Why does Blu ray decrypter have so many followers? Blu-rays stands for high definition entertainment up to 1080p, while 4K UHD Blu-ray discs are capable of giving 4K picture quality. The desire for HD movies drives people to invest in Blu ray player. Considering Blu-ray discs are expensive and easily go bad with time going on, many people want to copy Bluray to hard drive and keep them eternal if best blu ray decrypter is available at hand. But the latest Blurray movies often come with some sort of encryptions to prevent illegal viewing and copying. With the help of free Blu ray decrypter, you can save lots of money and back up of encrypted BD disc easily. That's why Blu ray decrypter is so popular. Today in this article, I will introduce the best top 6 Blu ray decrypter in 2022 for you. And surely you will find the best blu ray decrypter you need to meet all your essential requirements.

Top 6 Blu ray Decrypters in 2022

1. DVDFab Blu-ray Copy

DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is the best Blu ray decrypter for copying and decrypting BDs. With five unique copy modes supported, this free Blu ray decrypter distinguishes itself from its competitors. If you choose this Blu-ray decrypter,  it will be easy to decrypt encrypted Blu-ray discs and copy them to your PC or a balnk disc including BD50 and BD25. You can also save decrypted BDs as ISO, or folder based on your needs. With the help of this Blu ray decrypter software, you can also compress a Blu-ray disc content to fit into a BD25 blank disc or an ISO or a folder. Subsequently, let's have a look at its five copy modes.

(1) Full Disc

Copy the entire Blu-ray disc to an ISO (BD50,BD25) or a folder or directly burn it to a blank BD50 or BD25 under this copy mode supported by this DVDFab Blu ray decrypter.

the best blu-ray decrypter

(2) Main Movie

"Main Movie" mode supported by this free Blu ray decrypter enables you to copy the main movie and skip the rest. You can also ‘Choose Other Titles’ and select multiple Blu-ray chapters for copying and save them as an ISO, folder, or burn to a blank BD50/25 disc. Only one title can be selected at a time in ‘Main Movie’.

the best blu-ray decrypter

(3) Clone/Burn

Make a copy and burn the Blu-ray content to another blank BD50/25 in a 1:1 lossless ratio.

(4) Customize

Copy any content from the Blu-ray disc you want with this Blu ray decrypter free. A Blu-ray has multiple video files. So in ‘Customize’ function you can choose which video files you want to copy and which videos you want to skip. You are also allowed to select chapters, audio, and subtitles.

(5) Merge

Merge multiple Blu-ray discs in to one single BD. 

With so many copy modes provided by this Blu ray decrypter freeware, which is your favorite? Choose your desired copy mode, decrypt your Blu-ray disc and make a backup which can be saved on a hard drive.

Faster Conversion: DVDFab Blu-ray Copy is empowered by Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD acceleration, offering a fast speed. Based on your PC’s hardware DVDFab Blu ray decrypter will choose the best technology to boost the Blu-ray copy and conversion process. High end PCs are more capable of using these technologies for even lightning fast performance during copying and conversion.

2. DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper

DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper decrypter is a perfect tool for ripping encrypted Blu-ray discs and surely the perfect alternative of all kinds of blu ray winx bluray decrypter. This Blu ray decrypter software can rip and decrypt Blu-ray discs and convert videos from one format to other common mainstream formats like MP4, MKV, or AVI. Also there are many video profiles available in this free Blu ray decrypter. With the help of this Blu ray decrypter freeware, you can watch ripped BD movies on any device conveniently.  For example, if you save the ripped Blu-ray content on your computer’s hard drive, you cannot only watch it on PC , but transfer them to other portable devices like iPad.

This Blu-ray decrypter also provide pre-configured device profiles for many devices like smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles. It can also convert entire movies to audio files with this Blu ray decrypter. What's more there is a video editor embedded in this free Blu ray decrypter featuring a "wrench" icon, you can use it for multiple trims, rotate, crop, watermark, and subtitle. Here’s an image showing its user interface.

how to rip blu-ray guide 2

Note: Blu-ray ripping isn’t an easy task as it requires powerful hardware for video conversion. But thanks to DVDFab Blu-ray ripper as it employs Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD Acceleration. These technologies help increase the conversion process performance and larger videos get converted in least possible time.

