, it is not enough for the Toolkit to only support you to replace original audio track. To give you the best service of editing, the Toolkit software is created with dozens of tools categorized according video, audio, image, watermark, and subtitles. And each category includes several small tools for you. For example, on the Video Tools category, 11 video editing tools are offered, such as video converter too, video trimming tool, and video merger, etc., which means you can find almost every video function here without finding and downloading another software. How wonderful it is! In a nutshell, the Toolkit program is more than replacing original audio track. There are more tools waiting for you to explore.