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Top 10 Best 1080p Movie Sites to Download/Watch 1080p Movies


   Posted by Rebecca

2020-10-13 22:13:09


Summary: Looking for some 1080p movie sites to download/watch 1080p movies? Here we will list top 10 best 1080p movie sites and show you how to download 1080p movies from YouTube. Also a 1080p video player is recommended.

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Watching movies online has never been easier thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. However, these platforms are not available in every country and despite their extensive libraries, are still missing plenty of good movies. Fortunately, you can watch 1080p movies on sites other than these if you know where to look. Even better, you can watch them without paying a subscription fee and you can even download them if you want. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at some of the best 1080p movie sites out there that you can try the next time you want to watch a good film online.



Part 1: Top 10 Best 1080p Movie Sites to Download/Watch 1080p Movies


The Internet Archive


Perhaps best known for its incredibly useful Wayback Machine tool, The Internet Archive is also becoming a great place to download movies, books, music, and more. The website is particularly handy if you want to watch old films in better quality than you can find on TV. The best part about The Internet Archive is that this is an open source project with no strings attached so you can enjoy all the content for free without any ads and you can easily become a member if you want to contribute to the increasingly growing library of movies.





You might be surprised by this entry, but YouTube is indeed one of the best 1080p movie download sites out there. The drawback is that the free movies you’ll find there are currently only available in the US and you’ll need a specialized tool in order to download, which we will discuss a bit later in this article. That said, the selection is pretty good and more movies are added all the time. Chances are, you already spend a lot of time on YouTube so why not give it a try?





123MoviesHub is a great-looking website that offers users the option to stream and download movies and 1080p HD movies for free. The reason why this is one of the most popular HD movies download sites right now is because it mostly focuses on new movies, although you can find many older ones as well. You will need to create an account in order to download the movies but signing up is free and only takes a few moments.





Another one of our favorite 1080p movie sites goes by the name of Fmovies and is an excellent place to stream and download content entirely for free. The website doesn’t require you to create an account and features many TV shows in addition to hundreds of movies, both old and new. Most of the movies you’ll find there have subtitles and there are usually multiple servers if you’re looking to download them so you never have to worry about broken links.



Watch Movies Free


The name is pretty self-explanatory and gives you a good idea about what to expect. The website has a nice sorting system that allows you to arrange movies by genre, year, country and even IMBD score. There’s also a section dedicated to movies that are in the process of being uploaded to the site so if you don’t find the movie you’ll looking for right now make sure to check the “Soon” section.






123GOStream has a very simple interface with a few categories designed to navigate users in their search of movies. The clear yet concise layout allows you to locate your dreaming HD movies quickly and the update speed of this website is also very fast.  It also supports HD movie download on condition that you register as a member. If you are looking for such marvelous a HD movie, 123GOStream could be your best choice.





MyDownloadTube is also a great website for HD movie download and you can also watch them online. It also provides a lot of articles which tell exotic and interesting stories. You can read them if you are interested. Also, to watch or download HD movies, you need to create an account first.





HDPopcorns is home to a multitude of most updated movie resources and is famous for its clear and granite category on the basis of genres. There are about 20 genres available on this website, a feature that few websites can match in the world. Besides, it allows you to search and locate movies in a couple of ways such as alphabetic list, genre, country, year and so on. Very considerate, isn’t it?


YTS Movies



One thing people love about YTS Movies is this website provides ratings and comments as a reference for users so they can have a general knowledge of how the market responds to this movie they are going to download before deciding what next to do.  For movie download, mostly you will be given a torrent file and then you can use a downloader to continue. is also a good place to go for HD movie download and online watching. On its main interface is a few categories which, few as it seems, provides a simple and clear guide for how to search your dreaming movie more quickly. Also, it gives a very detailed list of information about the movie you are interested. Such details as rating, genre, quality, and even brief introduction are all included. If you are looking for a website with such thoughtful services, is certainly the one. By the way, here comes a quick access to best site to watch anime for animation buffs.


Part 2: How to Download 1080p Movies from YouTube


We mentioned earlier that you can not only watch HD movies on YouTube but also download them if you have the right tool. Well, that tool is DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader and automatically transforms the popular platform into one of the best 1080p movie download sites out there. With this tool, you don’t need to worry about region restrictions because you don’t have to stick to the movies that YouTube allows only US users to watch for free. There are plenty of good channels dedicated to finding and uploading HD movies on the platform and with DVDFab YouTube Video Download you can download any of them and convert them to MP4 files for uninterrupted viewing on your computer. Here’s how you can download free HD movies with this tool:


1. Open DVDFab 11 and click the Utilities tab to gain access to a selection of very useful tools. Find the tool labeled YouTube Video Downloader and open it.



2. One of the best parts about this tool is that it looks identical to the regular YouTube UI so use the search bar as you would normally do to look for the movie you want to download. In addition to the name of the movie, it’s often useful to add keywords like “full movie” to find it more easily. If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to use YouTube’s filters to help you out.



3. Select the movie you want to download from the list and then go to the Download menu to pick the video quality. The download will start automatically once you pick an option so all you have to do now is wait.



4. Go to the Download section to monitor the progress of the download and click the folder icon once the download is complete in order to play the movie.


DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader

This program is designed to download videos off YouTube. It's fast, smart and customizable.


Note: You can also download DVDFab Downloader on the product page of the official website. It's a video downloader as well as a music downloader.


Part 3: The Best HD Video Player to Play 1080p Videos


Now you know which 1080p movie sites are worth checking out and also how you can download all your favorite movies. But what about playing them? There are certainly a lot of good multimedia players out there but if you’re looking for the best of the best we recommend trying DVDFab Player 6. Not only is one of the most advanced players you can find right now but it’s also one of the fastest and most reliable ones.


Usually, the movies you grab from 1080p movie download sites are MP4 files but they can sometimes appear as other formats that your standard player might not be able to handle. That’s never a problem for DVDFab Player 5 because this tool supports all the most popular formats. Moreover, the player even offers navigation menus for all types of DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs. DVDFab Player 5 also supports HDR10 and Hi-Res audio support so you never have to worry about sub-par video or audio quality ever again.



DVDFab Player 5 comes with two different playback modes, one designed for PC while the other brings a cinema-like experience directly to your TV screen. And if you’re the type of person who already has a sizeable collection of movies and TV shows you’re in luck because DVDFab Player 5 can also be used to create customizable playlists that will help you sort your collection in an intuitive way.




Most 1080p movie sites you’ll find out there are either full of ads or don’t offer a very good viewing experience. However, there are also a few legit websites out there that are definitely worth checking out. If all else fails, you can always search for a movie on YouTube to download with DVDFab Video Downloader and play with DVDFab Player 5. You’d be surprised how many full-length movies in HD are available on the platform nowadays. But make sure to download them as soon as you get the chance because movies on YouTube come and go all the time. 

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