1.    Situations that You Might Need to Speed Up Video
2.    Best Solution to Speed Up Video—DVDFab Toolkit
3.    Other Fantastic Functions About DVDFab Toolkit

1.    Situations that You Might Need to Speed Up Video

More than often, you might have a need to speed up videos for some special purpose, like if the person in the video talks so slowly but you want to make it quick to grasp the knowledge it provided, then it is better for you to fast forward the video 2 times. If you are going to find the time of a long video or movie that you last time stopped, you can speed up video 10x so you would quickly find the place. If you are watching a slow motion video and it frequently breaks down a sentence, making it hard for you to understand, you can just speed up slow motion videos by times that is suitable for smooth action as well as comprehensive understanding.

How to fast forward a video

Here comes the question, how to speed up a video? And how do you speed up a video if you come across the above situations? Next we are going to offer you the best solution to speed up video, as well as the step-by-step tips on how to speed up a video. Let’s go take a deeper look! 

2.    Best Solution to Speed Up Video—DVDFab Toolkit

As already said, if you happen to fall in the above cases, then you definitely need to find a tool to speed up video. Here comes the most vital part of this article: how to speed up a video, or in other words, how to fast forward a video. DVDFab Toolkit is the newly released software by DVDFab, which provides its users the best video solution, you can virtually achieve everything with it. If you just hear its name, you can know, it is a toolbox comprised of many tools, rather than just one. That’s right. Besides being a good tool to speed up video, it also serves as a fantastic audio and image toolkit, offering everyone a comprehensive way to manage their media files more efficiently. Next let’s go have a look at how to speed up a video with this fantastic software—DVDFab Toolkit.

 speed up a video with DVDFab Toolkit

Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Speed Up a Video

Step 1: Install the best tool to speed up video——DVDFab Toolkit

Follow the instructions to install this best tool to help you speed up video after you download it from the below button. 

 Download Now  

Step 2: Start this best tool to speed up video

After successful installation, double click the icon of the software to get this best tool to speed up video started, then you can see a toolkit composed of various kinds of tools, including audio, video as well as image ones, moreover, Gopro tools to deshake or denoise footage are also provided. If you are going to learn how do you speed up a video, then you should choose Video Tools> Speed Up/Down as your target tool to speed up video. 

Start this best tool to speed up video

Step 3: Import the video clips to be fast forwarded

To learn speed up slow motion video or speed up video 10x, here comes the initial step. You can import your videos into this software through two ways. One is to drag the file and drop it into this software, another is to click the + button located in the center of UI. It’s up to you to choose which way to go as both are feasible.

Import the video clips to be fast forwarded

Step 4: Speed up video as per your actual need

During the loading process, the video shall be analyzed automatically. After it present you the basic information about the video, you would notice there is an Adjust Speed bar for you to customize your video speed, if you would like to speed up video 10x or just speed up slow motion video by a little bit, you can adjust it totally as per your preference.

Speed up video as per your actual need

Note: If you have other videos that you want to fast forward, please be noted that there is an Add from Local button located on the top left, you can click it to load other files altogether into this speed up video program to customize the speed of each one.

Step 5: Start the conversion process

Here comes the last simple step to learn how to speed up a video. If you have already chosen the speed, then you can click Start to kick off the conversion process, after the video is successfully converted into the target speed you’ve chosen, it would appear a finish mark and an icon, you can click it open to locate your videos. 

Start the conversion process

3.    Other Fantastic Functions About DVDFab Toolkit

Besides being a good speed up video program, DVDFab Toolkit can also do a lot of things if you take a deeper look, it is a powerful and comprehensive toolkit integrating tools in the fields of audio, video as well as image. See next to learn what other features does this fantastic speed up video program has:

3.1    Make GIF out of video

You can make funny and hot GIFs with this fantastic toolkit, there is a specific function for you to make GIF. That way, you can customize GIFs of your favorite movie stars or friends around you. This little function can spice your social life up! Learn how to make GIF here.

Make GIF out of video

3.2    Deshake Gopro video

If you are a Gopro enthusiast, you might use it a lot to record your life by taking videos and photos, then sometimes if your video is a little bit shaky because you were constantly moving when you took it, then this function would be a great helper. Deshake Gopro video can be easily done with DVDFab Toolkit!

3.3    Denoise Video to make it sound clearer  

If you took a video in a loud environment, and especially in this video the sound of the main speaker is not clear enough for you to distinguish, then you might need a good tool to denoise the video, take the noise off your video to keep the main sound. That way you would have a better experience to watch it.


All right. Till now, you don’t have to search the question “how do I speed up my video streaming” or “how to speed up a video” in Google, everything related to how to speed up videos are provided in this article. If you would like to know more about DVDFab Toolkit, you can check its official website to discover more to-be-released functions. You can also check out this article to learn how to convert audio formats with DVDFab Toolkit, for more software operation, you can watch this YouTube video to discover the various functions of this powerful toolkit.