What are DVD and video? There was once a time when optical discs were the primary method of storing data. During that time, we also saw several new inventions like rewritable DVDs, Blu-ray, dual side storage, and many more that greatly increased their storage and read/write capacity.

However, with the introduction of flash memories, streaming platforms, and cloud storage, their uses have been reduced. Nowadays, we see DVDs only in a few places, like gaming consoles and Blu-ray movies. A question may come to your mind – are they still useful, or are we going to completely shift to newer methods of storage? Today, we are going to tell you more about video and DVDs, the difference between these two, and how you can transfer videos into DVDs.

1. DVD and Video: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the DVD and video, you might be looking for detailed answers to the following questions.

DVD and video: what's the difference

Is DVD still used?

Even though their usage has been heavily reduced, DVDs are still used in some places. Games on PCs and consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are still stored in Blu-ray discs. They are also used to sell Blu-ray editions of movies and anime. Some people still use it to store other types of data.

Which is the best video format for DVDs?

In general, we store videos in DVDs in MPEG-2 interlaced format or MPEG1 Part 2 format. However, most DVD players are also compatible with AC-3 or PCM audio CDs.

What is the difference between video and DVD?

Videos are an electronic means by which you can share audio and visual information with others.

DVD video converter: transfer video to DVD

DVDs, short for Digital Versatile Disc, are a form of the optical disk where we can store videos. As the successor to CDs, DVDs can hold 4.7GB (DVD-9 holding 8.4GB) of data in general, and we can write only once on a DVD. However, in other pricier variants, we can rewrite data on a single disc several times. Also, to increase the storage capacity of DVDs, the upgraded versions of DVDs can store data on both sides of the disc.

Later, the storage capacity of optical drives was increased even more with the invention of Blu-ray Discs, which had closer grooves and could store massive amounts of data.

Does burning a DVD damage it?

The process of writing data in an optical disc is called burning data. So, unless you burn your disc, literally, it will not get damaged.

In general, with DVDs, you cannot burn data more than once. In rewritable discs, you can burn data more than once, but there is a limit to how many times you can do so.

While burning data, the disc will not get damaged unless there is a problem with the DVD writer.

2. Best Video to DVD Converter: Transfer Videos to DVD for Home Play

Is storing video to DVD still worth it?

With the introduction of streaming services and cloud storage, it is obvious that this question will come to your mind. The answer is yes. Transferring videos to DVD is still worth your time.

First of all, video streaming platforms and cloud storages are completely dependent on the internet. So, if by any means you have a poor internet connection, you will not be able to access your data, let alone online streaming.

Second, you cannot just write any data into a DVD whenever you want. You need to burn the data into it using special means like a professional DVD maker or DVD creator. That means DVDs cannot be easily infected with viruses unless the data you burned into the disc was infected already.

Besides, storing data over the internet makes your data vulnerable to hackers or companies who try to get access to your data. So, transferring videos to DVD is a great way to maintain privacy and avoid being hacked.

If you are a DVD disc collector, keeping a shelf filled with DVDs of videos and games will make you feel good. You can also show them off to people. To some degree, DVD discs can retail your old memories for future enjoyment.

Best Video to DVD Converter: DVDFab DVD Creator

These days, videos are available in several formats. However, you must remember that DVDs cannot store videos in all these formats. You need dedicated software that would convert the video into the desirable format (MPEG-2) and then burn it to the disc.

DVDFab DVD Creator is the best video to DVD converter that you can find on the internet. The overall design is simple and intuitive, and you will not have any difficulty burning video to DVD.

Best video to DVD converter for free download

DVDFab is packed with lots of features. There are four categories – Copy, Ripper, Converter, and Creator. Each category comes with a ton of features. Let us take a look at DVD Creator, the best-ever DVD creator beyond expectation. It boasts the following features that are worth your full trial!

  • Create DVD disc/ISO/folder from any video format
  • Customize output DVDs via professional DVD menu, built-in templates, and gadgets
  • Support all DVD disc formats (DVD-9, DVD-5, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R DL)
  • Hardware acceleration enabling fast DVD burning process
  • Burn standard DVDs with lossless quality from digital videos
  • Available on Windows and Mac, free download

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

These are just a few of the features that are present in DVDFab Video Creator. Download the software from here and check them out yourself.

DVDVideoSoft Video Converter

A simple alternative to DVDFab Video to DVD converter, DVDVideoSoft Converter can convert files of any format to MPEG-2 and burn them into the disc. It is free, and you can convert multiple files at once.

Burn video to DVD for free


  • It is free
  • Minimalistic design
  • Can convert multiple files at once
  • Does its work quickly


  • A limited number of features
  • Can convert to 720p only

DVDFab vs. DVDVideoSoft: Differences & Similarities

Let us compare these two videos to DVD converters and find out the differences.

DVDVideoSoft Video Converter DVDFab DVD Creator
Free Free trial, affordable price for full advanced features
Simplistic Design Intuitive & unique design with customizable themes/options
A limited number of features Tons of advanced features to make Pro DVDs
Create a simple & functional DVD menu Offer professional-looking, stylish DVD menu templates & various gadgets
No H/W acceleration GPU H/W acceleration leads to a lightning-fast burning process
Windows only Available on Windows & Mac
A few formats supported Support all kinds of DVD formats to be played on a standard home player

As you can see, DVDFab DVD Creator is the clear winner when it comes to transferring video to DVD. We also tried out some other video to DVD converters like Freemake, VideoProc, Wondershare, and many more. Still, DVDFab secures the top position due to the number of features it gives.

Anyway, there are still some physical or online stores offering video to DVD transferring services. Typical of these are Walmart and Best Buy. But these two are better at transferring VHS to DVD than burning video to DVD.

Actions speak louder than words. Now let’s dive into how to burn video to DVD with the DVDFab DVD Creator software.

Here are the simple steps by which you can burn video to DVD of your own favor by customizable options.

Step 1: Free download and run DVDFab 12 and select the Creator module.

 i  Free Download    i  Free Download  

Step 2: Load video source to the DVD maker.

Click the +Add button or simply drag & drop the video files onto the main UI.

Load video source to the DVD video converter

Step 3: Customize the output DVD via Advanced Settings and Menu Maker

You will have different customization options in the drop-down menus, like Advanced Settings and Menu Maker.

Customize output before transferring video to DVD

For Advanced Settings, you can choose output DVD size, quality and name the disc as needed.

Advanced Settings for video to DVD conversion

For Menu Maker, you can make your own DVD menu by choosing from the menu templates and adjust options via the gadgets. Thus, your DVD video will be much more personalized.

Make Pro DVD menu before burning video to DVD

Step 4: Start to burn video to DVD

After you are ready to transfer video to DVD, select a blank disc from the “Save to” section and then press Start. Alternatively, burn video to DVD saved as ISO file or folder on HDD. Let the software do its job.

Note:  You can check out the task queue tab to see the ongoing conversion tasks. If you are looking for the best DVD menu creator, read this post for more options.

Wrap Up

Even though we have shifted to digital storage mediums, we must not forget these trusty old DVDs and might as well try to burn video to DVDs with professional video to DVD converters. We do not know when they’ll save us from a sticky situation. Just keep these discs stored somewhere carefully, and you can use them for years. So, transfer videos to DVD and keep them secured and give DVDFab DVD Creator a full trial!