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DVDFab Released to Support More Cinavia Affected Discs

BEIJING -- On May 25, 2016, Fengtao Software Inc. releases an official update version to its multimedia software package of DVDFab product line, adding the support to a couple of newly released Blu-ray titles that are Cinavia affected.


Four More Cinavia Affected Discs Are Supported


Due to fact that Cinavia technology is spreading out to more Blu-ray releases, it’s now has been a practice for DVDFab to periodically update its online protection database, so as to stay in line with the Blu-ray title releases that are affected by Cinavia. Just yesterday on May 25th, DVDFab was released in respond to the increasing customer feedbacks on 4 recent popular titles including the Seven Psychopaths, The Words, The Losers and Predestination. Devs at Fengtao Software worked day and night in the past few days purchasing the same discs, cracking the Cinavia protections, testing a few builds and then finally putting the decryption data into the online decryption databank, meaning, customers who happen to own one of several of the above mentioned discs are now able to make backups with either Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, or Blu-ray to DVD Converter.


Where to Get DVDFab    


To download DVDFab, customers can visit our Forum or download center at and then directly download install the new version to overwrite the old version on their computers, or they can also perform an incremental update via the live update feature inside the DVDFab client. To do that, just start up the current DVDFab, then there should be a pop-window automatically showing up telling there is a new version available. At this point, users just need to follow the instructions to proceed with the update.