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DVDFab for Windows Supports No Menu Mode and New Templates for DVD Creator

On May 15, 2013, Beijing China – Fengtao Software Inc. has now declare the release of the new version of DVDFab, DVDFab DVDFab for Windows was released on May 15, 2013, supporting no menu mode and more templates for DVD Creator, releasing some memory occupied by profiles, supporting new Java protections, and more. A lot of useful and important improvements were made in this release. Read on for more.


DVD Creator: No menu mode available; new templates join in

DVDFab for Windows provides an alternative no menu mode for DVD Creator, since the truth is that not all users prefer DVD menu for their self-made DVDs. On the other hand, there’re new templates added in for those who want to create a stylish DVD menu of their own, especially the wedding themed templates.


●Free up more memory tied up with profiles

DVDFab 9 has the most resourceful and decent profile library than ever. However, the other side of the coin is that too much memory is taken consequently. In the update, this issue was said to be solved with more memory released. Whether the result is satisfactory, let’s see.


●New Java protections supported

DVDFab is always updated to support new DVD/Blu-ray protections in order to give users better experience. And this v9.0.4.0 for Windows just added such support for newly emerged Java protections.


●Other fixes

Many problems have been fixed to make this release more stable, including but not limited to:

*A crash problem at start-up in certain cases;
*A problem that DMA cannot be reset;

* A crash problem when installing DVDFab 9 in certain cases;

*A problem that the setting of CPU cores is wrong in certain cases;
*A crash problem when copying Blu-ray 3D disc to BD25 in certain cases;

* A problem that audio tracks cannot be switched when playing the ripped .mp4 file in Apple TV.

More update detail can be found at DVDFab forum:

Free download and tryout of this latest version is available at:

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