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DVDFab UHD Creator — Fengtao Software Unveils World’s 1st Consumer Level 4K UHD Authoring Software

March 13, 2018, Fengtao Software officially introduces DVDFab UHD Creator, the world’s 1st consumer level 4K UHD authoring software that allows users to produce home-made 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays, using all the digital videos with or without HDR10/Dolby Vision contents. Read on for the detailed information.


Introducing the DVDFab UHD Creator Software


As the demand from movie consumers on 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays continues to soar, Hollywood movie studios are weighing more on 4K title releases. That said, the increased effort from Hollywood is still far from being able to satisfy the demanding call from the public. This unbalanced demand and supply gives the opportunity of consumer level 4K UHD Blu-ray authoring tools. To answer that call, Fengtao Software today officially unveils the world’s 1st consumer level 4K UHD authoring software, the DVDFab UHD Creator, which is also the 3rd UHD relevant product in its DVDFab brand, the first two products in this category being the UHD copy software and UHD conversion software. The UHD Creator module is available in the latest 64-bit version of DVDFab, which is available for download at our website. Per our practice, the new product is cost-free to the existing all-in-one customers whose orders are placed within 15 days from today, while others need to purchase but at half price. The listed price of the new product is $40, $48.2 and $60.5 for a 1-year, 2-year and lifetime license, respectively.


Authoring Home 4K Blu-rays Now Made Possible


With this professional yet easy-to-use 4K UHD authoring tool, movie consumers now can produce high quality 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays at home, using their personal digital videos. The supported input videos include all the commonly seen video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, M2TS, VOB, etc., whether in normal resolutions like 1080p, 720p or 480p, or in 4K resolution, and no matter if there is HDR10/Dolby Vision contents in the video. As for the output, the software offers multiple choices. Depending on the input size, there are three options to choose, namely, the BD25 2160p, BD50 2160p and BD100 2160p. With the BD25/50 option, users can save the resulting 4K Blu-ray movie to computer HDDs as an ISO file or folder, or burn to a blank BD25/50 disc. But with the BD100 option, they can only save the output as an ISO file or folder. In either case, the created 4K Blu-ray is of the studio-level specifications and is totally compliant with 4K UHD playback devices.


Two Processing Modes with Blazing Fast Speed


DVDFab UHD Creator offers two different processing modes, Passthrough and Conversion. The Passthrough mode only handles the MKV and M2TS videos with HDR10 or Dolby Vision contents, and there is no compression, no decoding and no encoding involved in the entire process. While with the Conversion mode, users can deal with all the other videos out there and are given additional options to compress the input sources of larger size down to smaller size. No matter which processing mode to choose and no matter if there is compression, the software gives blazing fast processing speed.

The detailed information on DVDFab UHD Creator is available at

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