Yesterday was the greatest day to convert video tapes to digital or DVD. Within five years of recording, magnetic video tape types might start to lose playback quality. Although proper storage can help them last longer, the fact remains that your videotapes are rapidly decaying. Who has a functional VCR to watch them for any length of time?

Don't allow beautiful moments to pass you by. Digitizing video recordings ensure your memories are eternally protected and readily shared with loved ones. Our professionals have over 25 years of expertise converting VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, 8mm, and Mini DV cassettes to digital files. So, call us today or buy us online to get started.

We will return your video tapes and digital files as soon as possible. We can handle small orders in a few days, but more oversized orders might take several weeks. Fill out our contact form or give us a call for the most up-to-date response time. Let us know if you have a deadline; we will try our best to meet it.

We digitize video and VCR tapes for people, families, government organizations, and companies. If you have an extensive collection or unique needs, we are pleased to provide concepts for digital or DVD conversion.

Every order for a video to DVD transfer service includes;

  • Each videotape is inspected and cleaned.
  • Capture in real-time with professional video decks.
  • Label-based custom naming of video files.
  • TBC Video Filtering to Reduce Jitter and Enhance Quality
  • Orders of $250 or more receive free shipping.
  • Orders of $500 or more receive free pickup (NYC Tri-State Area).

Our Video Transfer Method

video to dvd transfer service:

Our expert specialists use cutting-edge technology to convert video cassettes to digital. Your home films are identified and entered into our order tracking system as they arrive in China. We check, clean, and measure each tape before digitizing it. All tapes are processed in real-time from start to finish, preserving every minute.

Our video transfer service uses high-end playback decks and specialized similarities to online converters. A TBC (time base corrector) device reduces video transmission time delay. Each tape is converted to MP4, and the black area is removed (or any other digital format you prefer). Before distribution, each file is thoroughly examined (Flash Drive, Hard Drive, or DVD).

Our VHS Conversion Service

video to dvd transfer service:

Our introductory video transfer service creates digital files from your camcorder or VHS tapes, giving you maximum flexibility. Files containing digital video can be saved on a computer or the cloud. They may be changed, copied, emailed, and uploaded. So, you can make your DVDs at home. We can happily offer you the right-sized flash or hard disc for your new digital files.

To watch your digital home videos on most smart TVs, insert the USB flash drive into the TV. The standard output is MP4 files. MP4 files are smaller than raw files, compatible with both PCs and Macs, and completely editable. Please let us know if you prefer AVI, MOV, MPEG-2, or another format.

We can make DVDs for your home movies. We may create a personalized chapter for each tape or mix numerous tapes into a single DVD. Also, we utilize two-layer DVDs that can carry up to 4 hours of footage. Custom menus, chapters, and cases included.

Importance of DVD to Digital

A video transfer service can help restore irreplaceable mementos, intellectual property, and historical data and make maintaining and using them easier. Video to DVD conversion allows you to share discs with family members or business colleagues. Digitization creates a searchable database with categories and keywords.

After converting VHS to DVD, you can rip as many copies as possible. Take a look at and share digital files stored on your computer, smartphone, or another device. Remember to back up your converted video files to several places if you lose your DVD or flash device. 

Our Aim

Our objective is to convert video tapes to digital with the best possible picture and sound quality. The original tape quality is one of the most important aspects of video quality. If the original tape was damaged or recorded in LP or EP format, the digital transfer will not be as good as converting a tape in excellent condition.

We digitize video tapes at the same resolution as the original recording, preserving quality. Most consumer videotapes have a resolution of 720480 pixels and 4:3 aspect ratios. Converting HDV cassettes to 1080i 16:9 aspect ratio digital capture is time-consuming. 

Here is how we finalize all the services mentioned above;

DVDFab DVD Creator

video to dvd transfer service:DVDFab DVD Creator

  • Let's enjoy making DVD/ISO/folder from any desired video format
  • Create your DVD menu with the help of beautiful themes and customizable choices.


Create a DVD from any Preferred Video format

The most acceptable DVD creator program - DVDFab DVD Creator, can create DVDs from over 200 video formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, M2TS, FLV, MOV, VOB, Xvid, TS, and more. You may make any standard DVD from various videos with this professional DVD creation program for viewing on any independent home player.

As a result, feel free to make DVDs from home films to commemorate special occasions such as birthday parties and wedding anniversaries. Of course, you may construct your DVDs to collect your favorite actors' excellent videos or movie clips.

