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DVDFab for Windows Gets Officially Released

Fengtao Software on Friday Feb. 10 released an updated version of to its all-new DVDFab 10, mainly adding the support to remove the Cinavia watermark on a couple of recent titles, and the support to the new Intel HD Graphics 7700. Move on for the detailed information.


This week, there are five recent titles affected by the Cinavia watermarks joined the already-supported list. Those five titles include Hell or High Water, Nerve, Creative Control, Appleseed Alpha and Jodorowsky's Dune. Also in this version, there are added supports to the new Intel HD Graphics 7700, to the Command Line, and to change the playback order in Blu-ray to DVD Converter module, DVD to Blu-ray Converter module and the Merge mode in the Copy module.


Other changes in version include the improvement on the support for 4K display, the fix to a crash problem when opening DVD sources in Customize mode in certain cases, the fix to another crash problem when exporting the source info of Blu-rays in certain cases, and the fix to a problem that the other titles cannot be previewed in DVDFab Mini.


To update to DVDFab for Windows, you can either make a direct live update from within the software client itself, or manually download the executable file from DVDFab’s official website and then do a fresh installation. The download link is available at