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Two New Amazing Features Boarding the DVDFab

BEIJING -- On June 4, 2016, Fengtao Software Inc. releases an official update version to its multimedia software package of DVDFab product line, bringing for the first time two amazing new features, among which, one allows users to choose preferred audio tracks while shrinking a full disc Blu-ray down to BD 25 size so as to improve the final video quality, while the other one gives users the option to keep the original navigation menu or add custom menu while customizing a Blu-ray backup.


This Time Video Compression Comes with Superior Quality


Traditional concept believes that when shrinking a video file, regardless of how much you want to shrink, the final video comes up with a certain rate of quality loss. In other words, compression always means quality loss. Well, back to the time when top-notch technology was rare, this was understandable due to its inevitable nature. However, as time goes on, new technology emerges and what was inevitable in the past also becomes evitable. Now with the releasing of DVDFab, video quality can survive the compression, thanks to the newly added feature that makes it possible for the Blu-ray copy software users wanting to shrink a full disc Blu-ray down to BD 25 size to realize the goal, by removing the unnecessary audio tracks, like a DTS HD Master audio not in his/her native language, to increase the nominal bit rate of the final video, which in return, shall significantly improve video quality.


Preserve the Native Menu or Customize It Your Own Way


Fengtao Software Inc. is world’s 1st software designer who offers an excellent solution for users to selectively choose their wanted contents from a Blu-ray disc to make backup. Now we are bringing this feature to the next level, with the just-released DVDFab, Blu-ray lovers will be able to enjoy another state-of-art technology which gives them the option to preserve the native navigation menu, or add their own custom menus from the internal menu templates with the Customize Mode. As to the custom menus, users have already seen the feature in the DVD creator software, Blu-ray creating tool, and also the Blu-ray to DVD converter software. Customize a Blu-ray disc and not lose the menu navigation experience, who will say no?


Here below is the detailed changelog of DVDFab


New: Removed the support for the outdated Windows XP operating system.

New: Improved DVDFab’s compatibility and stability.

New: Added the support for some new Java protections.

New: Improved the support for DVD copy protections.

New: Added the support to choose the wanted audios only to get the better video quality in Blu-ray Copy Fulldisc mode.

New: Added the support to keep the original menu or add custom menu in Blu-ray Copy Customize mode.

Fix: A freeze problem when compressing Blu-ray full disc to BD25 in certain cases.

Fix: Some minor changes and improvements.  


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