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DVDFab Team Are with You Every Single Minute Despite Being Temporarily Blocked

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To every single person in DVDFab Team, March 10, 2014 is a gloomy day, as some of you might have already found that people were experiencing some tough time accessing As it turned out, our portal site was temporarily blocked by some third party organizations in the States, misleadingly convincing people that DVDFab Was Down, which was not the case! 

Here, DVDFabbers all around the world, please accept our sincere apologies, if any inconvenience or uneasiness this situation was causing and is going to cause you in a few days to come. We promise to work this out as soon as we can, through any possible means. And we also assure you that your licenses and customer data are completely safe and unreachable. 
We did not in the past and will not forever in the future advocate wrongdoings with our products. What we were and will be continuing doing is to offer you the best tool to make backups of your DVD and Blu-ray discs you legally purchased with your hard earned money, for your own non-commercial usage. We believe people shall have this right! That's why despite was temporarily suspended, all the developers and every single staff in DVDFab Team will continue to work hard to make DVDFab products better and better. 

Our new official website is now Nothing has been changed, except the "dot com".


Development Continues, Many New Versions Out!


Right after we restored our business at, we get DVDFab for both Windows and Mac released. The stunning video trimming feature previously debuted in DVDFab for Windows is now making its presence in version for Mac. And part of this update is to inform our customers of the new download center at


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DVDFab Needs Your Voices


We are sparing no effort to reverse the current situation! People are voicing their supports to the return of DVDFab, by tweeting the hashtag #DVDFabComeBack. We need convince them that DVDFab is a life companion to improve people's entertainment lives. DVDFab did not in the past and will not in the future encourage piracies, because people are using the software for their personal uses at home only, they are not making profits from it. So, no commercial purpose is ever attached! Join them at

Dear DVDFabbers, stay with us! Things will be better tomorrow! 
Best Regards 
DVDFab Team

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