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DVDFab Now Gets Officially Released

Fengtao Software Inc. today on June 14 releases the official version to its multimedia software package of DVDFab product line, mainly adding the support for some newly released titles, improving some features and fixing some minor bugs seen in the previous version.


The newly came out DVDFab added the support for some new Java protections and the support to remove the Cinavia watermarks found on the Blu-ray re-release of the 2014 movie Chef and another Blu-ray title called Whiplash, improved the copy and conversion support for 3D Blu-ray titles and fixes some minor issues including an OpenGL problem on startup in certain cases, a crash problem when opening DVD discs in certain cases, a problem that the final result does not play back after compressing a full disc Blu-ray to BD25 size in certain cases, and a failure problem when converting Blu-rays/DVDs on Windows Vista system. Also, the new update includes a bunch of other minor changes and improvements.


To download DVDFab, users can perform a live update from within the software client itself, or do a fresh installation by downloading the installer program from our download center at