Rip Any video to DVD Blank Disc or Preserve it as an ISO/folder

Do you prefer a physical disc? You may use DVDFab Movie Creator to burn your films to a blank DVD for storage. Do you want to view disc movies on your laptop or tablet that doesn't have a hard drive? To playback a DVD video, save it as an ISO image or a folder on your hard drive. So, if your device has DVD player software, you may view the movies whenever you want. 

Above all, this DIY DVD maker is compatible with a wide range of disc formats, including DVD-9, DVD-5, DVDR/RW, and DVD R DL. You are completely authorized to customize your DVD!

Produce High-quality Video for a More Enjoyable Viewing Experience

It will be fun to watch movies in your home theater. So, if you want to generate a standard DVD for home viewing, you'll require DVD Creator for Mac or Windows.

DVDFab DVD Creator is here to help you with your problem. This excellent DVD Creator enables you to create standard DVDs using home films or media obtained from other sources. The output DVD will be more significantly compatible with a home DVD player, PS5, Xbox, or media player software such as PlayerFab, delivering an immersive watching experience.

Personalize your Movie with Free DVD Menu Templates 

The key to a satisfying playing experience is menu navigation. DVDFab DVD Creator comes with various static and dynamic menu themes to help you take your home videos to the next level. We'll keep updating the built-in menu library to meet multiple needs. Furthermore, all themes allow users to alter audio tracks and subtitles, allowing you to make multilingual DVDs.

Customize Menu Templates to Fit Your Personality

DVDFab Creator's menu templates are straightforward, versatile, and customizable. All of the components and widgets inside the menu designs, including background art, thumbnails, text type, color, and size, and playback buttons like Play/Pause and Previous/Next, are entirely customizable.

 Meanwhile, you may browse and save your personalized menu design as a default template for future use. All customizable choices are at your fingertips to make your DVD as unique as possible!

Burn DVDs 50 Times Faster with GPU Acceleration

Are you looking for a quick DVD maker to burn videos on DVD? The DVDFab DVD Creator Mac & Windows tool enables you to burn numerous videos in various formats to a single DVD at the same time and arrange their viewing sequence as needed. You may also preview videos in real-time to ensure that the end product is perfect.

 Furthermore, DVDFab DVD Creator uses the newest powerful GPU acceleration technologies such as Multi-core CPU, NVIDIA CUDA, AMD, IQS (Intel Quick Sync), Video ToolBox (macOS) to create DVDs from videos 50X quicker than standard applications.

Result Friendly Meta Info and .nfo File for Media Server

Want to see the most up-to-date Meta Information for your homemade DVD movies on a media server like PlayerFab or Kodi? DVDFab's unique Meta Info tool can automatically synchronize all source video's Metadata, including the movie title, cast, and cover.

 It may also generate a .nfo file by default, allowing all Metadata to display on the media server appropriately. As a result, DVDFab DVD Creator will help you improve your viewing experience.

3 Steps to Create DVD as you wish

Load the source videos into DVDFab DVD Creator

video to dvd transfer service:Load the source videos into DVDFab DVD Creator

Select Creator from the menu bar after double-clicking DVDFab 12. Now go to Creator Mode Switcher and select DVD Creator. Use the Add button on the main page to load the source video(s) you wish to burn or drag and drop the file onto the main page.

With DVD Creator's built-in templates, you may personalize your DVD

video to dvd transfer service:Load the source videos into DVDFab DVD Creator

After loading the source video, select the output size and quality you want by clicking the Wrench button. You may also personalize your menu by clicking the Set Menu button next to the Wrench.

To burn a DVD easily, click the final button

video to dvd transfer service:Load the source videos into DVDFab DVD Creator

To begin generating your DVD, select the output directory in Save to Part and click the Start button. Throughout the procedure, DVD Creator will offer thorough progress information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a free MP4 to DVD converter?

Aside from MP4 to DVD, what about other video formats as a source, such as AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV, and so on? To achieve so, use a DVD video converter. DVDFab DVD Creator is very useful when burning DVDs in various video formats.

What is the best way to design a DVD menu for free?

DVDFab DVD Creator comes with a variety of menu templates. Some are for weddings, while others are for youngsters. You may add an external DVD menu to your DVD for free if you have creative ideas or a preferred DVD background.

What is the best Mac DVD creator?

DVDFab DVD CreatorExpress Burn DVD software, and DVDStyler are examples of open-source DVD creators. Are you aware that DVDFab is a DVD creator that works on both Windows and Mac? So take advantage of this finest DVD creator's free trial.