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Round 2: Upload Meta Info for 10 Blu-ray Discs to Get 35% Coupon from DVDFab

BEIJING -- On May 23, 2016, Fengtao Software Inc. rolls out the 2nd round of its Meta Info Uploading campaign, encouraging users worldwide, especially those 30-day trial version users, to upload and share the Meta information of their Blu-ray discs with the entire DVDFab community, and in return, each participant making 5~9 uploads can receive a 30% off coupon, if one can upload 10 or more, then the coupon will grow up to 35%. Both coupons are applicable storewide. The campaign shall last till May 30. Move on for the detailed story.


Get 35% Coupon by Uploading Meta Info for 10 Blu-ray Discs


It’s been almost four months since the 1st round of DVDFab Meta Info Uploading Campaign, now during the 2nd round till May 30, anyone who uploads Meta Info for 5~9 Blu-ray discs will be given a 30% off coupon, and the coupon will grow to 35% if the uploads reach 10 or more. Both coupons are valid till June 10th and applicable while purchasing any product from DVDFab. Compared to the 1st round when only the paid users of Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray Ripper can take part in, this time, even the 30-day trial users can join in, all they need to do is get themselves registered at DVDFab Member Center and then use the login credentials there to unlock the Meta Info feature so that their uploads can get recorded. This really could be good news! Upload Meta Info for 10 discs and then get a chance to turn the trial version to registered version by saving 35% off. Why not!


Save 30% to Pick Up Some Hot-selling Products


If a potential customer currently doesn’t have enough Blu-ray discs but still wants to buy the Blu-ray related products, no problem, he or she still can save 30% on that. To encourage users to upload Meta Info for as many Blu-ray discs as they have, DVDFab is offering 30% off to new customers who opt for buying some hot-selling blockbusters like its DVD copy software, Blu-ray copy software, DVD Copy+DVD Ripper bundle, and Blu-ray Copy+Blu-ray Ripper bundle. Bear in mind, this 30% discount works only on the lifetime versions of the above-mentioned products, regardless of Windows or Mac edition.


Why Upload the Meta Info for Blu-ray Discs


Meta Info, or Metadata of a Blu-ray disc refers to all the basic information about that disc and the contents on it: title, synopsis, release date, runtime, audio/video formats, genre, director, actors and so on. Meta Info is a brand new feature introduced in DVDFab Blu-ray Copy and Blu-ray ripper software. By inviting users to upload the Meta Info for Blu-ray discs, DVDFab have two primary goals in mind: to improve the analysis accuracy of Blu-ray products and to make users’ home media streaming servers smarter than ever.


For the terms and conditions of DVDFab Meta Info Uploading Campaign, feel free to visit: