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If you are in search of an alternative to StreamFab, we strongly recommend that you first attempt to address the issue by visiting the StreamFab FAQ or Fix StreamFab not working pages on our website to see if it can resolve the difficulties you are facing.

If the problem persists, please contact support, as they will wholeheartedly assist in resolving the issue. If you still wish to acquire further insights regarding StreamFab alternatives, fret not, as this article can offer some elucidation.

streamfab alternatives

We understand that you may hear claims from other software on the market that they are the ''best alternative'' to StreamFab, but we must emphasize that StreamFab always adheres to providing native lossless downloads, rather than fetching video caches. This means that videos downloaded using StreamFab are of higher quality, faster analysis speed, and smaller file sizes.

Before delving deeper into the knowledge of StreamFab alternatives, let us first explore the several exclusive advantages that StreamFab holds, which cannot be surpassed by alternatives.

💡Comprehensive supported services: 40+ VIP services and 1000+ online sites are supported to be downloaded from. Most competitors only support 5-10 VIP VOD services. Supported websites by alternatives are often supported by StreamFab. However, websites supported by StreamFab may not necessarily be supported by rivals. >> View the full supported sites list

💡Original lossless quality: StreamFab captures source videos and outputs them in a native lossless format. Unlike other competitors, some of which use screen recording methods and others use cache capturing methods, both of these approaches cannot guarantee a truly lossless output.

💡Auto-download mode: StreamFab's exclusive feature allows for automatic downloading of newly released TV series on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon at designated times, or automatically downloading new videos from subscribed YouTube creators, OnlyFans influencers, and other content creators.

streamfab auto download

The aforementioned 3 aspects, in terms of functionality, are where StreamFab completely outshines any alternatives. Should you attempt to compare some alternatives with StreamFab, the following are some representative alternatives that we have selected.

Comparison Table of StreamFab Alternatives

To save you time, we have created a comparison table of StreamFab alternatives to compare the functions of these downloaders in different dimensions.

You can use this table to get a brief overview of the comparison between StreamFab and its alternatives. You can also click on the names of the alternatives to be redirected to the corresponding section in this article.

  Support Quality Download speed (a 2h3min movie) Free trial
StreamFab🏅 40+ main OTT platforms and 1000+ online sites

Native resolution up to 8K (based on the original video source)

9min 18s Full function to use
Anystream Only 10+ OTT services Native resolution up to 1080P 13mins Limited
FlixGrab 5 OTT services & parts online sites Re-encode resolution up to 1080P (based on the original video source) 30 mins Limited
CleverGet 1000+ sites Re-encode resolution up to 4K (based on the original video source) 25mins Limited
Movpilot 5 OTT sevices Re-encode resolution up to 1080P (based on the original video source) 25mins Limited 6 mins
Audials Movie 12 OTT services & 2 Live Recorded 720P 2h 3mins Limited 10 mins

Alternative 1. AnyStream

AnyStream offers a user-friendly solution for downloading entire series, movies, and documentaries from popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ for offline viewing. Its easy-to-navigate interface makes finding and saving your desired content a seamless experience. 

streamfab alternatives: anystream

 Support 10+ vod services
 Grasp original video source to ensure lossless download quality
 Offers smart pre-selection of audio and subtitle languages that adapt to your preferences
 An intuitive browser-based user interface helps you navigate effortlessly
 No lifetime price. Expensive for long-term use
 Netflix module only support 540P for over a half year

Jun. 2024 Update: Anystream Shut Down Suddenly!

While our team was in the process of drafting this article on StreamFab alternatives, Anystream was still functioning normally. However, in June 2024, the AnyStream server unexpectedly shut down, rendering both its official website and software inaccessible and unusable at present.

