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DVDFab is now released with more BDAV compatible.


On September 28, 2012, Beijing China -- Fengtao Software Inc., the leading multimedia software company in DVD, Blu-ray copy and video converters, has released DVDFab, Widows Qt version and its Mac equivalent included, a new official build of its cross-platform all-in-one shareware suite, making it more customer-oriented as far as backing up Blu-rays is concerned. Here is the news in detail.


More BDAV Compatible: DVDFab Thinks from Your Standpoints

Fengtao Software, on Sep. 28, released an updated official version of its all-in-one software package for multimedia solutions, DVDFab Qt for Windows platform and, DVDFab for Mac OS. Developers made this update mainly for two reasons, to support a recent Blu-ray movie in “Full Disc” and “Clone” modes of Blu-ray Copy option and, to make DVDFab more BDAV compatible, so that customers can have a better experience when they deal with BDAV discs.   

In detail, developers fixed a decoding problem when copying BDAV discs appeared in certain cases, an occasionally happened sound missing issue while playing the burnt BDAV discs, another small bug that sometimes the backup BDAV discs failed to play with PowerDVD, and a wrong aspect ratio problem when copying BDAV discs on several occasions.


The newer build is available at

Some ABCs of BDAV Discs


BDAV refers to either the transport stream format used for all Blu-ray contents, or the plain format which is intended for home videos, without any interactivity. It is considered as an alternative to BDMV discs made by professional authoring studios for commercial Blu-ray movies. As known, most of the early standalone Blu-ray players are released with Firmware allowing playback of unprotected contents on BDMV discs, but currently, a majority of them have removed that feature, leaving BDAV discs the only unencrypted Blu-ray format supported on standalone Blu-ray players. In fact, BDAV disc format is considered more consumer-oriented, because it is designed in part to provide compatibility between Digital HD Camcorders and standalone Blu-ray players and it allows customers to author simple video & audio contents with no menus.