Though flash drives and cloud storage are thriving nowadays, recordable DVD is still one way for people to store videos, audios and other data files. Hence, it’s a common practice that you can copy files from hard drive to DVD disc, but if you want to do anything more advanced like burning videos or audios to DVD, you need to turn to DVD copy software or DVD burner. Considering there are countless such programs, both on Windows and Mac, on the market, this article aims to provide you a shortcut to pick your desired one from the following given options.

1. Top 5 Free DVD Burners


ImgBurn is the most powerful free DVD burner that helps you burn your wanted files to DVD with ease supported by the following features.

  • 5 Burning modes: Read, Build, Write, Verify, Discovery
  • Burn CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-ray image files
  • Create ISO image file from DVD disc or computer HDD, and write the image file to a blank DVD disc
  • Build DVD Video discs from a VIDEO_TS folder and HD DVD Video disc from a HVDVD_TS folder
  • Available on Windows

Aside from burning files with this free DVD burner, you can check the readable condition, burning quality and erase re-writable disc. However, this DVD burner software is not so user-friendly for novices and professionals without background knowledge when applying its advanced options like Data Type and File Systems.

BurnAware Free

With simple and intuitive interface, this free DVD burner allows users to burn disc files as needed, which boasts below features.

  • Burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc and copy DVDs to disc image
  • Create & burn data DVDs, DVD Videos, standard/bootable ISO images
  • Erase rewritable DVD discs and verify DVD discs
  • Available on Windows

However, this DVD burner software is not so good for beginners who anticipate quick DVD burning process. Besides, be aware of the bundled software in case of installing unwanted extras.


CDBurnerXP is an easy, quick and free DVD burner program to burn disc files, which has been accepted by some Windows users because of below features.

  • Burn CD, DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray, including ISO files
  • Create DVD ISO files from HDD files, DVD video discs from Video_TS folder
  • Cover printing for data and audio discs, and command line version
  • Available on Windows

Despite its simple interface, this free DVD burner is only applicable to Windows users. When you seek Mac DVD burner software, you shall resort to other alternatives.


Like ImgBurn, this free DVD burner allows for flexible burning modes to copy DVD discs or create DVDs with data, audio or video files, whose prominent features can be summarized as follows.

  • 4 Burning modules: create Data/Audio/Video DVD and copy DVD
  • Burn various files to DVD discs for backup and copy DVD to DVD
  • Create DVD video discs with interactive menus that are playable on DVD players
  • Recreate discs from disc images
  • Available on Mac

However, this DVD burner software can be accessible for Mac users. For Windows user, you shall turn to other options.

Express Burn

With easy-to-use interface, Express Burn is free DVD burner software and CD burner that allows users to burn disc files easily and quickly, no learning curve for beginners.

  • Burn audio/data CDs and DVDs
  • Burn various videos to DVDs
  • Available on Windows and Mac

However, this free DVD burner does not possess advanced features DVD cover authoring and LightScribe burning.

These are the top 5 free DVD burners that might be popular for beginners who expect basic burning tasks. Besides these, the best 7 open source dvd burners are also picked up for you. Nevertheless, if you aim to burn DVDs with high quality, you shall turn to professional and full-featured DVD burner software.

2. Best Recommended Full-featured DVD Burner Software

When it comes to professional and full-featured DVD burner both available on Windows and Mac OS, it might take you some time to look for a needle in a haystack. No worries! Here are two best recommended DVD burner software coming to your aid.


This DVD Copy software comes as a powerful and versatile DVD burner that heads the table with its outstanding features.