Alternative 2. Flixgrab 

FlixGrab is a user-friendly StreamFab alternative designed for hassle-free downloading of streaming service content, including serials, movies, documentaries, and TV shows, enabling offline viewing on laptops or mobile devices. The tool is quick and lag-free and supports up to full HD 1080p downloads. For users with slow internet or limited data, it accommodates 240p as the lowest quality resolution. 

flixgrab video downloader: streamfab alternative

 FlixGrab captures Dolby Digital Surround Sound 5.1
 It can download multilingual subtitles
 Users can select optimal audio quality
 You can start, pause, stop, and resume downloads
 Users often complain of lags. 
 Cannot download multiple videos in batch mode
 Fro Windows use only
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Alternative 3. CleverGet

CleverGet, formerly Leawo Video Downloader, is a contemporary video downloader compatible with Windows and Mac. With enhanced features like pay-per-view site support, this StreamFab alternative strives to deliver a relatively comprehensive supported website, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc.

streamfab alternative: CleverGet Video Downloader

 Download entire playlists and channels from YouTube like StreamFab
 Ads are removed automatically during the download
 Saves metadata info for future reference
 Offers batch downloading functionality
 Re-encode video cache to generate output files instead of grasping original video source, cannot ensure the 'best available quality for downloading' 
 Keep increasing the price (by $20 within a half year)

Alternative 4. Movpilot

MovPilot is a dedicated video downloading solution offering specialized downloaders for 5 popular streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and HBO. Like CleverGet, Movpilot also uses a downloading method that involves reading video cache and re-encoding to create an output file, rather than the direct video source capturing mode adopted by StreamFab.

This approach of Movpilot technology inevitably comes with two disadvantages. One is the difficulty in achieving the highest video quality (even if claimed to be 1080P, there is still a gap compared to native 1080P). The other disadvantage is that the analysis of videos will take a relatively long time.

streamfab alternative: movpilot

 Compatible with both Mac and Windows systems
 Support download videos from 5 streaming services
 Supports Dolby 5.1 surround sound to elevate your experience
 Download videos in MP4/MKV format
 Lifetime All-in-One only 1 license, the price is relatively high (StreamFab offers 5 licenses)
 Can only download the first 6 minutes of each video during the free trial (StreamFab offers full function for all trial users)

Alternative 5: Audials Movie

The reason we have placed Audials Movie at the end is because, essentially, it is a streaming recorder rather than a streaming video downloader. However, from a functional standpoint, it can indeed fulfill users' needs for saving videos.

The price of Audials Movie is slightly lower than StreamFab's, but when you wish to preserve a particular video, you must wait until the video finishes playing, avoiding any other unnecessary actions during this period to prevent capturing unwanted pop-ups.

streamfab alternative: audials

 Support 8 streaming services & 2 Live service
 Provide an in-built video editing function for your recorded mp4 video
 You can record videos with subtitles
 No Mac version
 Poor output quality (*especially for motion scenes and sports video)
 Time-consuming to wait for the video recorded

How To Download Videos Using StreamFab

we believe that sticking with StreamFab Video Downloader is the best choice for all your video downloading needs. With its ease of use, wide compatibility, fast performance, and excellent customer support, there is no need to look for alternative options. 

If you are willing to continue exploring StreamFab, it would be our pleasure. ❤️

Step 1

Installation and Launching of StreamFab

Begin the process by installing the StreamFab software. Double-click to open the software, revealing the main interface.

Step 2

Website Selection for Video Download

Navigate to either the Explore section or the Streaming Services section within StreamFab to choose the website from which you intend to download videos.

streamfab alternatives

Step 3

Video Selection and Playback

Explore the selected website, identify a video of interest, and proceed to select and play the chosen video.

streamfab alternatives

Step 4

Video Customization & Download

Tailor your video preferences by choosing audio and subtitle languages. Additionally, decide on the number of seasons to download before clicking the Download button.

streamfab alternative

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For more guidance: how to use StreamFab


The StreamFab team is dedicated to being a leading provider of download tools in the industry, always focusing on user experience and quality. Your support is crucial to us, and we hope you can give us some time to continue improving our products and services to bring you a better experience.

Before considering switching to other alternative software, please give StreamFab another chance. We believe you will discover its uniqueness and advantages. Thank you for choosing StreamFab and trusting our products and team.🙇‍♂️