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DVDFab for Mac Ushers in the Support for VideoToolbox Hardware Acceleration

Jan. 17, Beijing — DVDFab today officially introduces the VideoToolbox hardware acceleration to make the conversion tasks in the Ripper and Converter modules averagely 2X faster on Mac computers. Read on for the detailed information.


What’s VideoToolbox Exactly?


Before jumping to the subject, it is necessary to explain the jargon VideoToolbox. VideoToolbox is a low-level framework that provides direct access to hardware encoders and decoders. It provides services for video compression and decompression, and for conversion between raster image formats stored in CoreVideo pixel buffers. These services are provided in the form of session objects (compression, decompression, and pixel transfer), which are vended as Core Foundation (CF) types. Apps that don't need direct access to hardware encoders and decoders should not need to use VideoToolbox directly.


DVDFab for Mac Now Supports VideoToolbox Hardware Acceleration


To improve the conversion speed of DVDFab on macOS platform, the newly released DVDFab for Mac brings in the support of VideoToolbox hardware acceleration to the DVD Ripper module, Blu-ray Ripper module and Video Converter module. Once enabled at the Settings panel, the new technology shall take effect when the above-mentioned modules encode H.264 and H.265 videos. However, to apply the VideoToolbox acceleration, your Mac computer must be planted with a modern GPU inside, either from Nvidia, AMD or Intel.The test results report an average of 100% improvement on the conversion speed, that’s 2X faster compared to the previous versions without VideoToolbox support.


Which Mac Models Can Take the Advantage?

In a broad sense, all the three GPU giants (Nvidia, AMD and Intel) are constantly throwing their top-tier graphics cards into the market to lure in more customers in recent years, and most of those top-tier GPUs support VideoToolbox framework. To make things simpler for you to understand, if your Mac computers belong to the following list, then you are lucky to be covered!

* MacBook models manufactured in early 2015 or later
* MacBook Pro models manufactured in mid-2012 or later
* MacBook Air models manufactured in mid-2012 or later
* Mac Mini models manufactured in late 2012 or later
* iMac models manufactured in late 2012 or later
* Mac Pro models manufactured in late 2013 or later

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