Letting go of your memories is not easy, so it's always good to find a way to relive them and experience nostalgic vibes. We all know that VCR or VHS tapes are the only way to capture and save those memories in the old times that CDs, DVDs have replaced, and now regular videos on the phone. Also, setting the VCR player was very hectic, and the video quality was also not worth watching.

Fortunately, there's a way to convert VCR to DVD to save all your old media files, do touch-ups on the video quality, and enjoy watching again and again. DVD is an optical device with better resolution and impressive image quality than VHS tapes. They are compact, cheap to store huge amounts of data, and easy to function.

You can find VCR converter to DVD online that help you get the job done in no time, or opt for the VCR to DVD services that may cost additional charges and provide you your media in different digital mediums. So, let's explore the best VCR to DVD recorder and get rid of the old, space-consuming, and unreliable VCR tapes.

vcr to dvd recorder

Top VCR to DVD Converter

DVDFab DVD Creator

DVDFab DVD Creator is an incredible tool to convert VCR to DVD while enhancing video quality. With wide audio and video format support, this tool can offer excellent flexibility to burn the videos and transfer them to the DVD for different purposes. Also, the final output DVD that automatically enhances the quality of the file can be playable on Xbox, PS5, Blue-ray players for an immersive watching experience.

In addition, DVDFab DVD Creator has a smooth interface that encourages everyone to play with their old standard cassettes and convert them into the desired format. The tool also features an exciting menu library with impressive templates that allow switching between audio tracks and subtitles to make your DVD output impressive.

How to Convert VCR to DVD with DVDFab DVD Creator?

After highlighting some key features and appreciating all the remarkable qualities of the converter, let's shed light on the conversion process.

However, first, you must know what you need for the entire VHS burning and converting it to the DVD process.

• Any VHS player or a VCR

• VHS to the USB connector

• Media recorder software

• DVDFab DVD Creator for burning and converting VCR to DVD

• DVD or any media player in your system

Step 1:

Download and launch the DVDFab DVD Creator on your system. Luckily, the software is compatible with Windows and Mac devices, so you only have to choose your plan, make payment, and make it ready to perform. Besides, it is entirely safe to download on the systems and not invite any viruses that threaten your data.

vcr to dvd recorder

Step 2:

Make sure you have transferred VHS tapes to your PC/Laptop. You can do the job using VHS to the USB connector.

Step 3:

Insert a blank DVD into your PC/Laptop.

Step 4:

Now, open the DVDFab DVD Creator and click on the Creator available at the top ribbon. Surprisingly, the software offers three media-burning tools, UHD Creator, DVD creator, and Blu-ray.

Step 5:

You can opt for menu templates and play with your file from the Advanced settings. It lets you adjust subtitles or font size, etc.

vcr to dvd recorder

Step 6:

Select the final file output between DVD-5 or DVD-9.

Step 7:

Burn the VHS tape and transfer it to the blank DVD. The conversion process time varies with the content, quality, and internet speed. Once the entire conversion is complete, you can save the file and play it on your system. Ensure your system has a built-in media player.

Convert VCR to DVD Without VCR Player

If you don't have a VCR player but really want to get the conversion, we have another option to get the job done at home.

Finding a VCR player in this modern media player's era could be impossible, and buying the one is out of the question. However, you can easily find or own a video camera that uses VHS tapes. Yes, you can use the camera to convert VCR to DVD effortlessly, without any professional assistance.

vcr to dvd recorder

Here's how.

• Insert the VHS tape into the compatible video camera

• Connect the camera to your PC/Laptop

• Copy the entire VHS tape or the part you want to own into the PC hard drive. If you cannot copy, make sure you play the VHS tape into the video camera.

• Now insert the black DVD into the system

• Ensure the system supports media player

• Download and launch any recording software on your system

• Now open the recording software, play the VHS tape on the camera, and start recording.

• Once you record the desired part of VHS tape, you can hit the stop button.

• Now you can get the files into converter software and make other necessary adjustments like adding subtitles, enhancing video quality, selecting the output format, etc.

VCR to DVD Converter- Alternative Ways to Transfer VCR to DVD

vcr to dvd recorder

Suppose you can not access VCR or any VHS player, no worries. We have other options to consider for safe conversion. However, it may be expensive, but a smooth process to convert VCR tape to DVD.

Yes, you can opt for a VCR to DVD service. Many people opt for such services that are running to provide conversion flexibility without letting you make a single move. Many online transfer services are available that charge reasonable fees and offer high-quality DVD conversions in no time. Moreover, it saves you from getting involved in the annoying process of burning the media and then transferring it into another disc. Also, if you don't have a VCR, this is like a dream come true.

Some reliable and trustworthy retailers are CVS, Southtree, Target, and Walmart, offering different package plans according to the VHS tapes quantity, final output form, and destination. This VCR to DVD services online offer pick-and-drop services, so you don't have to face the hassle of taking all the VCR tapes to retailers' shops and wasting your time.


Seeing all your old memories in a storage box and not accessing them must be hurting. Also, the VHS tapes unnecessarily consume our space, so why not convert them into DVD, which is compact and playable on our devices effortlessly.

vcr to dvd recorder

This article helps you learn how to convert VCR to DVD with one of the best online software DVDFab DVD Creator, which allows burning the VHS and copying them to the black DVD in various formats.


Can I convert VCR tapes to DVD at home?

Yes, if you have a VCR player at home, you can easily convert all your VHS tapes to DVD using a DVDFab DVD maker software. It is a user-friendly tool to burn, rip, convert, and copy media files at a reasonable price.

Can I convert VCR to DVD without VCR?

The only way to convert VCR tapes to DVD without VCR is by using any camera that supports VHS tapes. You can connect the camera to your PC/Laptop and copy the file to your system, and the software will make the conversion.

Is VCR to DVD services expensive?

It depends on the retailer and their services. Some retailers make different packages, including picking and dropping off your physical media and converting them into multiple forms like DVD, USB, etc. So, the service charges may vary with them.