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Supporting more movies, DVDFab is released.

On September 9, 2013, Beijing China – Fengtao Software Inc. has now declare the release of the new version of DVDFab, DVDFab The new version mainly supports the new copy protections found in the movie "Iron Man 3" DVD and "Star Trek Into Darkness" DVD.


Several days before, Our team found some users sent us feedback for the copy problems existed in the movie “Iron Man 3” DVD and "Star Trek Into Darkness" DVD. After several day's work, our team managed to solve the problem, you may try out the latest version of DVDFab to see the result.


How to update my DVDFab to the latest version?

Just open the software and then you will see the pop-up Window to checkout new versions. Just click update button when the software find the new updates. Or you may download the software installer at :