Well, who doesn’t like an action movie? Everybody likes the spice that action puts in a movie and enhances it. If you are one of the “I do not like action movie” people, then you must be an alien! Well, the definition of a good action movie differs from everyone’s perspective. Some like a cautiously crafted action, which overflows with elegant plotting and awesome characters, while some enjoy loads and loads of explosions, not-so-good storyline, and mere a good time. Luckily, you will get a huge collection of best action movies on Netflix. All types of action movies including blockbusters, fighting, animated, adventurous as well as shootouts can be found on Netflix. Luck you! We have brought an amazing list of best action movies on Netflix for you action lovers.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Action Movies On Netflix 2018

1.     The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The first shot of an epic by Peter Jackson, the Oscar-won adventurous fantasy, that is,The Lord of the Rings, is now here for you on Netflix. Though The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is a series, but it is so addictive that if you sit and watch all the episodes all at once, it ultimately becomes one of the best action movies on Netflix. It is full of remarkable locations, awesome action sequences, and a wonderful cast full of brilliant characters along with monsters array. Jackson is unforgettable as he has given a knocked out performance which is as thrilling as it could be.

2.     Batman Begins

Though the first part of Batman by Christopher Nolan is often overlooked nowadays as people are more attracted towards its sequel―The Dark Knight―however, Batman Begins is yet a remarkable achievement. The movie takes us to the time when Batman emerged as a hero from the very real world, and not from a surrealistic Gotham City. Batman as a hero in the world of conspiracy and crime has successfully marked his presence in our hearts with his character. Nolan has no doubt made the batman character even more heroic and legendary.

3.     Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Among the best action movie on Netflix is the 8th chapter of Star Wars (trilogies saga). It is also the most controversial, yet among the most crazily paced, unpredictable and intense. Rey, Poe and Finn have amazingly done their acting and a good job to try each and every trick on their disposal to save their day. The movie is full of heroes, unexpected revelations, and tragic reversals. In fact the movie is about the future rather than living the past entirely.

4.     Thor: Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth has wonderfully played Thor and same is done by Tom Hiddleston by playing the role of Loki. They both are sucked in some alien planet, wherein Thor has to fights the Hulk. In the movie, Loki's faithfulness is also challenged in imaginative and quirky adventure. High stakes, spectacular action, and every decision of the story make the movie an extraordinarily outstanding movie. Don’t you think so?

5.     The Bourne Ultimatum

Arguably, the 3rd Bourne film is the one which got just right! Once again, Matt Damon plays the role of a reminiscent undercover agent, who changes his mind is now not in favor of his own government whilst they are behind killing him. The action is amazingly intense, the plot dense, along with the thriller movie being is impeccable. Heavy drama, big revelations, and amazing chases and fights is all you will get in the movie.

6.     Everly

Some movies are on train, while some are on boat. Well this one is in a room. And unlike the movie concept, the entertainment is not limited to a room. Everly, by Joe Lynch, stars Salma Hayek as a woman fighting against the kidnappers. The kidnappers keep following her in one after another. With the kidnappers’ continuous wave coming, the room also gets heavily damaged and is full of big weapons. Hayek manages to carry the entire film with ease, and the smart idea never goes out easily.

7.     Wheelman

Wheelman is the best action-thriller movie on Netflix with an amazing case-study. The movie stars the most underrated genre actor, Frank Grillo, as the Wheelman. Wheelman is the daily getaway driver having a gold heart, we can say. As expected, the story is about someone is blamed, whereas the others are double-crossed and in the meantime the family of Wheelman gets into some serious business. The movie and the camera all-time focus the BMW of Wheelman. The movie is, we can say, a one-man show! The action scenes and car chase are excitedly intense; thanks to the stunts practicality and the camerawork.

8.     The Final Master

The Final Master by Haofeng Xu is a contemplative martial art focused, methodically paced movie; however, it cannot beat The Grandmaster by Wong Kar-wai in terms of pure visual magnificence. Well, the movie yet has pretty great looks. The movie depicts a Wing Chun master’s tale. However, The Final Master aims for something very deep, counterpointing the emotional and sorrow of the long-suffering wife of protagonist along with the consuming passion of the hero in order to keep alive his martial art.

9.     Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The venture to the galaxy that is pretty much far away by Gareth Edward is the Star Wars movie, which we were not aware of! The movie is a victoriously thrilling, serious, stunning war film, which is immensely stronger for the fact that the movie is just not the 1st one in the new charter. Rogue One can be called as complete film as compared to other Star Wars movies, except for A New Hope. It just has a complete satisfying story, and is the most refereshing film amongst all Star War movies.

10.   Call of Heroes

Well don’t you think the name Call of Heroes sounds like some mobile game name? Well, let the name be any of any type, but the movie is actually among the best historical martial arts movies. The government officials, who are corrupt, are actually shown to be psychopaths, troubling town people. There are some serious off-wall effects in the movie. The movie is a truly a strong fusion of current Chinese-Hong Kong blockbuster along with some kind of old-school stunt, which the students crave for.

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In the above article, we saw the top 10 best action movies on Netflix, which includes best action movies on Netflix 2017 as well as best action movies on Netflix 2016. We hope you found one of your favorite action movies in the list above. In addition, we highly recommend DVDFab DVD Ripper as well as DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper software to rip DVDs as well as Blu-rays with ease.