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Forecast the Champion of 2016 All-Europe Football Tournament and Win Amazing Prizes from DVDFab

Fengtao Software yesterday on June 21 rolled out its themed promotion about the currently in full swing 2016 All-Europe Football Tournament, offering all the customers 25% discount applicable on its blockbuster DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift (includes a $20 Amazon Gift Card for free), an exceptional chance to join the champion prediction quiz to win decent prizes including 1-year license for any user selected single product, $20 Amazon Gift Card, and nicely designed commemorative edition of DVDFab T-shirt. Also, there’s another 30% off coupon offered for buying some specified products. The special promotion should run till July 10. Read on for more details.


* Top Deal: 25% off DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime+$20 Amazon Gift Card  


As the company’s No.1 bestseller of all time, DVDFab All-In-One Lifetime Gift includes the lifetime versions of all its Copy, Ripper, Converter and Creator modules, which are everything people need to copy or convert DVDs& Blu-rays, produce homemade DVDs& Blu-rays, convert Blu-rays to DVDs, or convert videos for other purposes. Before the deal expires on July 10, everyone who interested in this lifetime package can get it by saving 25%, and in the meantime, receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card totally for free. Chance is great, however, it’s your call to seize it or watch it slip through your fingers.


* Prediction Quiz: Forecast Champion to Win Premium Gifts


As a loyal fan, wouldn’t you feel so proud if your favorite team finally secures the championship? During the special promotion, you can participate in our hot champion forecast quiz to guess whether or not your liked team can eventually take the throne this time. It is exceedingly easy to join in, all that required is to pick up your winner and submit the result with a valid e-mail address. All the participants will in return have the chance to win decent prizes including 1-year license for any user selected single product (the iOS data recovery software and PC backup software not included), $20 Amazon Gift Card, and nicely designed commemorative edition of DVDFab T-shirt. Again, the champion forecast quiz is valid till July 10, only the early birds catch the worms.     


* Special Deals: 30% Discount on Some Specified Products


During the DVDFab 2016 All-Europe Football Tournament Promotion, there are also some selected single products and bundles offered at amazingly 30% off, which include the DVD Copy software, Blu-ray copy software, DVD copy and DVD ripper software as a bundle, and Blu-ray copy + Blu-ray ripper software as a bundle. In case you are interested in any of those great offers, do make your resolution before the special promotion ends on July 10.


For the terms and conditions of DVDFab 2016 All-Europe Football Tournament Promotion, don’t hesitate to visit:

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