3. DVDFab HD Decrypter – Free Blu-ray Decrypter

DVDFab HD Decrypter is a simple, free, and convenient version of Blu-ray copy. In this Blu ray decrypter you only get two options for copying Blu-ray discs which are ‘Main Movie’, and ‘Full Disc’. Apart from that you can save the Blu-ray disc as a folder, and ISO with help of third-party disc image burning engine like ImageBurn. In this free Blu ray decrypter you aren’t allowed to burn a BD25 instead of BD50. For burning a blank BD50 disc you’ll need a third-party burning engine like image burn, as the DVDFab burning engine will no longer work with HD decrypter. These are the limitations of DVDFab HD Decrypter. But being cost free it is currently the best Blu-ray decrypter with clear and user friendly interface. Here are the two main functions of DVDFab HD Decrypter, a free Blu ray decrypter.

dvdfab hd decrypter guide 2

(1) Full Disc

Decrypt and copy entire Blu-ray disc to a folder. For creating ISOs and burning a blank BD50 you will need ImageBurn.

(2) Main Movie

Copy the main movie from a Blu-ray disc. If you select this copy mode then the longest movie title  will be selected by default.

Important Note: To use ImageBurn as a third party burning engine you will first have to install it then go to ‘Common Settings’  by clicking the ‘Eject’ button just before the ‘Minimize’ button in DVDFab program. Now click ‘Drives’ and then select ‘Blu-ray write’. From the ‘Burnin Engine’ list select ‘ImgBurn’ and you can now burn blank BD50 discs and create ISO. If you think it calls for to many efforts, just choose other free Blu ray decrypters you feel easy.

4. CloneBD Blu-ray Ripper

This Blu ray decrypter is a trialware but worth your money. It is able to remove and decrypt BD+ copy protection in a Blu-ray disc. And it can convert your Blu-ray movies to common video formats. 

the best blu-ray decrypter

5. Aurora Blu-ray Copy

If you are looking for a completely free and simple Blu ray decrypter then check out Aurora Blu-ray Copy. It’s a free  Blu ray decrypter software for decrypting and copying Blu-ray discs to ISO files. It only does one thing which decrypt any Blu-ray and make an exact copy of BD as ISO file. It is a very limited Bluray decrypter but is fast when used for Blu-ray copying and decrypting. There are no options to select in this software so it is the simplest of all and does one thing. If you don’t want many functions and don’t want to invest money in paid Blu-ray decrypters, then this Blu ray decrypter is suitable for you. It is cross platform compatible and works on Mac and Windows 10.

the best blu-ray decrypter

6. Winx Blu-ray Decrypter

Winx Blu-ray Decrypter Windows 7 helps users to decrypt and back up Blu ray to M2TS. This Blu ray decrypter is able to remove AACS MKB v 25, BD+ copy protection in a Bluray disc. With the asssitance of Winx Bluray decrypter, you can keep your Bluray discs from scratch or loss. It supports two copy modes, with “Full Disc Blu-ray Backup” and “Title Copy” included.

Winx Bluray Decrypter


Decrypting Blu-ray discs and saving them as a digital copy is a nice way to build your own movie library. In this article we provided you with 6 Blu ray decrypters which have the capability to decrypt and copy/rip any encrypted Blu-ray disc. The Blu ray Copy software and Blu ray Ripper software from DVDFab are the best Blu ray decrypter you need  to deal with Blu-ray copying and ripping needs. If you want a completely free solution then check out DVDFab HD Decrypter which is indeed a powerful Blu-ray decrypter but with limitations. You can either try two more free tools MovieRescuer and Aurora Blu-ray Copy. Use Aurora Bluray decrypter to make exact copies of your Blu-ray discs and save them as ISO. Now it’s up to you which Blu ray decrypter you will choose.