  • Remove any DVD Copy protection
  • Copy DVD (disc/ISO/folder) to blank DVD disc, as ISO file or folder
  • 6 Copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn, Merge, Split and Customize
  • Customized settings for output size, audio and subtitle languages
  • Output spotless and lossless quality content
  • Copy DVD in Batch at lightning-fast speed
  • Available on Windows & Mac, 30-day free trial

This DVD burner software allows you to copy DVD to DVD with 1:1 ratio (Full Disc) or compress it to save storage space, only copy main movie title (Main Movie), or copy any content you desire (Customize) from the source. Besides, you can split one DVD-9 into two DVD-5 (Split), or merge multiple DVDs into one DVD (Merge). Moreover, you can burn DVD (disc/ISO/folder) to a blank DVD disc (Burn), or clone DVD with 1:1 ratio (Clone) to gain lossless output DVD.

Note that you can copy DVD with different choices: copy DVD-9 to DVD-5, DVD-9 to DVD-9, DVD-5 to DVD-5, and DVD-5 to DVD-9. From DVD-9 to DVD-5, you will get output content inferior to the original in video image due to compression.

How to Burn DVD with this DVD Burner Software

Step 1: Launch DVD burner software and load DVD source

Download and install this free DVD burner on trial basis. Insert DVD disc into the optical drive of your computer. Alternatively, press ‘+’ button to load DVD folder or ISO file, or simply drag & drop the file onto ‘+’ area.

Step 2: Select Clone/Burn mode and customize DVD output

After choosing Clone/Burn copy mode from the mode switcher, click on "Advanced Settings" to identify output size: DVD-5 or DVD-9. Do not forget to tick ‘Copy DVD-Video (Video_TS folder)’, otherwise you will get blank disc. Then, insert a blank DVD disc into the optical drive of your computer.

how to copy DVDs guide 2

Step 3: Start to burn DVD

Once done, tab ‘Start’ button to burn DVD disc, ISO file or DVD folder onto the blank disc. You can check real-time burning process shown on the progress bar. Then enjoy your burned DVD disc on standalone DVD player.

how to copy DVDs guide 3

Seen from above, you can burn DVD within 3 simple clicks with flexible options and high quality with the aid of this DVD burner software.

DVDFab DVD Creator

This DVD Creator works as advanced DVD burner software in that it can burn any videos of various formats into a DVD (disc/ISO/folder), which distinguishes itself from its rival programs based on the following features.

  • Burn any video to DVD disc/ISO/folder to create homemade DVD playable on standalone DVD player
  • Intuitive menu templates to make DVD menu more professional
  • Customize all elements and widgets inside the templates as needed
  • Synchronize the metadata information of the source videos on DVD menu
  • Allow you to select audio tracks and subtitles, as well as add external substitles
  • Burn videos to DVD in batch with fast speed and high quality
  • Available on Win & Mac, 30-day free trial

This free DVD burner makes it possible for you to burn any video files into DVD disc, folder or ISO file within 3 simple clicks. Now get a quick glance over the following steps.

How to Burn DVD with this Free DVD Burner

Step 1: Run this free DVD burner and load source videos

Download and install this free DVD creator (integrated into DVDFab12), opt for ‘Creator’ module when it runs. Then tab ‘+Add’ buttons to add video files or simply drag & drop them onto the UI.

dvd creator guide 1

Step 2: Customize output DVD

Click on "Advanced Settings" to set output size (DVD-5 or DVD-9), menu properties and playback mode. Then go to "Menu Settings" to customize DVD menu from the given templates.

dvd creator guide 2

Step 3: Start to burn DVD

Insert a blank DVD disc into the optical drive of your computer. Tab ‘Start’ button to burn videos to DVD. With GPU acceleration technologies, you can burn videos to DVD with both blazing fast speed and high quality.

dvd creator guide 3

As shown above, with this DVD burner software, you can burn videos/audios to DVD disc or save them as DVD folder or ISO file on HDD that can be played with software player like DVDFab Player 6. Besides, you can burn DVD disc/ISO/folder onto blank disc playable on standalone DVD player.


Now you might have understood which one to choose from the 5 best free DVD burners when simply pursuing basic burning features. However, once you hope for customized options to burn your DVD fast and well, you need to take into account the above-mentioned full-featured DVD burner software. By the way, if you want to get DVD with high resolution, you can upscale video before burning DVD from videos.